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Emma Ward

I found my main source of healing through EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), whilst on my own personal journey of going through a divorce, and adjusting to the life of being a single mother. I became very aware of how stress and negativity can affect us through mind, body, and soul, and also realized that my […]

Address: 5251 Vineland Avenue Apt 524 North Hollywood, California
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Loretta Brooks

I have a master’s degree in Educational Counseling from Seton Hall University. My tapping experience began over four years ago, I have attended seminars with Carol Look and Rick Wilkes,and have  a certification in EFT Abundance Coaching from Carol , I have also trained with Louise Hay .I am currently the Director of the Center […]

Address: 100 Glen Ridge Ave. Unit 14 Glen Ridge, New Jersey 07028
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Jenn Goddard

I am a certified Expert  EFT practitioner and Trainer. I am also certified in emotion code, hypnosis, life coaching, and matrix reimprinting. This is my full-time job and my only job.  I am extremely reasonable and my price, considering my level of experience and the time I’ve done it. I do that because I believe […]

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Nadiya Melnyk

Dr.Nadiya Melnyk DAOM, L.Ac, is a board-certified by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM). Dr. Melnyk began her career with a Master degree in Oriental Medicine and Bachelor degree in Nutrition from the Midwest College of Oriental Medicine in Chicago where she graduated with highest honors. Nadiya obtained her clinical research […]

Address: Discovery Creek, Playa Vista, CA 90094
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Maria LiPuma

Maria LiPuma, M.ED., Health & Wellness Practitioner I am passionate about my life’s work and grateful to have the opportunity to do it. As a result of my personal and professional background I bring a unique understanding of the pain and struggle that people today often face. Being able to share what I have learned and […]

Address: 4497 Brown Ridge Terrace, Medford, OR 97504
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Cathy Huffman

One of the most amazing things about Tapping is its ability to help you easily and gracefully expand your comfort zone. When I work with a client, we identify and write down feelings and thoughts, fears and doubts as we begin the process. From a technical point we want to be very clear about our […]

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Blair Wiles, LPC

Blair Wiles,, is a Licensed Psychotherapist, Certified EFT Practitioner and EFT Empowerment Coach. Blair specializes in helping clients reclaim their personal power that may be—or at least may feel, buried under years of trauma, low self-esteem and negative self-talk. We all get bogged down sometimes, feeling lost and alone with the weight of the […]

Address: 315 E 8th Ave #202 Durango, CO 81301
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Terri Mays

Terri Mays is a Canfield Success Trainer/Coach and Certified Master Hypnotherapist who thoroughly enjoys teaching her clients her unique approach to EFT also known as Tapping by Raising Your Emotional Tone. Terri Mays uses techniques learned at Hypnosis Motivation Institute and from Gary Craig to reduce or eliminate anxiety issues quickly and effectively. Terri Mays […]

Address: PO Box 1497 Woodbridge, CA 95258
Phone: 209-400-4104 See full profile Send E-Mail

Jillian Beckham

I’ve had the honor of teaching tapping to over 1,500 people, many of them skeptics, and I can proclaim without hesitation- EFT REALLY WORKS, whether you believe it or not! It is my passion to help people connect with their innate blueprint for health and wellness. The good news is, no matter where you are […]

Address: 923 College Avenue Santa Rosa, CA 95404
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Steven Baerg - The Stress Relief Coach

I have a dream that you, I and every Christian are living free from the distraction, overwhelm, and discouragement of stress so we can have a clear and deeply personal communication with God.  It is my goal that our mind, body, and spirit be in such agreement that we can easily follow God’s leading in […]

Address: PO Box 664 Coalinga, Ca 93210
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Tom Porpiglia

My mission is to “Help You Reclaim Your Life with EFT”.  I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with almost 20 year experience using EFT on a wide range of issues.  I specialize in helping people recover from trauma/PTSD, depression, anxiety, Tension myositis syndrome (TMS or Mind Body Syndrome) and many other issues including a recent case of […]

Address: 202 Dickinson Rd Webster
Phone: 585-704-0376 See full profile Send E-Mail

Kalleen Henderson, MA

With a wide range of life experience and extensive training spanning two decades Kalleen helps clients move through some of life’s most difficult challenges. Gentle tools like EFT and Matrix Reimprinting help to bring relief, hope and empowerment. These simple techniques have changed Kalleen’s life and now, if you’re ready, Kalleen will help you to […]

Address: Kirkland
Phone: 253-948-6590 See full profile Send E-Mail

Ben Schwarcz

I’m an Advanced Certified EFT coach and licensed psychotherapist. I’ve conducted over 5,000 tapping sessions since 2007. My specialty areas are Peak Performance, Helping Entrepreneurs overcome self-limiting emotions and beliefs, Trauma of all levels, Stress, and Anxiety.

