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Carol Bemmels

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128 W Broad Street Hopewell, NJ, 08525
Phone: 609-306-1711

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Nothing gets you unstuck faster than EFT. I’m a do-it-yourself kind of person. Maybe you are too. The beauty of EFT is that it is simple to learn and once you experience it you can do it yourself as needed. And the more you tap, the shorter the “as needed” list gets. You find yourself calmer in so many situations that used to push your buttons. You surprise yourself with new-found energy and joy. Limiting beliefs about yourself and the world just don’t have the same hold on you. Physical pain can just fade away. And all this happens while sitting comfortably tapping along on points on your head and upper body.

I’ve been using EFT since 1999 with adults and  school students and it’s so amazing – I wonder why anyone would want to go the usual slow and painful route of most counseling practices. Many people appreciate the self help aspect of EFT and being able to use it themselves at home and in their lives. After working with an experienced tapper in session or training classes … you automatically learn how to apply it to anything that comes up in your life.

I love to do introductory lectures. Lots of interesting information, lots of tapping, and lots of laughing. And if your organization is non-profit … it’s free. I’m especially interested in bringing this wonderful tool to schools and social service organizations of all kinds. If you’d like to experience EFT personally in session or arrange for a lecture or training … I’d love to hear from you. You may either phone or email … but email might be the fastest way to connect. Be happy ….  start tapping!


Carol Bemmels
Expert Level EFT Practitioner
New Jersey/ Vermont

I have my M.Ed. in Counseling/Psychology, was a licensed school counselor in Penna, and a certified EFT(Expert, Level 3) practitioner. In my career as a counselor I've worked with a great variety of people and have been a public speaker and trainer nationally and abroad.