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Deborah Fischer

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505 Exchange Parkway Allen, Texas 75002
Phone: 931-982-2226

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Hi, I am Deborah Fischer RN/LMT. I am a Success Coach. I believe within each of us is greatness & unlimited POWER! I help other’s tap into their personal power with Healing Meditation. I believe healing is an Inside Job. That the Mind, Body & Spirit Connection must be brought into synergy with your purpose & calling before you can succeed. That the changes you seek & the success you desire is YOURS NOW!

My sessions are filled with many holistic technique’s you can use 24/7/365. I am a coach that teaches you how to place the oxygen mask literally on yourself first in order to live @ your Highest Potential.

“Breathwork” is the number one modality I use. This powerful Life Force Energy will supernaturally transform your mind, your body & your spirit very quickly. Meditation is about “listening” and one must achieve this goal 1st.

I have known & used EFT since the 1990’s and it is dynamic @ your fingertips.

Visulization & Guided Imagery will empower you & guide you into the successful person you are longing to be. I have used all of these tools @ the bedside of many clients, and throughout my massage therapy career. Every gift I have received spiritually, mentally, emotionally & physically I utilize in every session.

To see “others” transformed living Happier, Healed, Healthy lives is the Best Gift I can receive by doing this great work. My door is always open to those who seek FREEDOM on every level of their lives. Now is Your Time & Your Turn to LIVE Your Best Life! It is a gift to YOU & to this Planet!

Sincerely, with kindest regards,

Deborah Fischer
EFT Practitioner
Allen, Texas

RN since 1993. Licensed in Tennessee, currently. I am on sabbatical presently seeking to pursue my deepest desire which is to see others healed & totally free in mind, body & spirit. I recently moved to Texas (3/15/13) & my husband & I have become Licensed Life & Health Agents of Texas as of 4/2013. Together we are beginning a free financial education opportunity & our personal goal is to reach 1000 families this year alone. Since moving here I started a small Healing Meditation Group, 5/21/13. We meet once a week for a 90 minute session & my ladies are loving the results; so am I. Every time I give, I receive! Which I have experienced over my 20 year career as a Nurse, and my 7 year career as a Massage Therapist. My personal Life Journey of healing is powerful. I am happy, excited about this opportunity to be on your web link. I do practice EFT & in our last session last week introduced it to the ladies. I can't wait to hear their results. Both my husband & I tap together & separately. We have been married 30 years! If you need any further information on my qualifications please let me know. Dallas is large...i see many hurting people during the day & night as we go about our lives. My heart truly desires to see people free & living their best lives...b/c it is such a huge GIFT! Blessings to you guys...My Ladies have been directed to look @ all your teaching links & to pay it forward! Sincerely, Deborah