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Kallista Chayil M.A.

Phone: '647' is the area code followed by 863 ~ 9332. For those dialing from Canada/US add a 1 in front. Please email to schedule a complimentary video chat.

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Rev. Kallista Chayil is an EFT practitioner with over twenty(20) years of tapping experience and thirty(30) years of coaching experience. Kallista works both as a Life Coach and as an Executive Coach, attending to people’s personal and professional goals.

She has extensive experience covering a wide range of issues, and is honoured to offer a complimentary inquiry discussion.

Please join her for Group Tapping sessions. You can join on

  • Monday’s 8pm Eastern (Toronto/New York) – great for those in North America, Down Under, or in the far east.
  • Wednesday’s at 2pm Eastern (New York/Toronto) – great for those in Europe/Africa, or with daytime availability in the Americas
  • Periodically she hosts pop up sessions at other times (ie Saturday’s , Sunday’s).
  • Details here – Feel free to come as a guest.

To see some of Kallista’s EFT videos  –>   listed by topic.

You can also find her videos on YouTube and subscribe directly to them, so you are notified with new releases..

Her focus is working with adults on issues related to; Mental Health, Goal setting, Narcissism, Trauma, Grief & Bereavement, as well as issues related to Performance, Work, Money & Finances. The later being explored in depth while working on her Master’s degree as she explored numerous issues related to Financial Health (Career/work, under earning, under employment, financial dependence, investing, sudden wealth syndrome, inheritances, inter-generational wealth, financial addictions, gambling, spending, retail therapy, hoarding, stewardship, etcetera.)

Mental Health issues can include; Anxiety, Depression, Social Isolation, Psychological Discontent, Lack of Meaning, lack of Social Bonds.

A former facilitator for Time (results) Management & Goal Setting workshops prior to becoming a coach. Concepts which remain integral to working toward goals with or without  EFT.

She is well versed on narcissism and the effects of trauma from dysfunctional families. She has dealt with narcissistic behaviour from; family members, landlords, colleagues, and others.

As a counsellor and bereaved mother, she understands the grief process of loosing a loved one from one’s inner circle. Grief is not subject to the death or the end of a relationship. We also grieve when we; relocate, switch careers, or struggle with unfulfilled dreams.

Kallista has a degrees is in Psychology(Windsor) and Behavioural Conduct (Athabasca) and.  Certification in Leadership in Organizations(Ryerson).  She has been coaching people practically forever. As a friend once said – ‘gosh you were doing that back in High School’.  Kallista trained primarily under Gary Craig,  and has worked 1-1 with; Carol Look, Pat Carrington, Brad Yates, and attended EFT Trainings with Dr. Peta Stapleton, Steve Wells, Dr. Larry Burk, and many others.  Kallista has also been an Emotional Assistant on several EFT research studies with Dr. Peta Stapleton and Bond University.  Kallista was one of the speakers at the Money Mindset summit, you’ll find the recording on her website.

For those individuals where money is a concern, Attending the group sessions    will fit your budget. If you require private sessions, please reach out to Kallista and apply for a scholarship for reduced rates.  Be sure to mention this to her if it is something you require and would like to consider.

Feel free to call Kallista or email her through her website.

Contact –>

When you reach out please consider adding your phone #  and availability.  Sometimes it is just easier  to ‘talk’ to people), Please include best times to be reached, time zone/location,… or anything that might make it easy for her to reach out and/or book  an initial chat & send an zoom link accordingly.  🙂

Additionally, Kallista is a certified Yoga Instructor, an Ordained Metaphysical Minister, and Certified in Edward Mannix’s Compassion Key.   She also facilitates group workshops on the processes of Abraham Hicks.

EFT (Tapping)

PS. Based primarily in the Eastern Time Zone (New York, Toronto, Miami, …) she has worked with clients from all over the world. (Europe, Asia, The Middle East, Africa, Australia, South America and throughout North America).