The Tapping Solution Weight Loss & Body Confidence 7 Week Program

Here's How To End Your Weight Loss Struggles, Finally Lose Weight, Eliminate The Stress Of Dieting... And Create A Body And A Life Where You Feel Confident, Healthy And In Control


Jessica Ortner


From the Desk of Jessica Ortner

I remember what it was like…feeling overwhelmed by my weight, feeling unattractive and lacking in confidence, all while worrying about what I was going to eat next and how I was going to avoid putting on more weight…

Yet feeling deep down inside that a healthy weight, where I felt attractive and confident in my body, was possible for me.

You see only a few years ago I was seriously struggling with my weight and more importantly my self-image about my body and how I felt it defined me...

I held myself back from dating men, from reaching my potential in the workplace, from fully sharing my personality and most importantly from allowing myself to be happy.

And it wasn't as if I wasn't trying to lose weight...

For years, I spent astronomical amounts of money on diet books, exercise equipment, training videos and so much more. You name it, I bought it and tried it, at least for a while.

But nothing seemed to work, that is...until I found Tapping.

Over the last 2 years I've lost all of what I call my "extra" weight and slimmed down to a size 6 dress.

And I didn't do it because of any exhausting diet program or draining exercise regime. I did it because I realized that the cause of my weight gain, and the secret to my weight loss, was at a very basic level being driven by unconscious patterns, beliefs and programming in my brain that I had no idea were running me...

Because of Tapping (also known as EFT or Emotional Freedom Techniques) I was able to transform these things that had driven me for so long and finally reach my ideal weight…and I’m going to show you how you can do the same -- losing weight, gaining confidence and becoming your true self -- all with Tapping.

Imagine for a minute what it would feel like to be in your ideal body...and not just an ideal body in terms of your weight, but also in how you feel in it.

Imagine being slimmer, more confident, and feeling like more of who you are in the world without anything holding you back.

Feeling attractive and safe around men...

Feeling beautiful and intelligent in the workplace...

Feeling confident and happy in big groups of people...

This may feel like an impossibility for you, like it was for me many years ago... like something that other women feel, but that just isn't meant for you

But let me share something that I've learned through my personal experience and the experience of the countless number of women I've worked with…

Every woman is capable of reaching her ideal overcoming fears, traumas, beliefs, past events and other deep, unconscious patterns and programming that are the real reason for weight gain.

And as you read this page in it’s entirety, Iím going reveal to you exactly how I discovered that losing weight, building body confidence and stepping into your full self is much easier than youíve ever imagined; and that all of it is possible... for YOU!

If you're like 80% of women, you're likely dissatisfied with your body when you look in the mirror…

Woman looking in mirrorThat's right, research has shown that 8 out of 10 women are dissatisfied with their reflection in the mirror, and more than half see a distorted image.

And it's no wonder...

Society puts a tremendous amount of pressure on women to be thin and beautiful. When we look on TV, in newspapers, magazines or on the web we're inundated with pictures of thin women.

These images of so-called "beautiful" women do not represent the bodies of the average woman.

In fact, according to the Social Issues Research Center, top models and beauty queens today weigh 23% less than the average woman. "The current media ideal for women is achievable by less than 5% of the female population - and that's just in terms of weight and size. If you want the ideal shape, face, etc, it's probably more like 1%."

To add to it, most of these images we see are airbrushed and photoshopped, typically with the goal of creating the perception of "perfect" women to sell more products.

Unfortunately our society has developed an unrealistic perception of what a healthy weight and healthy body is...leading women to feel stressed and discouraged about their own weight and body, regardless of how they actually look.

The problem with this is that these negative emotions and beliefs about our bodies trigger hormones that prevent us from losing weight and actually lead to additional weight gain, a problem that we'll get into further down the page...

Now don't get me wrong, that fact that most women have unrealistic beliefs and judgments about their bodies doesn't mean that we don't actually have issues with weight in this United States and much of the world...

At this time in our culture when we are the toughest on ourselves about our weight, we also happen to have bigger issues with weight than ever before...

Roughly 2/3 of women in the United States are overweight, with 1/2 of those women being obese…

Feet on scaleWhat's especially surprising about those numbers is that since 1960, the percentage of obese people has nearly tripled.

In 1960 the obesity rate was only 13.4%!

So the question is, with our weight loss industry having topped $20 billion dollars in the United States (85% of which is driven by women), why are we not getting thinner?

