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Lory Rosenberg

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14015 Berryville Rd Darnestown, MD 20874
Phone: 3019909257

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I mentor and coach high minded lawyers, leaders and entrepreneurs  who are ready to breakthrough  the  performance, productivity and profit obstacles in their path, so they can   embrace a winning mindset,  unleash their potential,  and create  rich and rewarding  lives!

My coaching  work  focuses on bringing positive energy and authenticity to your professional branding, niche, and marketing systems, and to your professional skills and services, as well as to your  emotional well-being,  spiritual purpose and goals.   I call this work: positive empowerment and authentic  success coaching, because it brings you into perfect alignment personally,  professionally and financially.

I integrate tapping  into my coaching, particularly when I am working with clients on clearing limiting beliefs,  for cutting through fears and healing past traumas,  as well as for  building confidence and self-reliance,  and creating new beliefs and empowerment using  courageous coaching method exercises.  I’ve developed  tapping scripts that I use to deepen the effect of already-amazing coaching exercises, as well as for meditation audios that I share with my clients.   I am deeply  influenced by the  EFT and energy psychology,  and believe strongly in the power of our thoughts and beliefs and their  brain changing and life changing role.

Could I be the right coach for you?   My authentic success coaching  empowers you to come to terms with the fears and limiting beliefs that keep you stuck and frustrated, and quiets the critical inner voice that is so  unforgiving and stressful.  My coaching is bold, heart-centered, action-oriented and opens-doors.   Coaching with me  makes it possible to  resolve and take control of your relationship with  money,  enables you to elevate your business or poractice and serve your clients and causes with excellence,  and allows you to align your highest self  with your inner entrepreneur and thrive!

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Lory Rosenberg
EFT Practitioner
Darnestown, Maryland

As an award-winning  immigration lawyer,  author,  former judge and law professor with 35 years immigration law practice,  teaching, advocacyand training experience,  I studied Pro-EFT at the advanced ultimate practitioner's level in 2008 with Lindsay Kenny, passing the written exam for certification in 2009.   Between 2005 and the present time, I've studied EFT with Lindsay Kenny, Zoe Walton,  Jan Luther,  Maggie Adkins, attended the 2007 Master's Showcase, and home-studied Gary Craig's original CD/DVD series.  I've engaged in additional  EFT  tapping programs with Pat Carrington, Margaret Lynch, Pamela Bruner, Nick Ortner, and Jessica Ortner, and studied Matrix Reimprinting with Karin Davidson. I am a certified Positive Empowerment  and Authentic Success Coach, licensed in Kendall Summerhawk's Money Breakthrough Method,  Sacred Money Archetypes, Courageous Coaching, and  Money, Marketing and Soul programs for entrepreneurs.  I podcast on the Ambitious Entrepreneur's Network, and blog at AppealMatters on  I've also studied business  and money coaching  with Heather Dominick, Bill Baren, and  Margaret Lynch, and brain entrainment with John Assaraf.   I am a member and former director of the American Immigration Lawyers Association and the National Immigration Project,    a former member of the International Association of Refugee Law Judges, and a member of the International Association of Women in Coaching and the International Association of Professional Life Coaches.