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Steven Baerg Christian EFT Coach for Fatigue

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PO Box 664 Coalinga, Ca 93210
Phone: (559) 999-3741

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Are you a Christian struggling with chronic tiredness and fatigue?  Do you have a deep desire to do more to allow God to live his eternal plan through you, but you have a difficult time just making it through today?  Do you feel disappointed in yourself because you want to make a real difference but just getting the bare necessities done takes more energy than you’ve got and you just don’t have anything left over for a higher calling or deeper purpose?

Hi, I’m Steven Baerg and I help people like you.

Part of My Story…

One day I found myself closed in a storage room hunched over in the corner with the light off so no one would see me stressing out! I felt overwhelmed by everything I was supposed to do. It seemed I just couldn’t keep up and I was worried someone, a coworker, my boss, anyone, would figure it out and I would get fired. Of course I knew many of my coworkers struggled to keep up too and none, that I knew of, had actually been fired for not getting everything done. Still, my body was tense, my mind was racing from one fragmented thought to the next, an unending list of EVERYTHING I was worried I couldn’t get done.  It was exhausting.

Sadly that wasn’t the only day I ended up in the storage room. Some days it seemed like my whole life was an endless treadmill that I couldn’t keep up with and was losing the energy to even try. Sleep, sure I got some. I could usually fall asleep but would often wake up in the middle of the night and not be able to go back to sleep. A great tiring, irritating start to the next day of endless demands!

I wanted to make a difference with my clients. To do something that really mattered. To fulfill God’s great destiny for me but just making it till tomorrow without a fatal crash and burn seemed difficult. Many days everything else felt hopelessly impossible.  I felt frustrated, anxious, and at time hopeless about ever having enough time or energy to do what mattered most to me.

Thankfully, my life has greatly improved. While I still have some periods of sagging energy and feelings of overwhelm, I have a pretty good idea of how to get back on track and have enough calm focused energy to do a lot more of what truly matters. I am accomplishing more with more energy and greater enjoyment! I have confidence that God takes my imperfect efforts to follow his leading and uses them for his eternal purposes.

I have discovered personally and with clients that EFT is one of the fastest and most permanent ways to resolve the triggers of past experiences that keep energy draining stress coming back again and again.

Get started toward more energy today!

If you have questions about how Christian EFT could help you develop the energy you need to truly live the eternal calling God has for you, send me an email at: or text me at: (+1 out of the US) (559) 999-3741

If you are ready to jump right in, you can purchase your sessions right here: (you will be taken to a scheduling calendar to book our first session together immediately after your purchase)

And Thank You…

Just for stopping by and checking out my profile here is my free gift to you “Three Simple Ways for Christians to Reduce Anxiety and Get Better Sleep Today” – no email address required.

Steven Baerg
EFT Practitioner
Coalinga, California



I have completed two Level One professional trainings in EFT. One through ACEP and the other through EFT Universe. I have also successfully completed Level Two training through EFT Universe. I have used EFT for myself for nearly six years and with clients for about four and a half. I hold both a Bachelors - BSW (Fresno State University) and Masters - MSW (San Diego State University) degrees in Social Work and have training in mental health treatment. I am a Bible based Christian who greatly enjoys helping fellow Christians take a big step closer to living the more abundant life Christ designed for them.