Sadly what most women are turning to, what I myself always thought was the way to lose weight...simply isn't working!

Most women focus on diet and exercise first in order to lose weight, and it's unfortunately the wrong approach…

Woman eating saladDuring the course of an average year over 108 million Americans attempt to go on a diet with the average dieter making four or five attempts per year!

Most people go from diet to diet looking for the "magical" solution that will finally work, wondering why they're struggling each and every time, with total frustration as to why the diets aren't working for them.

There are reasons though, each and every time, as to why the diets aren't working, and they have nothing to do with the food (or the exercise)...

Let me ask you this…

Have you ever been stressed out because of work, or because of a relationship, or about your weight and how you feel about yourself, or anything else…and reached for some comfort food?

You know…stuff like cookies, pasta, pizza or whatever that is for you. Whatever food you know isn’t a part of the healthy “diet” you want to be on, that you ended up reaching for out of comfort…

Or have you ever skipped exercising, even for weeks or months at a time, because you felt you were too busy, or because you felt unmotivated, or because you just felt too overwhelmed by life to get yourself to exercise?

Yeah! I think we all have!

The truth is that we don't struggle with a lack of information on what to eat and how to exercise.

What we struggle with is what's going on internally, deep in our unconscious minds, that's making it difficult to make good eating and exercising decisions; as well as biologically triggering fat gaining hormones in our body that prevent us from losing weight.

What I discovered with Tapping however...was a way to change all of that...


The Two Major Reasons That Women Struggle To Lose Weight and How Tapping Overcomes These Challenges…

The number one thing that prevents women from losing weight was very shocking to me when I first learned of it...

I had no understanding of what was actually going on in my body biologically, because of my emotions. Things like...the stress, the anxiety, and the overwhelm I was dealing with when I was trying to lose weight.

I had no idea about the myriad of hormones coursing through my body because of my emotions that were actually
keeping me fat!

You see...

AmygdalaWhen something stressful happens, or you start thinking about something stressful, within seconds, the part of your brain called the amygdala (the almond-shaped part of your midbrain) tells your body to release specific hormones.

Adrenaline and cortisol (often called “the stress hormone”), floods your body, shutting down the creative problem-solving parts of your brain. And this causes two very big problems for somebody trying to lose weight…

#1 – It slows down your digestion. And anytime you slow down your digestion it makes it harder to…you guessed it…lose weight!

#2 – It constricts your blood vessels along with a few other key biological changes that control how you think, how your body and brain function, how strong your food cravings come on, and how quickly your brain can react to a given situation.

These two things combined mean that when you’re stressed you make worse decisions about what to eat, breaking your eating and exercise habits, and then you struggle to digest quickly, putting on more weight!

Have you ever had it happen that you’re stressed out and all of the sudden you find yourself ½ way through something like a box of cookies, and suddenly you think to yourself…why did I do that? And you feel like you lost mental control of what was going on?

That’s because…you did. The stress took over your body and inhibited your ability to think clearly and make good decisions.

And the foods we crave during these stressful times don’t help either.

Why do we tend to be attracted to and overeat sugary carbohydrates? Carbohydrate rich foods increase brain concentrations of an amino acid called tryptophan, which is the building block for serotonin. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter, which, when released, brings about feelings of calm, happiness, peace, and satisfaction.

We overeat because our brain is looking for pleasure. Overeating in the moment serves a great purpose. It makes us feel great until the side effects set it. Shortly after your sugar rush, your insulin levels drop and you feel exhausted, which triggers a craving for more sugary carbohydrates to get us back to the sugar high. Itís a vicious cycle!

No wonder so many people in our modern society struggle with weight loss, right?

Dr. Joseph Mercola
Here's what Dr. Joseph Mercola has to say about the effectiveness of using EFT for food cravings
and weight loss:

"If you are seeking sweets or grains because of an emotional challenge, you will want to consider using the simple and effective psychological acupressure technique, EFT, to rapidly help you control your emotional food cravings.

Many people don't understand that emotional well-being is essential to their physical health. In fact, in terms of dieting for weight loss, not addressing emotional issues -- whether small or serious traumas from the past -- is the primary reason that most people who lose weight often fail at keeping the weight off."

Most people are stressed on a regular basis...and put them on a diet where they're trying to force themselves to lose weight and eliminate comfort foods...and forget about it! Stress goes through the roof...leading ultimately to more weight gain...

And if you’re like so many people today who are under chronic stress, it’s hard to make the best decisions about what you eat or whether you exercise, and you end up putting on weight year after year.