Address: 509 7th Street Santa Rosa, CA 95401
Phone: 707-326-5566 See full profile Send E-Mail

Barbara Belmont

My name is Barbara E. Belmont, and the owner of Belmont Coaching and Consulting Services.  I took my first level 1 and 2 training in 2012 with Ingrid Dinter and was certified in Level 2 in 2013.   I then trained again with Ingrid Dinter and took her Level 3 EFT workshop in 2015 and […]

Address: 99 Clinton Street Unit 104 Concord, NH 03301
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Ellen Anne Shapiro

“True abundance is being your unique force of good in the world and getting out of your own way!” Are you one of those talented women who secretly worry, “am I really good enough, do I have enough training, is there something missing that I need to succeed?” Along with this you may be on […]

Address: 2 Spirit Run Place, Santa Fe
Phone: 973-655-1745 See full profile Send E-Mail

Denise Rizvi

  Hi, my name is Denise Rizvi, Self Mastery Coach and I’m so glad you’re here. Do you ever feel like a slave to your emotions, that your life is just too overwhelming? Have you ever woken up at night panicked and anxious? Does your mind keep you imprisoned by the critical voice of ‘not […]

Phone: 973-936-8068 See full profile Send E-Mail

Dr. Suzan Thompson

Have you been feeling uncertain or lost about your life and want to figure out what you want to do or be? Or maybe you’re feeling “the blues” or are worried. Maybe you’ve experienced something distressing or traumatic and you can’t make sense of it. I can help! We’ll identify the beliefs and feelings that […]

Address: 117 W. 21st Street (By Appointment Only) Norfolk, VA 23517
Phone: 7573069100 See full profile Send E-Mail

Suzanne Alfandari

I am a California Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFC #36334) since 2000, and a Certified Expert EFT Practitioner who contributed a chapter to the book, Clinical EFT Handbook: A Definitive Resource for Practitioners, Scholars, Clinicians, and Researchers. Vol. 1. My work is most effective for phobias, anxiety, depression, physical or emotional pain, and post-traumatic stress […]

Address: San Francisco area
Phone: 415-456-2259 See full profile Send E-Mail

Margarita Burke

  Margarita Burke’s undergraduate degree in education and psychology has supported her role as an educator specifically in the area of Early Childhood. Managing students for over twenty years in a classroom setting has helped develop those qualities which made her a successful teacher: confidence, patience, and compassion. It is with these same qualities that […]

Address: 241 West 30th Street New York, N.Y. 10001
Phone: 9172929447 See full profile Send E-Mail

Heather Ambler

I use EFT to help people heal from grief and trauma. Helping others to heal is a calling for me, and I truly love doing it.  People often ask me, “Isn’t your work depressing?  Doesn’t it bring you down to hear all of these tragic stories and spend so much time with people who are […]

Address: 164 Main Street, Suite 212 Los Altos, CA 94022
Phone: 650.465.4788 See full profile Send E-Mail

Terry Maluk

Terry Maluk has been helping women relieve and reduce stress for over a decade. It seems women of all ages complain of being stressed out lately. From professional burnout to family stress, living under a chronic stress load is affecting us in so many ways, including sleep disorders, cravings, weight gain, physical pain, and self-sabotage. […]

Address: Easley, SC, USA
Phone: 864-810-1207 See full profile Send E-Mail

Wendy Frado

We’re here on this page together because EFT (Tapping) has profoundly changed my life, and I began this practice in order to help you create similar transformations.  This modality has allowed me to work through chronic pain and fatigue, as well as unprocessed emotions and experiences, that were severely limiting my life.  Having experienced the surprising leaps that […]

Address: P.O. Box 811232 Los Angeles, CA 90081
Phone: +1-323-834-8317 See full profile Send E-Mail

