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Karla Kueber

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Karla Kueber is known not only for helping her clients to heal their stressors, traumas, and blocks but also for her heart-centered work in helping others to reconnect and listen to their own inner heart wisdom.

She bases her work on the heart, brain, body connection, taking a holistic, gentle and loving approach to healing.

Karla is a certified Evidence Based EFT Trauma Associate and health coach.  With a background in energy medicine, emotional eating, gut health, yoga, trauma healing, and somatic healing; she understands the interconnectedness of the entire body and works with her clients to heal the root cause of their suffering so they can reconnect with themselves and others from a place of inner peace and love.

Specialties Include:

Stress, trauma healing, childhood trauma, grief

Emotional eating, food cravings, food control, food attachments, limited diet

Holistic wellness, gut health


Karla’s Background:

Karla comes to this work as a result of healing her own childhood traumas, issues with food and her own health ailments.  After spending decades living with post-traumatic stress and seemingly trying everything to find relief; it wasn’t until she found Evidence Based EFT that she was able to heal her core wounds and find the inner healing and peace she didn’t even know she was searching for.

Her mission is simple, to help others find relief from suffering and pain while reconnecting with their own hearts and inner wisdom.

She uses Evidence Based EFT as her primary healing tool because she has found it to be the most gentle and effective therapeutic tool there is available.

She currently has openings for new clients and is available for appointments over Skype, Zoom, and phone.

Certified Evidence Based EFT Trauma Associate year-long mentorship with Dr. Lori Leyden of Create Global Healing  M.S in Education, Institute of Integrative Nutrition Health Coach Training Program, Emotional Eating Psychology Course, Gut Health Course, Certified Adult and Child Yoga Teacher, Trauma-Informed Yoga courses, Energy Medicine Training Program, currently a student of the Somatic Experiencing program by Dr. Peter Levine