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Ken Breen

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Long Branch, N.J.
Phone: 732-713-7770

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As a practitioner of EFT, FasterEFT, and a Certified Hypnotist I am motivated to help you find your smile again. Problems are actually a skill. You have to do something correctly in your mind to produce them. In your mind you are the producer, the director, all of the actors, and you write the scripts. Since you can’t have a problem without a memory, we’ll visit those memories that burden and limit you as I eliminate your bodies conditioned response to them. No longer stuck we then create a new response and a new you.

Anytime the world is different than the way you want, a part of the mind creates pain and unhappiness to motivate you to fix it, or change it. I utilize a unique version of EFT which is designed to make changes quickly, to help you find your smile again.

Ken Breen
EFT Practitioner
Long Branch, New Jersey

I am EFT-CC, EFT-ADV, and a FasterEFT Level III practitioner. I have two certifications in hypnois, and A.C.H., which is an advanced certification. I have training in NLP, the Lefkoe Belief Process, BSFF, Remap, and numerous other healing methods and techniques which all combine to offer a rapid life changing experience.