It gets worse…

Stress also decreases your nutrient absorption- so even if you are eating well you won't be able to absorb it well….

It increases salt retention making you bloated…

It affects your cholesterol…

It impacts your immune system, endocrine system, nervous system, Everything!

Stress literally creates a hormone that makes you fat and is directly related to abdominal fat!

Tapping, however, has been scientifically proven to eliminate negative emotions like stress, allowing your body to go back into balance...

The Stress Test Study About Tapping That Shocked the Researchers...

A study performed by Dr. Dawson Church, PhD and Dr. David Feinstein, PhD, measured cortisol levels before and after treatment.

83 participants were divided into 3 groups: the 1st group received an hour of Tapping; the 2nd group received an hour of psychotherapy ("talk" therapy); the 3rd group (control group) received no treatment.

The researchers measured cortisol levels before and after the treatment. Cortisol (which causes weight gain) was measured because it is known as the "stress hormone" of the body. As stress goes up, cortisol levels go up.


When the researchers were measuring the cortisol levels of the Tapping group after treatment they thought they had a problem...


The levels had dropped so significantly in such a short period of time that they thought there must be something wrong with their equipment.

They kept recalibrating their equipment and retesting until they finally came to the conclusion that there was in fact...nothing wrong with their equipment but rather that...the Tapping worked!

Results: The normal rate of cortisol decline is 14% over an hour. The 1st group (Tapping) demonstrated a 24% decrease in cortisol levels, while the 2nd and 3rd groups only showed the normal rate of cortisol decline. The 10% improvement in the 1st group (Tapping) is statistically significant.

The reality: Pyschotherapy alone relieves stress, but over a long period of time. The immediate benefits of psychotherapy don't register in your body, where excessive amounts of the "stress hormone" cortisol still run rampant, leading to weight gain and putting your health at risk.

Study findings: Tapping balances activity between the sympathetic and parasympathetic regions of your brain, producing "a neutral emotional state," the gold standard of health and wellness.



The number two thing that prevents women from losing weight is deep unconscious traumas, patterns and beliefs about our weight, our bodies and ultimately about who we are...

When you stop to think about it...what beliefs do you have about your body?

Thinking WomanTake a second to finish these sentences...

When I see other women and compare my body to theirs, I feel that my body is _____________.

When I think about wearing a bathing suit on a beach I feel _____________.

When I think about my body and my weight I feel _________________.

These are just a few of the many questions that can help you to figure out some of your beliefs about your body (which are all things that you can use the Tapping for).

And what about patterns that you've established? How would you finish these questions...

I can't stay on a diet because ______________.

When I'm on a diet I feel ______________.

I can't lose weight because I'm ________________.

And what about traumas from your past? How would you finish these questions...

If there was an event, situation or experience from my past that made me feel most uncomfortable about my body, it would be ____________________.

When I think about the part of my body that I most dislike, the words I use to describe that part to myself are _________________.

When I think about feeling vulnerable, naked or sexual with a partner, the emotion that comes up for me is _________.

The answers to these questions and questions like these can help you to begin to discover the unconscious blocks preventing you from losing weight.

The reality is that most of our challenges with weight loss come from deep-rooted issues from our childhood and adolescence...
Jon Gabriel
Here's what health expert Jon Gabriel, who lost over 220 pounds in his own weight loss journey, has to say about the effectiveness of Tapping for weight loss:

"At least 80% of the people I work with who are overweight have emotional or past trauma challenges contributing to their weight gain. Tapping is one of the simplest, most-effective tools anyone can use to immediately start seeing results."



Unfortunately the tough standards that our society has on women start at a young age.

A Harvard University study found that up to 2/3 of underweight 12-year-old girls considered themselves to be too fat!

Girl at schoolBy 13, at least 50% of girls are unhappy about their appearance.

By 14, focused, specific dissatisfactions have intensified, particularly concerning hips and thighs.

By 17, only 3 out of 10 girls have not been on a diet – up to 8 out of 10 will be unhappy with what they see in the mirror.

It's clear that from a very young age most women are unhappy with their body and weight. These lead to
unconscious beliefs about our bodies that only sabotage
our ability to lose weight.

That's how it was for me...

You see, I’ve struggled with my weight since I was about 15. In fact, it’s hard for me to look back and remember a time when I wasn’t stressed about my weight.

