Thank You For Joining Us For The 2012 Tapping World Summit! The Summit Ended on May 17th and Replays are No Longer Available. Please Read Below to Learn about Upgrading and How You Can Gain Access to All the Information from the
2012 Tapping World Summit
Discover How You Can Get Unlimited Access to these Candid Tapping Expert Interviews and Training Sessions to Keep You on Track to Health, Wealth, Abundance and Emotional Well-Being – 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week!
From the Desk of Nicolas Ortner

Dear Friend,

I'm excited that you've made it this far...

You're about to be part of Tapping history.

This group of experts is going to be revealing some of the most astounding and life-changing information and techniques.

How do I know this is true? Because I know the power of Tapping, and the integrity of the Expert Team I've put together, and because I've received an unending number of emails from people who attended the event who agree!

This online event -- the "Tapping World Summit"-- is about giving you answers to your most pressing questions about Tapping as well as expanding your consciousness and understanding to take you to new levels of emotional and physical health, abundance, and overcoming barriers and traumas that may have been haunting you for years.

I've seen many people fail while trying to achieve this level of personal well-being... and I've also seen people succeed. The difference is actually quite simple. Those that succeed continue to learn and tune into events like this.

They don't rest on their laurels. They don’t just listen once and then file the information away.

They devour any new bit of information they can and they learn from the very best. And that’s what we have provided for you, the VERY BEST...


The good news for you, is that this program will bring the very best to you -- in the comfort of your own home! No travel needed!


The Tapping World Summit is a rare collection of interviews from the experts that teach and live daily with the Tapping tools, applied both in their own lives and those of their clients. In fact, we’re going to be interviewing them candidly -- one-on-one -- to extract every bit of information from them.

The Tapping World Summit will also give you real-life insight into the experts' personal lives and how they utilize Tapping in their daily practice.


They will reveal things that they've
never shared in a live event before...


You'll be able to listen on the web (or have the audios delivered to your door) to get all this information which will give you insight into their lives, let you tap into their strategies, help you live at the highest level that you can while you also help others reach the level of emotional and physical health and wellness that they deserve.

It's going to be an amazing ride with a TON of great information and practical "tap-a-longs" for you to use right away!

The Tapping World Summit will give you the information you need to be at your best for as long as you possibly can be. It will give you tools to overcome barriers that may have been following you around for your entire life. And it will give you the tools to create change quickly (and simply).

There's new content, different energy, more personal and in-depth interviews and a whole bunch of incredible information revealed in over 16 hours of education.

That's my promise to you.

So, I'd like you to make a small promise to me.

Promise that you'll participate and listen to these interviews. Promise that you'll listen to them with intention and passion. And that you'll listen for those who you care about as well. This material is potentially life-altering and this may very well be a moment you look back on as one of the most pivotal experiences of your life.

For your family, for your children, for your coworkers, employees, friends, pets, brothers, sisters, and everyone else around you (Please be sure to tell them about it too!!!!)...immerse yourself in this Tapping World Summit experience. You will remember this event...


Here's the structure of this program
and why you need to participate in
this event...

Here's the story:

The Tapping World Summit is a Virtual Event Online event that uses an...

Online Audio Player


The event itself ran for ten consecutive days between Monday, May 7th, through Wednesday, May 16th, where there were 2 presentations every night (I hope you were able to attend the live portion of the event!)

These sessions were made available for ONLY 24 HOURS for free after their initial broadcast.

The reason I structured the event this way was because I wanted everyone to be able to access this information regardless of time zone or financial ability.

It was all available for FREE...

But here's the thing...

If you missed the free portion of the event
Or If you attended the free portion of the event but think you'd like to listen even just one more time
Or if you missed any of the interviews
Of if you want to be able to access the workbooks, transcripts and bonus audios that were not a part of the free event

You will only be able to do so, if you take advantage of our one-time Special Upgrade Package offers.


"I went from being a tired slug of a person to a human dynamo! I've undergone this HUGE metamorphisis! I listened to the event two months and in those two months I have accomplished more than in the previous year. I'm empowered - freed - released! The difference is so apparent, that my grown daughter now to refers to me as her "new" Mom. I feel compelled to tell everyone I know about tapping! I'm convinced that if everyone knew about it the world would be such a better place. It would signal a huge spiritual evolution of the human race!!! Everywhere I go I wait & watch for that sign, that someone is ready to know & I'm off about tapping!"

