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It All Started With Great Results… and Turned Into A Mission

Imagine experiencing something that has helped you when nothing else was working…. Something that has helped you through some hard times in your life and has helped you create more joy than ever before. Just like that great movie, all you really want to do is tell everyone you know about it!The Tapping Solution’s mission is that of spreading a message of hope, healing and joy that EFT can bring to people’s lives, so that everyone who chooses to can experience it for themselves. We are also committed to supporting the EFT community and this EFT Practitioner Directory is one way that we are doing that.

The Mission of The Tapping Solution and our EFT Practitioner Site Is To:

  • Share the benefits of tapping with as many people as possible
  • Support people in achieving deeper results, more measurable results
  • Create a community with EFT practitioners who are thought leaders in the field
  • Help people improve their lives and health

What Does an EFT Practitioner Do?

An EFT Practitioner can be your partner in going through your journey of transformation, whatever issue you may be working on. They can guide you during a session by asking you the right questions and identifying what aspects of a problem still need more work. Oftentimes the toughest part of using Tapping on yourself is simply knowing what to tap on and how to navigate around a particular issue. An EFT practitioner, through their knowledge and experience, can guide you to tap on what you need to tap on to get the result you’re looking for.

Benefits of Working With An EFT Practitioner

While EFT is easy enough to learn and practice on your own, there are many benefits of working with an EFT Practitioner.

An EFT Practitioner can:

  • Provide a safe space for you to explore and clear your emotions in
    Often, it is hard to access painful memories and traumas while we are alone. An EFT Practitioner can help you feel safe enough to explore parts of your past you may otherwise not easily get to.
  • Help you discover the core issue of a specific challenge
    EFT Practitioners can help you “get to the bottom” of why a specific issue is holding such a charge for you.
  • Assist you in identifying and clearing healing blocks you may have
    These blocks are often referred to by EFT Practitioners as psychological reversals. While it is quite common to have these blocks, they can keep you from overcoming your problem, no matter how much effort you put in.
  • Formulate effective EFT Tapping statements
    One of the biggest challenges for people while tapping, is to know what words to use. An EFT Practitioner will help you come up with not only a statement you resonate with, but one that will also be effective in clearing the issue.
  • Keep you on track
    It is easy to go off on tapping tangents, which can make it difficult to clear the whole issue. By working with an EFT Practitioner, you can make sure you follow an issue through to the end.

How To Find The Best EFT Practitioner For You

There are so many EFT Practitioners to choose from, that it is important you find one that feels good to you. Like working with anyone on a personal level, the connection between the two of you can help to foster your success. Take some time to look through the EFT Practitioner listings, visit the practitioner’s websites and decide who you feel connected to.

Choosing the best EFT Practitioner to work with depends largely on a few things:

  • Who you resonate with and how comfortable you feel sharing with them
  • What their special area of interest might be and how well you feel they connect to your issue
  • If you prefer to see someone in person or if you are comfortable working with an EFT Practitioner by Skype or phone
  • Many EFT Practitioners work with distance clients. Because you will be tapping on yourself, it is not necessary to be geographically close to your EFT Practitioner. Many times clients prefer to work via Skype to be able to do the tapping from the comfort of their own home.
  • In each EFT Practitioner’s listing, it will specify if they see clients in person, or via phone or Skype. This will make it easy to work with practitioners that might be in another state or country.
  • Tips For Your EFT Practitioner Search
  • Remember, we have not verified the EFT Practitioners listed on our site have been trained in any way whatsoever. This is an open directory that is meant to be a starting point for you to find a practitioner to work with. It is up to you to do your homework and find the practitioner that is right for you.
  • Visit each practitioners website that you’re interested in working with and contact them, asking them questions that are important to you.
  • Find out how your potential EFT Practitioner likes to communicate and make sure that is a comfortable arrangement for you.
  • Find out if your potential practitioner uses any other techniques along with EFT so you’ll be prepared in knowing what to expect.

Ready, Set, Find Your EFT Practitioner

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Happy searching!