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Debra McClellan

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Asheville/Weaverville, North Carolina
Phone: 828-808-1198

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We all just want to be happy, right? It sounds so simple, yet for many of us, “happy” is an illusive concept. Since many of us made our life and career decisions before we were old enough to vote, we may not be in touch with what we truly desire. Stress is making us sick or miserable. We may be carrying our past with us everywhere we go. It doesn’t have to be that way!

Exploring the metaphysical and energy work have been my passion, for over 25 years. In all my years of study, with each new modality, I always felt incomplete, so my quest for knowledge continued. By combining several different modalities, it felt like I was close…. But learning and applying EFT was the missing part of the puzzle. Applying EFT helped me through some of the most difficult times of my life, and I’m dedicated to making sure as many people have this information as possible.

Using intuition and specific energy testing methods, I can determine which of the therapies most benefit the client. EFT is my modality of choice.

My practice focuses on empowering individuals to heal themselves. So, in addition to working with you personally I can also provide with things to do on your own to keep wellness at the forefront.

While I would love to work with you on any issue, I have a special interest in stress related women’s issues. We currently have some fantastic Weight Loss Packages that support you with individual, one-on-one support as well as other tools to help you on your journey. We also work sensitivities of all kinds including Highly Sensitive People /EMF sensitivities.

Debra McClellan
EFT Practitioner
Asheville / Weaverville, North Carolina

Formally trained EFT Practitioner, Esogetic Color Puncture, BioGeometry (Egyptian Science of Energy Balancing), Reiki Master Teacher, Hypnosis, The Silva Method, Matrix Energetics, Sound Therapy, Tong Ren.