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Sachiko Kiyooka

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Montreal, Quebec

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If you have a strong desire saying : “this is what I want to bring into my life,” you can trust this inner knowing. 

I specialize in:  fear, anxiety, grief and sadness, big life changes, confusion & lack of clarity (and any associated health issues).

My clients are motivated, creative people.  Often highly sensitive. They find themselves stuck and frustrated because they want to move forward. They have things they want to do! Experiences they want to have! They want to be at peace inside. Heathy and full of energy. Connected to Love. Confident and able to create the life that is right for them.

My personal journey has included working with many fears and limiting beliefs, debilitating grief and loss, low energy, a period of depression, physical imbalances and learning how to embrace the Real Me (and let her out to live what is meaningful to her!). I’m still growing, and remembering to play along the way 🙂 I am a gentle but focused guide. I’m passionate about this work because I love seeing people bring more of their presence, gifts, energy, love and talents into the world!


C’est mon plaisir de travailler avec des personnes créatives et motivées qui se trouvent bloquées et incapables d’avancer… qui veulent réaliser la vision qu’ils ont pour eux-memes. De l’expansion et du changement permanent et profond est absolument possible. Tapping nous ouvre la porte à la capacité innée et merveilleuse que nous possedons tous pour grandir et guérir. Chaque changement positif, petit ou grand, engendre des changements positifs non seulement chez nous mais tout autour de nous aussi.
J’adore accompagner mes clients et voir leur épanouissement.

Sachiko Kiyooka
EFT Practitioner | Coach
Feng Shui Practitioner | Creating sacred, nourishing spaces
Canada : Montréal, Québec
And… All over the planet — Skype clients welcome from everywhere… Most important :  finding the practitioner who “feels right” for you. Connecting is easy thanks to technology.

EFT Cert-I, EFT Universe Matrix Reimprinting Meta-Medicine Conscious Living (Gay and Katie Hendricks) Feng Shui and creation of sacred spaces