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Jan Santora-Farrar

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Edmonds, Washington
Phone: 2062331021

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I offer 30 years experience in psychotherapy, counseling, and coaching with individuals, groups, and adult family members. I believe that identifying, gleaning information from, and releasing blocked energy is transformative and the path to authentic personal and spiritual relationship.

Jan Santora-Farrar
EFT Practitioner
Seattle, Washington

Therapy is essentially about moving energy. Coping skills may be developed in childhood to survive family-of-origin and cultural projection. As we age, pain results from using coping skills which no longer work and which continue to mask the authentic self. Our point of power is our willingness to change. I am a trauma-informed therapist with certifications in EMDR and Brainspotting. I’ve taken numerous Tapping workshops and courses throughout my career because it works and it is a skill clients can effectively use between sessions to regulate emotions. Tapping will be my next certification.