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Tracey Schenhoff

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P.O Box 6447 Peoria Az, 85385
Phone: 602-571-3601

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Tracey Schenhoff is the Founder of Savannahs Serenity 

I am a Mind, Body , Spirit practitioner with certifications in several modalities including Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching, Reiki and Energy Work.  I have used Tapping Techniques for over 20 years.  My practice is in both Colorado and Arizona.   My current  life journey has attracted individuals going through Anxiety, PTSD and Loss on many levels ( Job, Divorce, Death and  more.) I facilitate several educational workshops, book clubs and one on one sessions.

I believe that individuals come in and out of our lives for certain reasons, while some are temporary and some are life long- What ever the lesson is both individuals benefit greatly from each interaction.

My personal daily statement :   Be True to Yourself and Yourself will be True to you!

Thank You

Tracey Schenhoff
EFT Practitioner

Licensed Heal Your Life Work Shop Leader


My main qualification is life itself and the experiences that have come along the way. I am truly grateful for all of my life experiences. They have been the most qualified personal testimonials that I can share with individuals on many levels. I have had the pleasure of bringing life into this world as well as supporting transitioning out of this world. MBS Practitioner, Certified Hypnotherapist, EFT Practitioner, Hospice Counselor, Life Coach, Energy Worker and Co Author. Tracey