It wasnít until I found Tapping that I finally found a simple and extremely effective way to both find and change what was controlling my ability to lose weight on a deep
unconscious level…

The simple truth of it is that Tapping is extremely effective in helping people change deep-rooted unconscious beliefs, patterns and traumas about their body and their weight. It’s more effective then anything I’ve ever seen or used before!

Here's what Kris Carr, New York Times Best-Selling Author has to say about the importance of
using EFT for weight loss...

"Habits are hard to break because they're our neuro-pathways. What Tapping does is it helps to rewire those pathways so that we can break some of those habits that are so ingrained in us, that keep us on the hamster wheel, that keep us hitting the sugar button, or the cookie button, or whatever it is that we're using to numb out."


How You Can Use Tapping To Finally Lose Weight, Keep It Off, and Feel Confident in Your Body...

By now you're likely seeing that there is a lot more going on underneath the surface in regards to losing weight then you ever thought there was before.

So the question is, how do you start using Tapping to lose weight (and what is Tapping if you've never tried if before?!)...

When I started using Tapping I tapped on limiting beliefs, negative emotions, stuck patterns, traumas and anything else that came into my awareness for me around weight loss...

I focused on the stress I felt when I was overeating…

The anger I felt at myself…

The way I criticized my body…

I focused on my relationship with exercise…

I got clear on the excuses I was telling myself on why I could never lose weight…

I got clear on the patterns I was running…

And began to apply the tapping process on all of these things.

I said to myself… “Stop focusing on the food for now… “

“Stop focusing on the exercise…”

“Just focus on doing the Tapping on all of this stuff that is going on inside my head around weight and all of the other stressors in my life.”

The results I saw were incredible! In the first month I lost 10 lbs. Let me put that into perspective...

I’m a fairly short woman at 5’2” so losing 10 pounds in a month had never happened to me. Typically for me it was more like 2 or 3 pounds or maybe even 5 pounds at max.

I knew right away in that first month that this was completely different.

But that wasn’t even the best part.

What amazed me was how happy I felt. Things seemed to flow. Instead of wishing I was in another body, I learned to really occupy my own body. I appreciated it and it felt empowering.

Before whenever I lost weight I’d still be in a state of stress, worried about putting it back on. And like I said before about stress…this just made it hard for me to keep it off.

This time it was different though. I felt calm and at ease.

And what I realized was that what I was really looking for all along…was to feel good about myself and my body.

I know, I know, we all want to lose weight…but what’s the point in being skinnier if you’re still not happy. Don’t you want to lose weight AND feel better about your body when you look in the mirror?

The great thing is that it’s not about one or the other. When you use the Tapping to deal with all of the “stuff” that is keeping you from losing weight you get to be healthier and happier.

What Exactly is "Tapping"...

Tapping, otherwise known as EFT or Emotional Freedom Techniques, is a combination of Ancient Chinese Acupressure and Modern Psychology.

It was developed originally by Roger Callahan in the 1980's and modified and expanded upon by Gary Craig. Since then, thousands of psychologists, psychiatrists, doctors, coaches and individual users have adopted this powerful technique for use on themselves, their clients, family members and more.

This simple technique literally involves "tapping" on the meridian points of our body while saying certain statements.

EFT has been known to work for years by psychologists, therapists, coaches and everyday people. In recent years a major push has been made for more evidence based research and the results have been astounding!

Clinical research studies with EFT are proving impressive results in a variety of areas such as relief from chronic pain, emotional problems, addictions, phobias, post traumatic stress disorder, athletic performance, PTSD, and among other things...yes...amazing results with weight loss!

Check out this short video to see what experts are saying about the effectiveness of Tapping...


I want you to be able to do what I did and what so many of my clients have done...which is to lose weight, reaching your ideal size, while at the same time drastically improving how you feel about your body, and all with the aid of the simple and extremely effective technique known as Tapping.

Now when I went through those drastic changes, I had to do it all on my own, and a lot of the time I felt really alone in my quest to lose weight. There were a lot of times that I wanted to quit and just cave in, and I don’t want you to go through that yourself...


A Journey of Transformation...

I want to invite you on a journey...

Jessica OrtnerA 7-week total body transformation journey designed specifically to help you lose weight, keep it off, and drastically improve your body confidence.

I want to invite you to allow me to be your coach and your guide along a journey similar to the one that I underwent when I felt fat, unattractive and lacking in confidence and turned everything around...only this one will be about YOU and reaching the ideal body and life that YOU want to create.

