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Sandy Zeldes- Natural Weight loss and Self Love Expert with 12 years experience

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I’ve been helping professional women get to the core issues of why they are stuck with food addiction, emotional eating, binges, or self-sabotage so they can take off stubborn weight for over 12 years. After working with hundreds of clients one on one and closer to a thousand in my groups, I’ve become adept at finding core emotional blocks and core nutritional blocks quickly.

As a chef for over 20 years with a passion for food, a holistic nutritionist and Advanced EFT Practitioner for over 15 years now, I no longer believe in the “perfect” diet. Diets are never the answer and have failed so many year after year. If they were going to work, they would have for my clients by now. The answer is not a newer and better diet or more will power but is understanding subconscious trauma, beliefs and stories about our bodies, food and ourselves instead.

I believe diets ARE the problem in our society and it is an epidemic of lies out there. I do not give my clients a new keto or paleo plan but rather help them to find an individualized and intuitive understanding of what is right for them as an individual. This has become more important than even the functional medicine testing I have done for years. While these tests are available for those who are interested, the key is to heal powerfully from within first. If we do not heal our addictions, we cannot move forward to heal our bodies. 

This makes “intuitive” eating simple and effortless, and weight loss become about health not our worth. (Our worth is intrinsic and often when we aren’t feeling it, it has more to do with our distant pasts than anything about our body and need to be thin.)

Every challenge has an opportunity within it equally as great.

There is no exception when it comes to our old childhood wounds and old stories or issues with food and weight. Watching clients go from lacking motivation, holding themselves back and accepting less than what they really want (though this is so often unconscious) and feeling stressed to being highly motivated with goals naturally (no force needed or will power), having their energy and full power back, feeling more at ease with themselves and of course food is no longer an issue at all- I’ve watched them switch jobs with ease, start a new business, heal relationships or create healthier ones, make more money, explore interests they had long forgotten about and blossom!

Stories of my client’s success with food can be found at

Much love to all of you, we must reclaim our inner wisdom, power and joy as women. It is our birthright. I’d love to help you if you are ready.


Sandy Zeldes

EFT Practitioner

San Rafael and Los Angeles, California

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Sandy is a spiritual cowgirl who talks to horses and people's hearts. Lover of food and sharing a good meal amongst those she loves. Spiritual best selling author at DailyOM. Magical energy transformer. Believer in humanity and the divine.