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Charlotte Nuessle

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Ashland, Oregon
Phone: 5413018060

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In Person

I specialize in tapping to bring your nervous system back to balance. Integrating polyvagal theory, a model that brings clarity to the signals our body is sending, into my work brings a solid foundation to tapping. Through our connection in working together you’ll deepen respect for your body, increase motivation for self-care and kindness, and unfold greater understanding of your life experience.

Charlotte Nuessle
EFT Practitioner
Ashland, Oregon

Background: Charlotte was introduced to tapping over ten years ago. She began tapping in earnest three years ago and maintains a regular tapping practice. She’s attended various offerings through The Tapping Solution and Dr. Dawson Church.

* 28-year consultant in offering body-based adaptive yoga and other modalities; meditative tools to train attention through breath; positive neuroplasticity; resilience; polyvagal theory. * B.Sc. Human Services in Gerontology, Thomas Edison University * Internationally Certified Yoga Therapist * Personal Development Educator and Holistic Coach * Specializes in online small groups to strengthen resilience, age well, increase social connection, live with greater ease and purpose