The Necessary Disclaimer Before the Search for EFT Practitioners

We have had so many requests for the names of EFT Practitioners that we decided to automate the process and make it more convenient for you! In doing this, there is no opportunity, other than this message, to tell you that we legally can’t recommend anyone to you, even if we would like to do that. We neither rate, nor qualify EFT practitioners. So while we strive to offer you this service, you still need to make your own judgment. We can’t do that for you. 🙂

Now here is the disclaimer part:

The EFT practitioners listed on this site have posted their own information and we cannot verify or guarantee what they have listed here.

You should expect to gather your own information about the level of skill, interest, experience and/or other qualities of the people listed as you make your own decision about an EFT practitioner. The Tapping Solution takes no responsibility for any decisions you make, nor do we take responsibility for the outcome of any decisions you make.

By browsing this site, you agree to and accept of the disclaimer and terms of use of this searchable database.

The Tapping Solution is providing EFT practitioner names and contact information for your convenience and do not endorse any of the individuals listed nor do we make any judgment about the appropriateness of any EFT practitioner for your particular needs.