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Dana Oshiro

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57 Bedford St. Suite 125 Lexington MA 02420
Phone: 781-248-9662

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Dana Oshiro is passionate about helping people move into their best, most productive and loving self.   As a life/abundance coach and psychotherapist with 20+ years of experience, her specialties include using EFT to move past procrastination and perfectionism to productivity, finding balance and pride during motherhood as either a stay at home Mom or working outside of the home, and as a third generation Asian American, helping people adjust to multicultural issues, whether as an individual or as an inter-racial couple.


Procrastination and perfectionism can often rob people of both time and joy in their life – putting off and dreading tasks and projects that loom ahead while thinking about them in the back of one’s head, never really free of it. People can also procrastinate about larger issues such as making decisions about a relationship, career and parenting. Dana helps people gently identify what the blocks are from getting things done or making decisions, then eliminating them quickly using EFT. Oftentimes, these blocks can be feeling overwhelmed and not knowing where to start, fear of failing at the project and/or needing to have a perfectly finished product. It can also stem from being afraid to disappoint or anger people by saying “No” or worry about being pushed and cajoled into doing things one doesn’t want to do. So there are plenty of understandable reasons why people put off things and if you’re tired of the cost of doing so, then Dana would love to help!


A second specialty of Dana’s is in the area of Motherhood. Mothers often seem to feel torn between the choices they have made.   Stay at home mothers may feel plagued by wondering why they aren’t pursuing a fulfilling career.   Career women may feel guilty that they aren’t doing enough with their child/children and baking enough cupcakes for that school fundraiser! Either way, Mothers seem to feel uncomfortable and guilty and focused on what they’re not doing. Dana helps women voice these unarticulated worries and develop a sense that they are doing enough, they are good enough and can take pride in the path that they have chosen – and that they can shift the balance between work and motherhood in whatever direction they choose if they so desire.


And lastly, as a third generation Asian American and former adjunct faculty at Simmons School of Social Work teaching Racism and Oppression, Dana understands the complexities of multiculturalism and some of the particular issues that arise for people in inter-racial relationships.   With sensitivity and insight, Dana helps people clarify the differences between individuals that are based on cultural values and then how to bridge those differences.


Dana has a very warm, genuine and empathic style with a sense of humor! Her life experience as a mother of two teenagers, in a 30+ year relationship with her husband, and as an Asian American gives her an understanding and compassion for the struggles people go through and for their courage in taking the risks to overcome them.   Please visit her website at: for more information.


Certified Abundance Coach – trained by Carol Look, EFT Master; Mentored by Carol Look, EFT Master; EFT Level 1 and 2; Psychotherapist, LICSW – 20+ years; EFT Practitioner, 10 years; Trained by Janina Fisher, Ph.D., trauma expert; Trained by the Couples Institute.