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Kathleen Rick

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3940 Hancock Street, Suite 201 San Diego, CA 92110
Phone: 6195234690

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I’ve successfully administered and taught EFT/Tapping to thousands since 1997.  Greatly improve the overall quality of your life, transform your relationships, clear stress, anxiety, confusion, negative belief systems, emotions, fears, phobias, health challenges of all kinds, and eliminate effects of traumatic life events, so you can be your true authentic self– healthier and happier!  Gain unprecedented clarity, awareness, insight, healing, accelerated and lasting results.  We can work on virtually anything of an emotional, physical, mental, spiritual, or energetic nature.  My counseling and healing work is very intuitive, so it will unfold addressing your specific needs.  I will teach you how to use EFT/Tapping and other self-management energy tools you will have for a lifetime that can be quickly used on any problem (a folder of several reference handouts and charts will be provided).

Kathleen Rick
San Diego, California
EFT Practitioner

Kathleen Rick, MA, ACHt., EFT-Cert, CECP, DD, intuitive counselor, coach, author, educator, and healing practitioner, is a pioneer and expert in EFT/Tapping (since 1997), Energy Psychology, and Energy Medicine.  She is certified in EFT through Gary Craig and EFT Universe, EmoTrance, and The Emotion Code, has a master’s degree in Psychology-Marriage Family Therapy, Doctorates in Divinity and Metaphysics, is an Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist, an award-winning author for her book: A GUIDE TO ENERGY THERAPIES FOR COUNSELORS with international acclaim, and uses state of the art complementary therapies in the practice of psychotherapy, intuitive counseling, coaching, hypnotherapy, and healing.  She maintains a successful holistic healing practice in San Diego since 1983 helping individuals, couples, and groups around the globe  accomplish priceless life-changing results.