This journey and these 7 weeks are going to be unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before, even if you think you can’t possibly change, or that Tapping couldn’t work for you, or that you don’t think you have what it takes to succeed…you can still see life-changing results with this program.

I’m going to break down what I’ll be guiding you through in this unique process in just a minute, but before I do that I want to explain what this program is not.

This is NOT going to be a program where we talk about what to eat and how to exercise. As I said before, it’s not about that.

Most weight loss programs like to say things like “All you have to do is eat these certain foods in this certain order and everything will be ok”.” Or, “Do these couple of exercises in this particular way and it will work better than anything else.”

These are all empty promises that inevitably always fail because they don’t get to the root of what’s going on.

This program will not be like those programs.

If that’s the type of program that you’re looking for, then I would suggest not continuing any further. The truth is that those programs all miss what’s really going on unconsciously that is preventing you from losing weight and feeling confident and happy with your body.

This program is for women who are tired of running around in circles with weight loss...

Who realize that all of that other stuff that they’ve been doing for years isn’t what’s important, who want to be healthy and thin the easy way, without the daily struggle.

I’ve designed this program to be as easy, enjoyable and effortless as possible…

And I’ve also made it so that you don’t have to go through the journey of clearing your unconscious beliefs, patterns and traumas and other limitations alone, wondering if you’re making the right decision at every turn.


"The impact that the 7-Week Weight Loss and Body Confidence Program had on my life was incredible!"

Jessica Ortner"The impact that the 7-Week Weight Loss and Body Confidence (WL&BC) Program had on my life was incredible! I have struggled for over 15 years with weight fluctuations and emotional issues surrounding food and body image. Through the WL&BC Program, I was able to discover the root cause of my eating/body issues and understand how to move forward.

Not only is there a physical transformation, but also a significant emotional weight loss as well…”


-Christine Haskin




"I stopped the trajectory of weight gain I was on..."

Jessica OrtnerThanks to Jessica’s program, I'm continuing on my life-long healing journey, supplied now with amazing skillful means, wisdom, and an ongoing Facebook community. I am more loving and accepting of myself, and slowly, my harmful, unhealthy behaviors from the past 60 years are changing.

I stopped the trajectory of weight gain I was on (for about the thirtieth time in my life) and I really enjoy carrying out my new exercise program - combining yoga, dance, swimming and walking - because I want to!!! My clothes are starting to feel more comfortable, and I am confident that over time, these changes will deepen and broaden, and I will continue to manifest this inner work in a fitter healthier, more flexible body.  I love Jessica Ortner and I will always be grateful for her work and it's impact on my life.

-Terry Nicholetti


What This Program Consists Of...

First off, it’s important for you to know that I’ve designed this program so that you have different options in terms of the level of participation you want to undertake.

I know that different people learn differently and want different things, and the last thing I want is for you to feel like there’s too much to the program, or too little, or anything like that. So I’ve designed it in a way so that you can get results doing it the way you want to do it, while putting in the amount of time that is right for you.

These 7 weeks are about taking you through a process using Tapping that covers the most important topics that need to be addressed in order for you to eliminate the things that are blocking you from losing weight and from feeling confident in your body. And to create the unconscious patterns that need to be developed so that every decision and action you take on a daily basis is leading you towards exactly what YOU want.

There are three main weekly components that you
should know about first...
#1 – Weekly Tapping Presentations with Jessica Ortner


Jessica OrtnerEvery week there will be a weekly webinar presentation that will be released each Monday.

These will be in detail presentations on each week's topic that will give you step-by-step guidance. You will absolutely love the content covered in each of these!


#2 – Weekly Tapping Meditation to be Used Daily with Jessica Ortner


Eyes ClosedImmediately after the webinar you’ll get access to a 10 to 15 minute “Daily Tapping Meditation”, recorded by Jessica Ortner, the host of the 2009 to 2015 Tapping World Summits.

You’ll use this every day the rest of the week to reinforce the lessons from the webinar as well as to work on new issues that come up.


#3 – Weekly Pre-recorded Q & A Calls with Jessica Ortner

question and answer

I typically run this course live once or twice a year where I have a live Q&A session on Thursday nights. Unfortunately I'm not running it live at the moment so instead of giving you access to one live Q&A session I'm going to give you access to the recording of the weekly Q&A sessions from the last THREE times that I've run it.

On these live Q&A sessions I've always answered questions and done live tapping on specific issues that participants call in with. Here's the good news...

