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Delia Nessim

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Delia Nessim, MFT uses EFT tapping combined with traditional talk therapy to get extraordinary results. Delia uses EFT tapping with individual therapy as well as couples therapy and family therapy.

Asking for help in dealing with emotional or physical pain is a scary step to take. No one wants to relive any past trauma but at some point it becomes clear that pushing back the memories is not an effective strategy. That younger self wants to protect you from painful memories. What it  needs is to heal and integrate back into the whole you. In this way, you feel restored and energized again.

One of the cornerstones of EFT tapping is self-compassion. With every setup phrase, we say “I deeply and completely accept myself. “ This is often the most emotional part of the process. It may not be obvious but whenever something in life does not go as planned, we are quick to shame and blame ourselves. Using EFT tapping in the therapy process helps create separation and objectivity making it feel safe and effective. We start to see events for what they are without all the emotional baggage. Most importantly we unravel the connection between what happened with who we are. In doing so, we are more resourceful and we are the expert in solving our own problems.

Delia makes house calls within 10 miles of Newtown, PA. She also sees clients from anywhere by working online.

Delia Nessim

Newtown, Pennsylvania
Master EFT Practitioner


I am a certified master EFT tapping practitioner.