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Jan Peterson

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(Serving clients in the United States & Internationally by phone & Skype. In-Person Eastern North Carolina)
Phone: 252.725.4445

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Stress and anxiety are the #1 issue that people struggle everyday. My passion is helping people reduce/eliminate stress and anxiety. EFT Tapping quickly helps remove emotional blocks & reduce/eliminate anxiety so you can optimize the natural power of your brain & be your best. Jan Peterson, Certified EFT Practitioner Level 1 & 2 works with people highly motivated to live life to its fullest and achieve peak performance in business or sports. I work with clients by Phone, Skype or In-Person and offer a free initial consultation.

My Ideal Client: passionate about being their best, motivated to perform to a high level & achieve success, open to cutting-edge techniques in self-improvement, have a vision of what they want in their life.

The Support I Offer: In addition to private, confidential sessions geared toward solving the clients’ problem, I offer additional support with research & information specifically addressing my client’s needs.

Discover What’s Holding You Back

Jan Peterson works with entrepreneurs and professional athletes to help them dissolve those mental barriers so that they may perform to an elite level. The technique which I employ is EFT Tapping. It is a highly effective emotional acupressure designed to quickly remove those mental barriers to peak performance. I can help you discover the specific blocks to your performance issues, and find the right techniques to dissolve those barriers on the spot. Most people are not aware of their own limiting beliefs and some are not even aware of their own negative self-talk as it happens in a split second, as a tiny whisper from within. Yet the tiny negative whisper turns into an ugly visible roar when the athlete hits an errant golf shot into the water or an entrepreneur gets so frazzled making a presentation, he/she fails to secure the business deal. Free of mental blocks, your best performance shows up.

The EFT Formula of Success

EFT Tapping has a simple formula that conditions the mind of an athlete much in the same way they are trained to condition their bodies. Most athletes know that they are capable of great athletic accomplishments yet fail to execute and display those talents during competitions which demand peak performance under intense pressure. EFT Tapping is both simple to learn and highly effective, training you to discover and release the negative thoughts & images which assault your mind during key moments of your performance. For an aspiring Olympic athlete or professional athlete, this can be a career-defining difference.

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” Jan Peterson worked with me on my lack of trust in short putts during the intense pressure of competition. I am a natural golfer and have a strong desire to win golf tournaments. Jan helped me discover that the pressure I put on myself to win had to do with unresolved emotional blocks from my critical father as a teenager. I see now that I want to win so badly because I desired his approval and love. We were able to tap out that emotional energy block using EFT. Now I trust my putts and myself under intense pressure! Thank you Jan.”  L.E.

Jan Peterson
Cell: 252.725.4445
EFT Practitioner

  • University of Delaware Psychology B.A.
  • University of Delaware Business B.A.
  • EFT Tapping Certified Practitioner Level 1
  • EFT Tapping Certified Practitioner Level 2
  • HeartMath Personal Resilience Certified Trainer
  • Energy Medicine MasterClass Certified Donna Eden
  • Author The Little Book of Golf Secrets