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Priscilla Elliott

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In Person

hi there!

i  use eft every day in one way or another – to share my knowledge and information on how to truly have a harmonious peaceful and abundant life;

one of the wonderful things about eft is that it is so fast, powerful but gentle at the same time; the eft techniques create marvellous results and resolutions to issues and problems in a very short space of time!

working with energy is one of the most powerful things you can do in order to create the most amazing changes and shifts in your vibration;

because i love eft so much, i wanted to share the skills and knowledge i had; sharing these amazing skills as well as using the eft skills myself is a very joyful experience!

my speciality is the subconscious and i have plenty of knowledge to share on that, helping to facilitate the clearing of self-sabotage patterning and also the law of attraction; i help my clients to clear the blocks that sit in the subconscious that get in the way of your power to create and manifest amazing things in your life;

whatever you wish to explore – whether it’s an old pattern that keeps coming round again – i would love to provide you with information and assistance that will help you;

more details about how to join my private club coming soon; meanwhile if you wish to contact me – please do on

look forward to hearing from you soon;

love and light

priscilla 🙂
united kingdom