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Bill Dovel RN Pro EFT Master

Contact Information
3350 West Americana Terrace Ste 210B, Boise Idaho 83706
Phone: 208-685-2315

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Session Type
In Person

Tapping on your body’s super comforting points

Turning on the body’s record button

Deleting the reactions you don’t like

Programming in the reactions you want

Bill is one of 14 Pro EFT Masters in world.


Areas of specialty

Eliminating anxiety, stress, fear, and panic

Changing your limiting beliefs and fears into beliefs that enhance your life

Effectively grieving major loss and trauma

Eliminating the pain and damage from physical, sexual, and emotional abuse

Breaking the pattern of being in bad relationships, while repairing the damage that those relationships caused

Attracting the relationships you want in life

Creating the abundant personal and professional life of your dreams

Winning the weight battle, even when nothing else has worked

Creating a healthy body and mind, even when you are diagnosed with a chronic illness

Changing chronic patterns in your life; including procrastination, compulsive over eating, and obsessional thoughts, that won’t go away

Bill Dovel
Boise, Idaho
EFT Practitioner

Pro EFT Certification by the The National Alliance for Emotional Health / 2010, March Pro EFT/Pro EFT Graduated Practitioner Intensive / 2010, May Pro EFT/Pro ER Certified Practitioner / 2011 May Pro EFT Certified level 1 and 2 Trainer / 2013 Pro EFT Master