Most people tend to have similar challenges during every week of the program, which is why the live Q&A's not only help the people calling in, but also all the other people listening in.

I think that you'll find your weekly weekly questions answered in the recordings of the THREE weeks of recorded sessions. In fact, I think it will be even more valuable for you than having access to only one live session because so many more questions will be answered for you!

Plus, if you have a burning question that isn't answered in one of the recorded Q&A's, you'll also have access to ask your question in the group forum to community members, to one of our facilitators, or to me to answer directly.


Along with those three main components you’ll also have…


Optional Workbook Exercises


workbookEach week you'll have optional workbook exercises that will help you to continue your growth.

You'll get to use these workbook exercises to supercharge your results and continue to work on the lessons covered in the weekly presentations.



The Weight Loss and Body Confidence Group Forum

facebook groupYou'll get access to a one of a kind group forum throughout the 7 weeks to keep you on track.

This is of course optional depending on how involved you want to get but I highly recommend it as it’s an amazing support structure and a great place to get answers during the 7 weeks.

With past programs we've run the forum has been one of the most popular features because of the support structure that the group offers. :)



What You'll Learn Each Week...

So let’s take a look at what you’ll discover during the 7-week process. Remember, these are some of the major big picture topics. You’ll also get to work on the specifics of what’s going on for you…

Here’s what we’ll cover…

Week 1: Setting Yourself Up For Success

Setting Yourself Up For SuccessTo have a fresh start we need to first clear the frustration you have around previous attempts to lose weight.

With 108 million people going on diets each year, with an average of 4 or 5 attempts per year, there are a lot of frustrations around past dieting experiences! :)

Many people feel overwhelmed before even starting. Here we'll clear those emotions and set you up for success.


Week 2: Emotional Eating and Cravings

Emotional Eating and CravingsExperts estimate that 75% of overeating is caused by emotions!

During this week we're going to get clear on the emotions that have been sabotaging your success and we’ll focus on how to use tapping to target the physical craving as well as the emotional impulse to eat.

This week will be key in helping you learn how to finally end the battle with food. Remember, self-deprivation doesn’t work so it's important to create a relationship with food that’s nourishing and pleasurable for you.


Week 3: Finding the Joy in Exercise

Finding the Joy in ExerciseWe know we SHOULD do it but we don’t. Why?!

For many exercise is a chore, another thing to do on our already busy to do list.

Others have bad associations with exercise from childhood, like needing to run those extra laps when we were in trouble.

Your body is built to move and thrive with exercise yet its common to make every excuse to not do it.

CNN stated that lack of physical activity contributes to some 300,000 deaths each year in the United States caused by heart disease, stroke, diabetes and other conditions.

During this week you'll discover how to change any beliefs and resistance you have to exercise to make it something you look forward to.


Week 4: The Pain Under the Weight

The Pain Under the WeightWhat if the weight was a symptom of something deeper? What could the weight be trying to tell you about your life? What could the weight be a metaphor for?

Have you been hiding behind the weight and not living at your best? Has the weight been a way to protect you from a relationship or as a safe excuse to not pursue a goal?

In this week we’ll be going deep into the subconscious reasons we may have been holding on to the weight. This week will be a very transformative process.


Week 5: The Power of Self-Care and Emotional Pleasure

The Power of Self-Care and Emotional PleasureMarc David put it best when he said “Pleasure is a powerful metabolizer that increases oxygenation and blood flow and decreases the production of cortisol and insulin, untimely helping to burn fat and build muscle.”

During this week you'll clear any beliefs that are stopping you from feeling good in this moment and create a self-care calendar.

We’ve been so brainwashed to think its just about food and exercise yet haven’t you ever just been happy and noticed you lost weight without realizing it?

Week 6: Rewriting Your Body Story

Rewriting Your Body StoryStories influence our behavior and even shape our culture.

What story are you telling yourself about who you are? What stories have you been telling yourself as to why nothing has worked before?

During this week you'll release any stories that have been holding you back so you can see new stories that carry you forward towards your goals.


Week 7: Moving Forward - Reinforcing New Habits for Ultimate Results

Moving Forward - Hearing Your Body's MessageAs the 7 weeks come to an end, we cover tools to help you continue to move forward.

Youíll discover what to do if you ever fall off track and how to be more in tune with your body than ever before.

This week will guide you in knowing how to use Tapping and to make sure that you continue moving forward on your weight loss journey!