Sea Miller




"OMG this is so fantastic!!! I am so thankful to you for this wonderful World Summit. I could not in my present situation (which is only my current reality and now changing thanks to EFT and my persistence) meet with all these talented and gifted folks. What an awesome, kind and most loving thing you have done for people like me. I truly am thankful for all this wonderful and so much needed info all compiled together in a wonderfully formatted package. So many topics, so much guidance....WOW!!!! I am just blown away!!"

Joana Mathews




"What an amazing program you have put together for this symposium. The information presented is so varied and brilliant. I'm almost on overwhelm. The speakers are exceptional. They have so much to offer. I'm learning a lot... and we're only half way through. Yikes!

I'm 71 years young, dear heart, and so excited to be deepening my experience of EFT through this wonderful symposium. As a pensioner on a small basic income, I likely would not have attended such a fabulous event. Bless you for offering it 'gratis' to anyone and everyone ... and what a great response you've had. I'm so happy to be a part of it.

Again, thank you for this wonderful opportunity to learn and grow! Happy tapping! In Joy and Wonder,"

Anita Arsenault - Golden, British Columbia, Canada



Here Are All of the Presentations You'll Receive
in CD or Digital Format...


- Introduction -


The Basics - An Introduction to Tapping

Nick Ortner
Quick Start Guide


In this amazing session, you'll learn:
  • How to take advantage of this event to get the best results
  • A behind the scenes look at the Ortner siblings and their passion to spread this technique
  • Tap along to begin the event feeling ready to take your life to the next level

Carol Look
Introduction to Tapping


In this amazing session, you'll learn:
  • Step by step instructions on how to tap
  • Why one technique can help with so many different challenges
  • What to do when you aren't getting the results you want
  • How to know what to say and focus on while you're tapping

David Feinstein
The Science and Research Behind Tapping


In this vital session you will learn:
  • The new scientific explanations for the success of tapping
  • How tapping re-wires our brains and deactivates old conditioned thoughts of stress or trauma
  • Astonishing information on the real reason why tapping can work on "everything and anything"


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- Day 1 -


Emotional Gridlock: How to Get Out Of Your Own Way to Get What You Want

Stacey Vornbrock
Breaking Through The Fear of Failure and The Fear of Success


In this amazing session, you'll learn:
  • How to understand the four key aspects of the fear of failure
  • Tapping protocols for: past mistakes and failures
  • Tapping protocols for fear of being judged by others

Carol Look
Overcoming Overwhelm for a Life of Success


In this incredible interview you will learn:
  • How to break the pattern of being busy and feeling overwhelmed
  • How to find the hidden patterns as to why you keep creating these states of overwhelm
  • The surprising connection between overwhelm and the lack of money and financial challenges
  • Tapping protocols to instantly overcome overwhelm


- Day 2 -


Pain Relief with Tapping:
Why It Works Over and Over Again and How You Can Use it Today to Get Relief

Nick Ortner
A Faster Solution: Understanding and Healing Pain and Illness


In this vital session you will learn:
  • Learn the different ways to approach pain and illness for thorough relief
  • How to use tapping to clear the trauma of the medical diagnosis and the beliefs around your condition
  • Power questions to find out the possible cause of your pain or illness
  • How to use tapping for specific dis-ease

Gwenn Bonnell
Physical Pain and the Emotion of Resentment: A Surprising Connection


In this startling interview you will learn:
  • The surprising side effects of holding on to resentment
  • How resentment slows down the recovery process and can be tied to self-sabotage and emotional overeating
  • How to tap to clear resentment on the call
  • A powerful process to clear the deepest of resentments


- Day 3 -


You Deserve More: How to Create Your Financial Success

Margaret Lynch
Speeding Up the Transition From Debt to Wealth


In this content-rich interview, you will discover:
  • About your "money traumas" and how they can be dramatically affecting your financial situation
  • How to uncover the correlation between money and emotions
  • Specific tapping protocols for money traumas

Pamela Bruner
Overcome Resistance and Fear Around Sales and Growing Your Business 


In this invaluable session you will discover:
  • Why the right beliefs trump the right strategies every time
  • How to understand and overcome the ten most common business fears
  • Tapping protocols to break through business fears and take your success to the next level