Justin Speller

I specialize in helping clients resolve anxious feelings, depressed feelings, and weight issues.  I’m a certified EFT practitioner level 1 and 2.  I’m also certified in Matrix Reimprinting and trained in TFT and ACE.  I was the first person in the US to be selected to become a Release and Replace Shortcut trainer.  The Release […]

Address: Belmont, Massachusetts
Phone: 1-800-617-9523 See full profile Send E-Mail

Donna Nelson

I help people find emotional peace!  Are you tired of being anxious, exhausted and overwhelmed by past and present circumstances? I’m here to help you shift your energy.  Hi! I’m Donna Nelson and I am Vitality Coach and Wellness Educator specializing in stress management.  I work with individuals and businesses offering one-on-one coaching and group […]

Address: PO BOX 338 MOUNTAIN TOP PA 18707
Phone: 570-332-5836 See full profile Send E-Mail

Shelley White

I am a Licensed Mental Health Therapist and have worked in the field for close to 30 years. Using EFT tapping in my practice has opened up phenomenal healing for my clients. I love this powerful tool!  I also use Matrix Reimprinting, a powerful tapping experience for trauma recovery. I accept most health insurances. Shelley […]

Address: Edmonds and Poulsbo, Washington
Phone: 360-509-2812 See full profile Send E-Mail

Tammy Marshall

Tammy Marshall  is a EFT Practitioner that specializes in Emotional Eating and Relapse Prevention Trying to control or fix stress eating, emotional overeating,  depression, and anxiety without changing the faulty belief system that support it is an exercise in futility. Every behavior good or bad is supported by your beliefs.  Many people have spent years examining their past to explain the why but […]

Address: 141 N. Martinwood Dr. Suite 13 Knoxville, TN 37923
Phone: 865-789-4939 See full profile Send E-Mail

Anne Ciota

I am a warm, compassionate energy psychology practitioner/healer with over 30 years of experience.  My heartfelt intention is for you to fully embody your truth, so you may experience greater freedom and happiness. I help people with many issues, including anxiety, depression, stress, phobias, weight issues, trauma,  procrastination, and poor self-esteem.  I help you clear your […]

Address: 53 Merriam Avenue Leominster, MA I also meet with clients in Cambridge, MA
Phone: 9788742757 See full profile Send E-Mail

Susan James

I am passionate about EFT tapping!  I am a certified Level 2 Holistic EFT practitioner.   I lead a four week Tapping for Wellness class throughout the year, offer individual tapping sessions, and also facilitate a Monthly Tapping Circle the first Saturday of the month.  I am a big believer in developing tools for one’s […]

Address: 533 Madison AVE, Suite F Bainbridge Island, WA
Phone: 2069723530 See full profile Send E-Mail

Cathy Marie Michael

I am Women’s Empowerment Coach helping resourceful, bright women who struggle with a tough inner critic how to find the confidence, charisma and courage to break through their limiting beliefs so they can access their unique gifts and passions and attain financial well being. I use energy techniques including EFT/ Tapping, Reiki and Visualization with Inner Child […]

Address: 9 Nicholson Hill Marblehead, MA 01945
Phone: 978-790-4148 See full profile Send E-Mail

Meg Deak

Do you stress out over stress?  Suffer with worry & anxiety? Have overwhelming fear, guilt, grief or anger? Is something keeping you from reaching your goals? Does the past get in the way of your present happiness? I have been using EFT for over fifteen years, personally and professionally. Learning EFT changed my life, and I believe it can help you change yours. As a licensed […]

Address: Allentown, PA
Phone: 6105044830 See full profile Send E-Mail

Lynne Staley

Lynne Staley has added EFT/Tapping to the list of offerings through her Life After Loss Coaching Practice.  Contact Lynne if you would like to apply EFT/Tapping to any disharmony, discomfort or distress in your life. She works to help her clients create the next chapter of their life after a profound loss or life transition. […]

Address: RUAH Center 1110 N. Washington St. Naperville, IL 60563
Phone: 630.567.8171 See full profile Send E-Mail

Ross Smith

After a nearly 40 year career in management that was never exciting or even remotely close to being my passion, I decided I wanted a change. My intention was to be of service to others and to make a difference. I discovered EFT and began the journey that has changed so much in my life. […]

Address: 909 Walnut Street #1507 Kansas City, MO 64106
Phone: 816-392-2982 See full profile Send E-Mail

