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Nancy E Forrester

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TORONTO, Greater Toronto Area, Ontario Canada
Phone: 905 985 4296

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Nancy Forrester is a well-respected psychotherapist specializing in energy tapping/EFT for over 20 years.  She offers individual mentoring, group programs and a unique EFT training and certification package.

Nancy is pleased to offer you a complimentary conversation to explore how EFT and her programs will help you transform the areas of your life and work that currently dissatisfy you.

Nancy brings an integrated approach to her work, blending her diverse education and experience to support her clients in creating healthy relationships, powerful wealth, vibrant health and satisfying careers and businesses.

She is passionate about bringing Energy tapping/EFT to the world, whether to individuals interested in their own personal healing and growth or to helping professionals who will find that EFT helps them experience greater, deeper and more lasting results with their clients.  Her EFT workshops are known for their thoroughness and for their lightness – at the same time!


“Dear Nancy,

I want to thank you so much for all your support while I worked with you.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for opening the door to all the peace I am experiencing now. I have discovered more about me in this past year, things that would have probably taken me years to discover without you as my guide. I have an inner strength I didn’t have before and am so much more accepting of me each day. I have found a joy and happiness and a gentleness that I had forgotten about.

You will always hold a very special place in my heart that I can’t even describe in words. Thank you for giving me back to me. I feel blessed and forever deeply grateful to you.


Much love always”

Mary N


“Hello Nancy,

I just had to write, and, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your wonderful work with me today!! The results are just miraculous!!!! When I compare how I felt when I got up this morning to now, it’s unbelievable the difference!!!!”

Cathy J

“I am interested in becoming certified in EFT, and I would like to be mentored by no one but you going through this process!  The EFT workshop I just attended with you this past weekend was amazing, and as I watched you move with grace, importance and delicacy in the emotional realm, I was mesmerized – you use EFT like an artist uses a paint brush – the flow to it all was amazing to witness.”

Suzanne  R, Registered Social Worker

Next AAMET International Certified Workshops

Level 1 & Level 2 — October 4-6, 2014, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Nancy E Forrester
, EFT Practitioner 
Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


Nancy is a Certified Clinical Psychotherapist, EFT Trainer and Business Mentor for people who are driven to contribute to the healing of our world. She works with Health and Wellness Practitioners, Life and Business Coaches, Teachers, Parents and Individuals interested in personal growth and well-being to incorporate EFT/tapping as a modality to relieve their own and their clients' issues around  health, money, work, relationship and creativity. Nancy is passionate about creating a community where there are opportunities for ongoing learning, for sharing the excitement of this work as well as for receiving support during more challenging times of growth. She is also passionate about teaching the 'helpingpreneurs' the business skills they need to prosper financially and how to shift the blocks that keep them small and fearful of success so that they can make the contribution to the world they are here to make. Selected Credentials: MBA; B.Sc.; B.Ed. Clinical Member Ontario Society of Psychotherapists EFT Expert Practitioner - 2 (EFTUniverse); EFT Cert 1&2 (Gary Craig); EFT Advanced Practitioner (AAMET International); Certified Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner Accredited Master Trainer of Trainers (AAMET International); Certified EFTUniverse Trainer (retired)