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Mia Doucet

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22 Picton Street, Suite 1501 London, Ontario, Canada N6B 3R5 | 506 Clubside Circle, Venice, Florida 34293-4359
Phone: 519-679-8734 [Canada] | 941-493-8961 [US]

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Mia Doucet is an EFT/FasterEFT/Subconscious Clearing practitioner who offers personalized, customized, one on one sessions to executives, professionals and business owners who are committed to transforming their lives. She majors in fast, gentle resolution of whatever personal issues get in the way of joy and full productivity. 

Her specialty is helping the person who is committed to making profound changes in his or her life.


I love working with the tougher cases—people who have “tried everything” and not had the promised results.

Strengths as a Practitioner

Compassion, strong intuition, insight, humor, the ability to rapidly identify core issues, subconscious programs and patterns of thinking that cause stress. More importantly, I have the skill to clear them quickly, easily and painlessly. 100% focus on my clients’ results.

Special Skills

I clear subconscious blocks and beliefs as easily as uninstalling faulty computer code. This, combined with tapping, is the ultimate stress reduction technology

How I Work

In Person, via Phone or Zoom Audio.  Distance is not a factor. Results are the same.

What Clients Say 

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For decades, I have had one foot in the corporate world and one in the field of energy psychology. I hold a degree in education and have studied various methods including Gestalt Therapy, One Brain®, NLP, EFT, FasterEFT and Awakening Dynamics. I have professional certifications in coaching, consulting, sales, and human resources.

On a Personal Level

When I was a kid in high school, my dream was to study psychology. That is, until I discovered that, after psychology 101, it was all about calculus and sick people. (I know, I know, I’m dating myself!) But, understanding what makes people tick has been a lifelong pursuit for me.

I have overcome early childhood neglect, parental violence, traumas, sexual assault, personal and business betrayals, divorce, financial losses, and a 9-year bout with Fibromyalgia. (My friends, clients and doctors say you would never guess . . . )

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TAPPING | Transform Your World, (An Amazon Best Seller on launch)

Discusses 23 reasons why personal transformation is such a challenge for most people. A chapter by Dr. Eric Robins explains why transformation is such a challenge from a medical perspective.

“You do realize that . . . you are . . . the author of a kick-ass new book that will help to elevate humanity, and relieve the pain and suffering of multitudes of sentient beings. Something to be proud of for sure!”
~ Eric Robins, M.D.

FIBROMYALGIA: Secrets of a Fibro Survivor  

I overcame a debilitating 9-year battle with Fibromyalgia once I realized that FMA pain is only a symptom of deep, unresolved, cellular stress. This introductory chapter is for the person who has not had success with the medical model which treats the body as a mechanical thing and focuses on physical symptoms. The original intention of this mini-book was to show how to resolve the root causes of the disease with meridian tapping. Stung by negative reviews, I decided to keep my views to myself . . . lol!


Contact me directly: or

I live half the year in Canada (London, Ontario is my home) and spend fall and winter months in Venice, Florida (Will’s home)


Mia Doucet holds a degree in education. In addition to having studied various energy psychology methods including Gestalt Therapy, One Brain®, NLP, EFT, FasterEFT and Awakening Dynamics, she has professional certifications in coaching, consulting, sales, and human resources. Mia has been self-employed since 1988 and is an award winning author.