By now you’re likely seeing just how powerful these 7 weeks will be for you and how important these topics are…

You may believe that a 7-week program that can do this much for you would cost a pretty penny. And in all really should...

In my journey to find a way to lose weight I actually spent tens of thousands of dollars on books, programs, exercise gyms, personal trainers and all sorts of other resources that simply didn’t work. They didn’t work because they didn’t address the core issues that I had going on and they certainly didn’t have a technique as fast, rapid and effective as Tapping to be able to deal with them.

Tapping works more effectively then any other technique I’ve ever seen. That’s why “The Tapping Solution Weight Loss and Body Confidence 7 Week Program” by itself is valued at $997.

Now if I charged that amount I think most people would say it was completely fair...

When you compare that to the amount of money that people spend on trainers, and weight loss programs, and gym memberships and all the other options in the billion-dollar weight loss industry, it’s extremely reasonable, especially with the results it delivers.

I want to make it even better for you though, and I’ll tell you why…

I understand what it’s like to be frustrated with weight loss, to feel like you just want to be comfortable in your own skin, and to not be able to find a solution that works.

I understand the frustration and despair that comes with feeling like maybe I just can’t lose weight and that I’ll continue to put on weight for my whole life.

I went through some really tough times with my weight and one big thing that I learned from that experience is how appreciative I am to have what I have now, to feel that way I feel in my body.

Which is why I’m so passionate about helping others to be able to do the same…

The full 7-week program with the webinars, Daily Meditation audios, recorded group calls, workbook and access to the Tapping Solution Weight Loss and Body Confidence Community, is only $397

Yet today you’re not going to have to pay anywhere close to that. It get’s even better...

I’m making three payment options available.

With the first option I've broken up the $397 amount into eleven monthly payments

An initial payment of only $47 today and then 10 equal payments of $35…so the only investment you have to make today, to join the 7-week coaching program, is $47!

With the second option you only pay 5 equal payments of $74, totaling $370 and saving you $27.

And with the third option, you can pay just one payment in full of $347, saving you a full $50!

I want to give you the option to pick what’s right for you because I want you to be able to join this transformational program that I know will help you…

And on top of that, it’s very important for me that you feel completely safe in your decision. I want you to know without a doubt that this is a smart decision that is going to work for you.

So on top of this simple payment plan, I also want you to take advantage of my unconditional guarantee…

Join “The Tapping Solution Weight Loss and Body Confidence 7 Week Program” and if you’re not happy with your results after a full 3 months, well past the end of the 7 week program, or if you didn’t lose the weight that you were looking to lose, or if you just don’t like the group calls, or the meditations, or even the font I use in my presentations…you name it…I’ll gladly refund every penny, no questions asked…


Money Back

3 Month Money Back Guarantee

If you're not 100% satisfied we don't expect...or keep your money. Simply notify us by calling us or by emailing us within 90 Days and return the product and we'll give you your money back, no questions asked.

We'll even let you keep all of the bonuses for FREE!


"There are tons of emotional memories that subconsciously influenced my daily habits, my eating habits, my whole way of approaching life"

Jessica Ortner"Since I am not overweight I didn’t sign up for the Weight Loss part of Jessica’s program, but more for the Body Confidence part. The Weight Loss and Body Confidence Program was a huge help in finding my balance again…

The program was an even bigger help in digging up old emotions from childhood, which had a big influence in my current life. There are tons of emotional memories that subconsciously influenced my daily habits, my eating habits, my whole way of approaching life. I’d say here is where the biggest shift happened and I am truly grateful for every tear I shed.

Last, but not least, there is that loving and helpful Tapping Community. They are on the same wave and there is so much understanding and love…truly amazing. 

Jessica and her team are a blessing. They were there helping and supporting every struggling member, answering patiently every question and spreading their love and wisdom wherever needed.

-Lena Grogg




"What I discovered was far more powerful than
I ever expected..."

Jessica Ortner"What I discovered was far more powerful than I ever expected. Who knew that I literally had a tool right at my fingertips to shift me into an energy space that allows me to make choices based on what is right for ME? 

With Jessica’s guidance and unconditional support, I not only learned how to tap, I was able to use this incredible technique to uncover the old tapes and internal conversations that were holding me back. I realized I believed the messages from others about aging and their "shoulds" around how I ate, how I exercised and how my body was going to react as I got older. I was able to shift into a place of even deeper exploration, empowerment and love.  I am again in control of my choices as I move into the next great phase of me!!!

