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Jessica Dorzinsky

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Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Phone: 4O3 89O 587O

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Ready to feel more confidence, purpose and joy without sacrificing your sensitivity and awareness?

Hi I’m Jessica, a certified and accredited Advanced EFT Tapping Practitioner and Trainer (NQT).

I work primarily with sensitive/HSP folks, empaths, gifted adults and others on a deeper journey who are ready to experience more joy and personal growth.

You may not be sure if that’s you, which is normal and OK! We’re probably a good fit if:

    • you feel your inner world is complex – emotionally, spiritually or cognitively (or all three!)
    • you feel like a old soul, highly aware and sometimes disturbed at what you see around you
    • you can suffer from frantic thought traffic, social anxiety, overwhelm and/or perfectionism
    • others would describe you as having a big heart
    • you’re on a journey of personal and/or spiritual development
    • you’re motivated to clear your blocks and show up authentically in the world
    • ..and you’re wanting to feel JOY while you’re on your journey, without having to be perfect!

I get it – I’ve been there too. <3

I can help you release the habitual patterns and emotional blocks, and grow your ability to feel at ease and joyful in all sorts of situations. I can show you how you can tap into your innate ability to relax, integrate the information coming in through your senses, and still feel like you.

It’s my purpose and passion to work with people like you to create:

  • a life with more freedom, joy and connection
  • getting out of your head and back into your heart
  • satisfaction with who you are, even before you’ve written that best-selling book

Free 60-minute EFT Coaching Consults are Available.

I know it’s scary, and a little bit awkward to reach out. We haven’t met, and this feels high stakes. You’re invited to a free 60-minute consult with zero expectation to work together after. We only go forward if we’re both a “heck yes!” to working together. And if you decide this isn’t for you, I’m happy to help you explore the other options you have on the table during our call.

Head on over here to learn how to book your free consult.

I offer sessions online (and in Calgary, Canada when it’s possible to meet in person again.)

I provide Advanced-level EFT Tapping and coaching/mentoring. I’m Certified and Accredited with EFT International.

My approach is intuitive, solutions-focused and genuinely caring. I’m often told I see what others miss.

I’m also an EFT Trainer (NQT) who offers accredited training from Level 1 EFT up to full practitioner Certification.

Change is possible today, and starts from the very first session.

Unsure about whether I’m the right practitioner for you? Visit me at Fully Alive EFT Tapping & Coaching to get a better feel.

Know you want to get started with a free 60-minute consult? No sales pitch, and no further commitment is required.  Book online with me here.

I know it’s gutsy to reach out, so kudos to you!


Jessica Dorzinsky
Certified Advanced EFT Practitioner and Coach
Certified and Accredited EFT Trainer (NQT)

My site:
Fully Alive EFT Tapping & Life Coaching

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Contact Info:


Calgary, Canada


“I’m a mother of two young children and recently separated from my partner of 18 years. After years of counselling, I knew I needed something different than traditional therapy to help me move forward. With absolutely zero knowledge of EFT I booked my first consult with Jessica, mainly expecting a “life coaching” introduction/session.

After an eye-opening initial consultation (which included a brief introduction to EFT) I left the office feeling lighter than I had in years. Suddenly, the worries that overwhelmed my daily life didn’t seem so heavy anymore.

I have been increasingly impressed, session after session, as Jessica adapts to my changing needs and concerns and tailors each session—basically on the spot—to help me release my fears and anguish. Her wording is eye-opening, her empathy extremely poignant, and her honesty very welcomed. She doesn’t just “counsel”. She opens my mind to the beauty and purpose of life. She brings out the positive energy I need to carry on with an open and clear mind. She has allowed me to love and accept myself after years of self-doubt. And for that, I’m extremely grateful.”

– C.B., Vancouver Island, B.C.

“I started with an introductory appointment with Jessica, to see if what she had to offer might help me with the anxiety I was feeling, and what I believed must be lingering trauma from my past. I was hoping to gain more clarity, ease, and sense of purpose as I continued to move forward in my life.

I found that Jessica listened wholeheartedly as I spoke, and that she had a keen ability to “pick up on” the core aspects of what I was saying. She offered several methods we could try for addressing my issues. Jessica also offered key (current and relevant) pieces of information, which helped to clarify what was showing up for me.

Jessica always made sure that I was comfortable, both physically, and at the pace we were working at. I benefited from choosing to have 5 sessions with Jessica, though I know that even 1 or 2 was a huge help. As a result, challenges I was experiencing have cleared up for me. I have gained confidence and am ready to move forward in my life. My anxiety and stress are greatly diminished, and I also feel much more at peace with my past.

I would highly recommend Jessica – she is kind, compassionate, intelligent, and a very gifted practitioner. ”

– H.R., Vancouver Island, B.C.

“I decided to work with Jessica after a friend told me about her. I was going through a hard time, but didn’t want to get into telling stories like I had in counselling. Working with Jessica was different; I didn’t have to tell a long story for her to be able to be totally accurate and say “this is what has been troubling you.” It felt so good to be heard.

The tapping was magical! It cut through everything. I got relief from the thoughts going around in my head. There’s more room and it feels incredibly good! It’s truly blown my mind how insightful Jessica has been. I got more out of 3 sessions with her than I did with counsellors.

If this testimonial helps anyone who was considering EFT make the move – that would be great! Jessica – thanks so much for everything – you do incredible work!”

– P.H. Vancouver Island, B.C.



I'm an Advanced Practitioner, accredited with EFT International and certified with the National EFT Training Institute (Canada). I'm also a Master Trainer (NQT). I complete private mentoring each year to grow as a practitioner. I also complete 30+ hours of Continuing Professional Development every year to stay up to date on EFT and related fields. In my past life, I graduated from UBC with a degree in Global Resource Systems and worked in the environmental field for a number of years.