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Jane Buchan

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56 Norway Road Greensboro Bend
Phone: 802-533-9277

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I offer individual sessions via Zoom, Skype, or Telephone as well as pre-arranged, on-site, best-practices classes to groups interested in learning how to use EFT for specific issues such as team building, ageism, stalled creativity, ACEs challenges, and climate/environmental anxieties.
I also teach small-group (8 participants), Level One and Two, on-site training classes as an Accredited Master Trainer with EFT International to groups who wish to learn EFT and practice the protocols together and to individuals who want to certify with EFT International. These official EFT International training classes are ideal for teachers, social workers, nurses, community workers, non-profits, and small business owners who want to build supportive relationships among team members that prevent compassion fatigue and strengthen resourcefulness.  EFT skills provide in-the-moment self-regulation support and help to build resilience over the long term.

Jane Buchan, MA
EFT Practitioner
Greensboro Bend, Vermont

I hold an MA in English Literature and encourage clients and groups to find the relevant story operating within a conflict to create a more enriching narrative and win-win resolutions. and cooperative relationships. My teaching background, in college and high school classrooms, supports my current client-centered approach with diverse populations of adults.  I have completed Donna Eden's Energy Medicine Foundation Year and often share Eden Method techniques with clients to create energetic resonance and increase EFT efficacy.  My EFT mentors include Gary Craig, Nancy Forester, Betty Moore-Hafter, David Feinstein, and Dawson Church.  I teach EFT techniques to support the growth of self-efficacy in all my clients, and especially those who have experienced trauma, including Adverse Childhood Experiences. to recover a sense of agency and empowerment.  In doing this work, I feel deeply connected to the healing energies that are subtly expanding to encircle our beautiful planet.