Learn About Getting Certified

Dawson Church’s
Clinical EFT Training and Certification Program

EFT Universe is home to Clinical EFT, the form of EFT validated in over 100 clinical trials. There are 48 Clinical EFT techniques.

Imagine the power of all 48!

If you want to learn the basics, start with our free EFT Seminar. If you’re ready to build a business, enroll in one of our clinical certifications. Each course you take counts toward your certification.

To find more details about our certification program, visit our certification page.

To find out more about EFT Universe workshops, go to our workshop schedule page.

Mastering these skills allows you to become certified as an EFT practitioner. You’re then listed on the practitioner directory at EFT Universe, which receives thousands of visitors a month, and which can provide you with a substantial stream of additional income. You will also have a practitioner listing on our online tapping platform, tapping place where you can tap remotely with those in need. EFT practitioners are in high demand as integrative health coaches, sports and business success coaches, and to help those who suffer from depression, anxiety, and other emotional problems.”