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Carrie Saba

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Westerville, Ohio
Phone: 614-288-8781

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Carrie Saba, EFT Practitioner and Health & Lifestyle Coach

with an Intuitive Spirit.

My goal is to help you release the STRESS and SILENT STRUGGLE inside because you deserve to feel good.

When stress takes over your body you are far from feeling your best and living life fully. In fact, you feel overwhelmed, frustrated and exhausted and often are pretending everything is ok when it is not. Then, you keep playing these not so good things over and over in your mind and you don’t know how to move past it. It is not fun and can really hold you back in your life.

We were never taught how to deal with negative experiences and feelings. As a result, we ignore and stuff anxiety, trauma, anger, depression, sadness or any other uncomfortable emotion deep inside.  However, we do know how to numb those emotions. We use alcohol, drugs, shopping, overeating or any other vice that seems to give us temporary relief until it doesn’t. Eventually, all those stuffed emotions show up in one way or another.  Maybe it shows up as back pain or crimp in your neck . . . pain in your body.  Or maybe you flip out and yell at a loved one for no apparent reason. The emotions start to come out and we just don’t feel good. 


My intention is to help you feel better and release the emotions that have kept you struggling in silence. 


When we partner together we become a team with a plan to get you where you want to go in the fastest way possible.

  • You Can get on the other side of feelings that make you feel like you’re stuck in quicksand. 
  • IT’S POSSIBLE to reduce and even diminish the intensity of emotional trauma and negative emotions you feel.
  • You Can overcome self-sabotage and beliefs that hold you back from living your best life and fulfilling your dreams. 


I can help you RELEASE things hiding in your blind spots. We will clear out long standing issues in gentle yet powerful ways. 


One of my greatest strengths as an EFT practitioner and Health Coach is my ability to work intuitively. I help you get to the root cause and peel away the layers leaving you feeling refreshed and alive!

How can we work together?


Virtual Sessions work fantastic because you can be anywhere in the world and still benefit from experiencing a tapping session.  We connect via Skype, Zoom or FaceTime.

My goal is to help you tap away the stress and negative feelings that are taking up way too much space in your body, mind and spirit. I want you to feel less stress and more RELAXED – living a life of full on LOVE, HAPPINESS and INNER PEACE.

Connect with me and let’s see if working together feels in alignment. Learn more about me here. 

I also work with veterans through The Veterans Stress Project at a substantially discounted rate. Please inquire for details.

Carrie Saba
EFT Practitioner
Westerville, Ohio

My Clinical EFT certification is through EFT Universe. Clinical EFT is an evidence based method that has been validated in research studies that meet the American Psychological Association. I am also a certified Health Coach through The Institute of Integrative Nutrition, and I am certified through The American Society of Drugless Practitioners. I have been practicing health and lifestyle coaching since 2009. In addition, I have a BA in Business Administration, with a focus in Communications from Ohio University and spent time in corporate environments, primarily in the Human Resource Department, focusing on training and development. Over the years, I have offered group online programs, workshops, lunch and learns, one-on-one coaching and retreats in Lake Tahoe. I have also co-lead Soul Sparkle retreats in Ojai and San Diego, California, Florence, Italy and Paris France. Some of my writing has been featured on Ladies Home,, and Shine from Yahoo. I am also a co-author of the “Women on Fire Volume 2” book; and I’ve had the opportunity of being featured on the Female Focus News Segment for WBNS Channel 10TV and Good Day Columbus Fox28 News. In addition to the above qualifications, I listen to my inner guidance, my intuition, as I support my clients on their healing journey; and my intention is to always connect with my clients from the heart. Because of the combination of my training, education, intuitive guidance and desire to help people live a happier and healthier life, I have had the honor to witness profound changes in my clients overall well-being and happiness. It is pure joy to see their inner light shine bright as they release what no longer serves them. You can learn more about me here.