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Jenny Ciccone

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9719, Bay Harbor Circle #22-103
Phone: 2398515415

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Joyful Living/Soul Purpose Coach/EFT Practitioner
Author of Decoding The Secrets of Joyful Living
Fear/Anxiety/Self-Worth/Childhood/Life Efficiency

Many spiritually-oriented women professionals and entrepreneurs feel trapped in emotional and thought patterns and held back in life with seemingly complicated issues.

They know what they need to do and stop doing, but feel frozen in taking the actions that matter to them.

I help them remove hidden blocks and clear stuck energies at all levels, and feel nurtured, re-energized, and free to move forward in life with soul satisfaction and fulfillment.

Jenny assists you to:

  • Understand your energy type and realign and regain balance at all levels as your true self, so you can use energy wisely and improve daily life efficiency.
  • Feel calm, focused, balanced, and become productive.
  • Reboot your energy levels and reduce physical symptoms.
  • Heal relationship triggers by clearing the stuck energies from the past.
  • Break trapped patterns that held you back and kept you frozen.
  • Regain mental clarity for purpose and directions.
  • Reconnect spiritually for connection, intuition, and creativity.

You can get help with:

  • Career/Life directions and transitions
  • Fear and anxiety
  • Concentration and performance
  • Procrastination
  • Unresolved childhood issues that impact adulthood relationships at all levels
  • Balance of giving and receiving
  • Self Worth
  • Health issues (headaches, body pains, insomnia, and so on.)
  • Forgiveness, trust, and control issues
  • Emotional and Spiritual Dysfunction

Welcome to book a complimentary clarity call for 1 – 1 programs:

  • Tap Into Aligned Action
  • Heal Relationship Triggers
  • Calming Mind for Body Rejuvenation
  • Now What
  • Find Your Voice

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Jenny Ciccone


EFT Practitioner