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Joelle Amouroux-Huttner has helped her clients find stress relief in the midst of chaos, peace in the midst of change, and emotional stability in a world where nothing ever seems to be enough.

She helps high-performance people value themselves highly enough to say, “no” to pressure and “yes,” to a balanced life full of meaning and purpose.

“My mission is to help you thrive – not survive – despite the pressures of our modern-day, fast-paced business world. The goal is freedom, fun, and more than a little joy.”

With her numerous certifications and expertise in leading therapies, Joelle has helped hundreds of clients from around the world. But Joelle doesn’t have a “one-size-fits-all” approach as many other coaches do.
Each new client she meets becomes the center of their own journey, and the process she takes them on is always intensely personal.

Joelle’s Credentials Include:
Advanced EFT practitioner, Matrix Reimprinting, Intention Tapping, SET and more.
Numerous appearances on famous podcasts and blogs worldwide
Highly educated MBA with over 10 years as an executive in Pharmaceutical companies
Certified in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy CBT
Certified in EMDR psychotherapy for healing from past traumas
Certified in Advanced NLP
A Robbins-Madanes Life Coach
8 years and counting as a successful executive/professional coach

Joelle’s Story Of
 Overcoming Burnout
10 years ago, Joelle was another cog in the corporate machine at a large pharmaceutical company. Like many of her clients, she dreamed of one day accomplishing enough in her career to “finally”…
Have a life outside of work
See your family and friends
Take that vacation
Get some much-needed rest
Go back to “normal”
But she found that day never came. She pushed herself to work harder every day to chase an elusive sense of accomplishment that, like a mirage, always continued getting further away the harder she ran.
Finally, she hit the rock bottom of complete and total burnout. Joelle’s first client… Was herself.
In the process of rebuilding her life, she discovered the therapies she needed to heal past traumas and deal with current stresses.
Your Journey
Despite all of these personal achievements, Joelle’s greatest sense of purpose comes from helping people all over the world through the same journey she took.

Joelle is bilingual (French and English) – Nowadays, she meets her clients online or over the phone. She is really looking forward to meeting her clients in person in London (UK) or France, very soon.

“Nothing makes me more proud or gives me more joy in life than seeing my clients spread their wings and experience the freedom that a life of fulfillment and balance can give them. Watching their entire lives change before their eyes… That’s my biggest accomplishment.”

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