I highly recommend this program to any woman who is looking to explore ways to bring greater self- love and care into her life!!!”

-Emily Loewenstein


Also, if you act now... I will toss in 3 powerful bonuses worth $141. You’ll get access to three exclusive BONUS workshops...

"Why Dieting Makes You Fat: How to Get Your Body to Turn Off the Fat Switch" with Jon Gabriel (Valued $47)
Jon Gabriel

If you’ve never heard of Jon Gabriel before you’re going to love this bonus call because in it Jon will talk about how he lost 220 pounds and how it had nothing to do with dieting.

In fact, he’ll talk about dieting and how it was actually making him fatter and how it wasn’t until he started to understand the mental and emotional components to weight loss that he finally started to shed pounds.


"The Art of Personal Self Care" with Cheryl Richardson (Valued $47)

Unfortunately a big cause of weight gain is just not taking care of ourselves; not only physically but more importantly, emotionally.

In this bonus call with Cheryl Richardson, who if you’ve never heard speak is one of the most amazing, heartfelt people I’ve ever come across, Cheryl will discuss the art of personal self care.

She’ll share with you her secrets to learning to love, forgive and accept yourself at a deep level.


"Shrink Session Workout" with Erin Stutland ($47 Value)

Jessica Ortner

Erin is a lifestyle and fitness professional who has appeared on The Today Show and The Doctor Oz show and in this bonus she’ll bring you her popular Shrink Session workout. 

This alchemical mix of yoga, cardio-dance, kickboxing, life-coaching, meditation and inspiring affirmations will open-your heart, expand your mind, and tone and sculpt your entire body. 

The results of the workout go far beyond your average exercise program. Shrink Session helps you bypass negative self-talk and self-limitation, dive deep into self love and empowerment, all while having fun and feeling energized in the process.

That brings your total value up to $1,138.

Yet, if you act now, it’s all yours for just one discounted payment today of $47 and then 10 additional payments of $35…

Or you can choose one of the other two payment options and get an even further discount.

You’ll get to be a part of a supportive group that will guide you to creating the body, the beliefs, and the confidence you want to create a life beyond anything you’ve ever imagined was possible for yourself, and you’ll even make some wonderful friends along the way by taking part in our Tapping Solution Weight Loss and Body Confidence Community…

So go ahead and click one of the orange “add to cart” buttons below to get started. And get ready for an amazing journey of transformation. I canít tell you how excited I am to take you through this 7 week journey and for the opportunity to help you finally reach your weight loss and body confidence goals!


The Tapping Solution Weight Loss & Body Confidence 7 Week Program

What you'll get access to during this 7 Week Transformation Event:

7 Weekly Webinar Presentations $329 value

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7 "Daily Meditation Audios" $189 value

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21 Recorded Q&A sessions (3 per week) $329 value
green_check The Full Email Course $57 value
green_check The Full Workbook $47 value
green_check 1 Year of Access to the Community Forum and... $46 value
green_check All three bonus workshops $141 value



“The results were DRAMATIC. I stopped wanting and eating sugar. I began to WANT to exercise. I lost 11 lbs. within just 2 months. After 5 more months, I’d lost 7 lbs."

“The results were DRAMATIC. I stopped wanting and eating sugar. I began to WANT to exercise. I lost 11 lbs. within just 2 months. After 5 more months, I’d lost 7 lbs. The day after New Year's, I stepped on a scale and I had lost another pound instead of gaining anything. In the year since the 2010 TWS, I HAVE NOT DIETED or restricted food AT ALL!

She then wrote us the following email, 2 years later:

“I am celebrating 2 years since my 20 lbs. of weight loss using EFT in 2010. I feel very triumphant to have maintained (easily) my current weight for 2 years now!!!! I am down 40 lbs from my top weight (the first 20 lb. loss was over several years) which I completely attribute to tapping as I having been tapping on and off since 2003.

It really is amazing! My top size was size 18. Now I wear size 10 & 12. I really don't even get on the scale much anymore because I KNOW it's going to be in my 3-4 lb. same range as the past 2 years. It doesn't matter what I eat or how much or little I exercise (I try to be healthy, though). I just have a new "set point" now.”

-Rhonda Robinson



Money Back

3 Month Money Back Guarantee


If you're not 100% satisfied we don't expect...or keep your money. Simply notify us by calling us or by emailing us within 90 Days and return the product and we'll give you your money back, no questions asked.

We'll even let you keep all of the bonuses for FREE!


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