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- Day 4 -


The Formative Years: Overcoming Negative Childhood Programming with Tapping

Brad Yates
How Your Identity Rules Your Life


In this fascinating session, you'll learn:
  • How we limit ourselves by our identify 
  • How our identity affects every aspect of our lives
  • Tapping protocols for positive and effortless changes
  • Tapping protocols to change your financial identity for prosperity

Terri Cole
Healing Pain From Your Childhood


In this amazing session, you'll learn:
  • How your childhood experiences are affecting your current reality
  • Power questions to ask yourself to determine the root cause of your major life issues
  • Tapping protocols for overcoming negative childhood programming and traumas


- Day 5 -


Weight Loss: Why Tapping Works When Nothing Else Does

Carol Tuttle
Body Image and Weight Loss: Something That Finally Works


In this incredible interview you will learn:
  • The consequences of self-judgements and where it all starts
  • The connection between self-esteem and weight
  • How two common beliefs might be fighting each other and keeping you stuck
  • Tapping for body image

Steve Wells
Food Cravings: How To Take Control


In this vital session you will learn:
  • About the most recent study that showed EFT's incredible results with food cravings
  • How to use tapping to clear resistance to  healthy foods that you're resistant to
  • Tapping protocols to overcome cravings and self acceptance around cravings


- Day 6 -


Procrastination and Perfectionism:
The Two Most Common Blocks To Moving Forward

Kate Beeders
The Secret To Overcoming Procrastination (It's Easier Than You Think!)


In this startling interview you will learn:
  • The real cost of procrastination in your life
  • How to overcome procrastination not just for the little things but for the big dreams that you have
  • What to do when you feel like change feels too difficult
  • Tapping protocols for overcoming procrastination

Mary Ayers
Why Perfectionism Might Be Ruining Your Life


In this amazing session, you'll learn:
  • Understanding the difference between striving for excellence and perfectionism
  • The downsides of perfectionism and what it may be costing you in your life
  • How overcoming patterns of perfectionism can actually increase your results, success and joy in life
  • Why the most common advice giving to perfectionist is completely wrong!


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- Day 7 -


How to Create the Relationship of Your Dreams with Tapping

Rick Wilkes
Finding Peace with Bad Breakups and Letting Go of Old Relationships


In this content-rich interview, you will discover:
  • How different personality types have different experiences with breakups 
  • What to do when the relationship is over and you're still putting energy into it
  • Tapping for when you think you've lost "the one"
  • Tapping for loneliness after a relationship

Lindsay Kenny
Manifesting Your Soul Mate (Now!)


In this invaluable session you will discover:
  • The 5 fatal flaws that prevent people from finding the love they want
  • Why you keep attracting the same kind of person... again and again and how to change that patterns
  • Tapping to release past heartache, disappointment and anger


- Day 8 -


Supercharging Your Tapping

Donna Eden
Energy Medicine And Tapping: A Perfect Marriage


In this fascinating session, you'll learn:
  • Donna's perspective on why tapping works so well
  • What to do when the tapping isn't working as quickly as you want it to
  • The most ancient energy exercise known to man

Pat Carrington
Opening Up Your Options - The Choices Method


In this vital session you will learn:
  • How to use advanced resource states to overcome problems
  • The fascinating history of the choices method and why it’s so powerful
  • How to supercharge your choices statements and affirmations


- Day 9 -


Try It On Everything: The Widespread Use of EFT

Tom Hanson
EFT and Sports: The Mainstream Breakthroughs That You Can Use Today to Improve Performance


In this startling interview you will learn:
  • His initial breakthrough that blew him away
  • Why athletes are oftentimes the easiest to convince to use these techniques
  • His breakthrough stories with athletes
  • Tapping for lack of confidence
  • Actual tapping session for past trauma in sports or other performance issues

Ruth Stern
Tapping Into Deep, Peaceful, Sleep and Overcoming Insomnia


In this incredible interview you will learn:
  • How to determine the real cause of insomnia
  • Tapping for nighttime "monkey" mind
  • How your daytime activities are affecting your nighttime sleep
  • Tapping protocols for deep, peaceful sleep


- Day 10 -


Integration Day

Jessica Ortner
Integration Day


Take everything you learned in the summit and integrate it at a deeper level by tapping along with this audio. When you need a reminder of all the amazing things you learned in this summit revisit this audio and reignite your passion to create the life you deserve.


