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Marilyn Carmona

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415 N San Mateo Dr. Ste #2 San Mateo, CA 94401
Phone: 650-342-3453

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Dr. Marilyn I. Carmona, D.C., is known as an expert in the art of well-being, health and wellness. She has dedicated her life to ongoing personal development work and studies to assist herself and others to be their best and healthiest selves. Her passion and mission are to help, as well as educate others with practical, simple, safe, natural, holistic, alternative, and cutting edge healing and energetic testing, modalities, and techniques.

Dr. Carmona has served and helped thousands of patients and clients in the last 35 plus years in her private chiropractic practice. In the last 10 years, she has expanded her work to reach others with her expert knowledge and experience, and innovative teachings and techniques.

Her patients and clients have credited Dr. Carmona at being very perceptive and intuitive in the work that she does. She helps people get to the root of their health and other life issues. She also assists them in discovering ways to make permanent and positive desired changes. Most importantly, she makes them feel safe and comfortable. Her patients and clients comment that she is dedicated, caring, and generous. They say it is very easy to communicate with her. They also know that they are being seen and heard and that their issues are important.

Dr. Carmona creates an “open door” environment for her patients and clients through the work that she does with her open mind, heart, and hands. She is a “hands-on kind of gal.” Many of the healing and creative self-development tools and techniques she uses and teaches, literally use her own and her patient’s or client’s hands. In this way, they can discover their truth and make lasting changes. Such modalities include her Chiropractic and functional nutritional work including WildFit Coaching, Emotional Freedom Technique, Neurolinguistic Programming, and Handwriting Consulting (“Change your Handwriting, Change your Brain, Change your Life”), to name a few.

Dr. Carmona loves to empower her patients and clients by literally putting the tools for transformation in their own hands.


Dr. Marilyn Carmona, D.C. offers a complimentary 15 minutes phone consultation with me to discuss what you would like to have happen.

She also works with clients and groups both in person or on Zoom and offers 30, 60 or 90-minute sessions, as well as coaching packages to fit your needs.

Marilyn I. Carmona, D.C.
San Mateo, California
EFT Practitioner


Curriculum Vitae

Marilyn I. Carmona, D.C.

  Undergraduate Education: 1979 A.A. degree, College of San Mateo Graduated with high honors   Chiropractic College Education: 1982 Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.) degree Palmer College of Chiropractic Davenport, Iowa Summa Cum Laude - 4,000 hours   Specialized Degree: 1989 Diplomat American Board Certified Chiropractic Orthopedist (D.A.B.C.O.)   Professional Memberships:
  • California Chiropractic Association
  • American Chiropractic Association
  • Institute of Integral Handwriting Studies
  • International Hypnosis Federation
  • International Advanced Studies of Health
  Special Certification: 2012: Completion of EFT Training Levels I and II with Victor Lee Lewis 2011-2012: Completion of Hand Analysis Training with Master Hand Analyst Pamelah Landers 2011:  Completion Quick Pulse Practitioner Training with Jo Dunning 2011:  Certified NLP Advanced Hypnosis Practitioner by NLPca  (completing 1/2011) 2010:  Certified Hypnotic Mental Lap Band Practitioner 2010:  Certified Dynamic Spin Trainer by NLPca 2009:  Certified Wealthy Mind Trainer by NLPca 2008:  Certified NLP Trainer by NLPca 2008:  Certified NLP Hypnosis Practitioner by NLPca 2008:  Certified Master and Health NLP Practitioner by NLPca 2007:  Certified Smoking Cessation Specialist by Smoke Free International 2000: Chiropractic Neurology course completion and board eligibility (400 hour+ course) 1996: Certified Handwriting Specialist by International Institute of Handwriting Studies 1988: Certificate in Chiropractic Orthopedics (360 hour course) 1988: Certificate in Essentials of Skeletal Radiology (60 hour course) 1988: Certificate in Scoliosis Diagnosis and Treatment 1986: Certificate in Physical Therapy