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Christine McDevitt

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Philadelphia, PA
Phone: 267-579-3574

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Do you feel like you’ve hit a plateau in your healing journey? Are you dealing with unexplained physical or emotional pain or other persistent problems that aren’t getting better with traditional care?

The road back to feeling like yourself can be difficult, overwhelming, and seem never-ending at times, especially when you feel like you’re doing everything right and still aren’t progressing as expected.

For over 20 years, I worked in healthcare as an occupational therapist treating people living with the aftermath of traumatic life events – including pain, physical limitations, and mental health concerns. I witnessed firsthand the frustration that can result when you don’t recover as quickly as everyone (including yourself and your doctors) expected – and no one can explain why.

I’ve found EFT and Energy Psychology to be powerful tools for gently yet effectively addressing underlying issues that may be affecting your body’s ability to heal – and I would love to share these tools with you.

If you’re ready for change, I’m ready to help you discover what may be getting in the way of your healing and guide you in shifting those issues. It is possible to move forward, and you don’t have to do it alone.

My specialties include:

  • health issues or injuries that aren’t resolving as expected despite following the instructions and advice of your healthcare providers,
  • dealing with symptoms that don’t have a medical explanation,
  • changing unwanted or unhealthy patterns,
  • coping with serious illness or traumatic life events,
  • moving through stuck anger or grief.

All sessions are currently conducted using Zoom. I work with English-speaking clients across the globe.

Christine McDevitt
EFT Practitioners
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Certified in Clinical EFT and Energy Psychology through EFT Universe (trained by Dawson Church) - click link to confirm certification and see certification renewal date. Master's degree in occupational therapy with active OT licenses in Pennsylvania and New Jersey