  Personal Peace Procedure


In this revealing audio you will be guided to answer questions that will help you gain clarity on what is holding you back and what to target with your tapping. This powerful process will help you create an action plan to clearly identify and clear what is limiting you. You'll leave the Tapping World Summit having not only made miraculous changes but also with a clear understanding of how to use EFT in your future for lasting personal peace.


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Remember: You will only be able to listen to the sessions during the specific times that they are broadcast. Not during the entire event, and only a limited 24 hours afterwards. We only have a specific amount of bandwidth contracted for specific times and traffic.

Plus, these FIVE Bonuses If You Choose
Either the Platinum or Gold Package . . .

Julie Schiffman
Ending the Headache Nightmare
MP3 Audio Recording

Nothing can ruin your day quite like a headache. Approximately 45 million Americans suffer from chronic headaches, and of them 28 million suffer from migraines. If you suffer from a headache then I am really happy that you are here, because you will learn the significant difference tapping makes.


Dr. Erin Shannon
The Marriage Between Traditional Psychology and Tapping
MP3 Audio Recording

Many times, we are led to believe that things are black and white, one or the other, Western medicine versus Eastern medicine, traditional versus holistic approaches. But what if it didn’t have to be one or the other? Let’s use all the tools we have access to in order to improve the quality of our life.


Pat Carrington
Choices Method – Clearing Financial Fears
MP3 Audio Recording

In this special bonus Dr. Patricia Carrington is going to teach us how to clear financial fears with her Choices Method and why this is so vital to do so if we want to improve our financial situation.


Rick Leskowitz
The Impact of Group Energy on Sports Events
MP3 Audio Recording

Can the energy of a group of people impact the outcome of an event? Many of us believe in prayer, but can our thoughts and emotions really make a difference?


Pamela Bruner
What to Say When Tapping
MP3 Audio Recording

How do I know what to say when I tap? Year after year, this is the most common question we receive. Many people's fear that they won't be saying the right thing or tapping correctly can keep them from even starting. In this presentation you'll learn how to get clear on what to say in your unique situation and how to get the best results.


. . . and these EXTRA BONUSES if you choose the Platinum All Access VIP Package:

Jaqui Crooks
Clearing Self-Sabotage: Finally Finding Success
MP3 Audio Recording

Do you really want to get something done, but then you find yourself engaging in a behavior that directly prevents you from getting what you want? You may be engaging in self-sabotage. In this interview you'll get clear on how you may be sabotaging your success, you'll find the underlying reasons why and you'll clear them with tapping.


Karin Davidson
Matrix Reimprinting - Change the Picture to Change Your Life
MP3 Audio Recording

In this interview, you’ll get an introduction to an incredible technique that incorporates EFT called Matrix Reimprinting. In Matrix Reimprinting, negative memories are seen as being held as a picture or a hologram in the body’s field. Until you transform them, you keep tuning into them on a subconscious level and they affect your health, your wellbeing and your point of attraction. Changing the picture creates both physical and emotional healing and enables you to attract more positive experiences into your life. So in this interview, you’ll get an introduction to the process so you can change that picture.


Rue Hass
Advanced Tapping Techniques - Tell the Story and The Movie Technique
MP3 Audio Recording

If you've learned the basics of tapping, then you are ready to take the next step to learn different strategies to improve your tapping experience. In this interview, you'll learn two tapping techniques. One is called Tell the Story, and the other is The Movie technique.


Sarah Holland
Can Women Have it All? The Transition From Independence to Motherhood
MP3 Audio Recording

It’s reported that women typically provide 75 percent of housework and childcare, which makes it harder for them to cope with today’s extreme jobs. So, as we decide to start a family we may feel overwhelmed with the pressure of having to create a work/life balance or feel the pressure to put our career dreams aside. This can create the transition in our lives to be full of anxiety. So, in this interview you’ll learn how to deal with some of our biggest fears and anxieties during the transition between independence and motherhood.


Dawson Church
Bringing More Passion, Love and Understanding to Your Relationship
MP3 Audio Recording

We’ve all heard of the term honeymoon phase. That time in the beginning of a relationship when your partner can do no wrong. You both are so absorbed in a new love and passion. We wish it could last forever, but most often the passion begins to fade and other challenges set in.

If you are looking to improve your current relationship and bring in more passion, love and understanding, this is the presentation for you.



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