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Jeanne Steen

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Belmont Avenue Chicago, IL 60657 And Downtown, 60607
Phone: 312-835-0821

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Are you ready to make real, lasting changes; not just in how you think, but in how you feel and act? Let me teach you an innovative, yet simple, stress reduction technique.

I can help you work through any of life’s complex issues (finance, family, relationships, health, career, weight loss) that are causing you emotional stress, and empower you to live in the present moment with increased clarity and calm.

EFT releases tension (physical and emotional knots and blocks), calms anxiety (quiets and soothes mental chatter), and stimulates the body’s natural self-healing capabilities.

It is my intention to teach you to trust the power at your fingertips to calm stress anytime, anywhere, to clear your past and open up your future.

I also have specialty training to help you take greater control of one of the most important relationships in life: your relationship with money. Financial pain can feel crushing, and many people struggle with it alone. It’s costly on so many levels, negatively affecting relationships, health and limiting career growth; yet embarrassment can keep you stuck in patterns you feel helpless to break. I have a proven process to shift you to an empowered relationship with money and reignite the spark that moves you forward.

Jeanne Steen
EFT Practitioner
Chicago, IL

My training is through EFT Universe with Dawson Church, and Margaret Lynch's powerful Tapping into Wealth Expert Coaching program. I am also a certified Qigong Instructor, a Reiki Master Teacher,  a Shiatsu Practitioner and a founding member of Tribe, a Healing Arts Community. Business clients benefit from my 18 years of corporate work experience (fashion magazine publishing in NYC) and my small business acumen gleaned from launching two businesses; I understand first hand the stressful dynamic of their world.