Linda Farr

Be filled with new clarity, more energy and peace of mind. Linda Farr believes that this is our true inner state of being. However, we have experiences which can teach us a confusing, dis-empowering story of ourselves- that we aren’t worthy, no one wants to hear us, we are different from other people. We can […]

Address: Kapaa, Hawaii 96746
Phone: 414-315-2021 See full profile Send E-Mail

Susie Adcock

I have been using EFT in my practice for over 7 years.  My goal is to help my clients achieve peace in their lives as quickly and thoroughly as possible.  Happiness is easily obtainable if you know how to use the tools that unhook unpleasant memories, which is why EFT is so amazing.  I use it […]

Address: PO Box 1410 Valley Center, CA 92082
Phone: 7607497512 See full profile Send E-Mail

Lisa Linder

Hi, I’m Lisa! Thank you for taking the time to read this! I would be honored to work with you! I help women locally in the Denver area or across the country who are feeling STUCK – they’re FRUSTRATED with who (or where) they are and they don’t know why (or how) to move forward. […]

Address: P.O. Box 460601 Aurora, CO 80046
Phone: 267-760-5209 See full profile Send E-Mail

Ilene Christensen

I work really hard to balance life by remembering each day to put first things first. And what comes first for me is my relationship with my Savior, Jesus Christ. I am a Mormon (a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) and am grateful for my testimony of the Savior’s atonement, […]

Address: 593 S 250 E Hyde Park, UT 84318
Phone: 800-931-6059 See full profile Send E-Mail

Eva Lewandowski

My coaching practice focuses on assisting clients that are going through a professional or life transition i.e. job change, divorce, retirement. My diverse background allows me to assist with removing blocks by approaching them from a number of different angles, professionally, creatively and even financially.  The creativity I learned in acting classes, as well as […]

Address: 3435 Golden Ave #701 Cincinnati, OH 45226
Phone: 773.612.0156 See full profile Send E-Mail

Ron Zorn

I have a passion for EFT and the countless ways EFT can be used to heal and enrich life, especially for so many people who are wounded and have come to believe that they are beyond hope. I specialize in dealing with physical pain, chronic pain, trauma, abuse (sexual, physical, emotional), phobias, PTSD, spiritual issues […]

Address: Healing EFfecTs Indy 1040 E. 86th St. Suite G Winterton Office Suites Indianapolis, IN 46240
Phone: 317 902-2796 See full profile Send E-Mail

Rene Laventure

I believe that what keeps us from living joyful, fulfilling lives, are the unresolved emotions we carry in our bodies from past traumas and painful events. These unresolved emotions and limiting beliefs about ourselves keep us from living our lives to the fullest. Healing may not be so much about getting better as about letting […]

Address: 1313 E. Maple St Bellingham, Washington
Phone: 360 441-5724 See full profile Send E-Mail

Melinda Utal

Now offering a $20 first-session discount for people who are signing up for The 2017 Tapping World Summit!   Hello! Are you ready to feel better? I’m Melinda Utal and I’ve been helping people transform their lives in my private practice since 2003. I’m a Certified Hypnotherapist, Certified Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner (advanced EFT), and I’ve been […]

Address: Los Angeles, California
Phone: 8183267213 See full profile Send E-Mail

Lynn Kennedy Baxter

EFT is an incredibly powerful way to end your distress and unhappiness and make rapid, effective changes in your thoughts, feelings and behavior. It is inspiring and exciting to see people move out of a reactive frame of mind into a creative, confident approach to life with the help of EFT. You will feel more […]

Address: 2790 N. Academy Blvd, Suite 206 Colorado Springs, CO 80815 Office in Colorado Springs and Woodland Park.
Phone: (719) 534-3104 See full profile Send E-Mail

Dana Oshiro

Dana Oshiro is passionate about helping people move into their best, most productive and loving self.   As a life/abundance coach and psychotherapist with 20+ years of experience, her specialties include using EFT to move past procrastination and perfectionism to productivity, finding balance and pride during motherhood as either a stay at home Mom or working […]

Address: 57 Bedford St. Suite 125 Lexington MA 02420
Phone: 781-248-9662 See full profile Send E-Mail

Elsa Arce

I am a Certified Abundance Coach (personally trained by Master Carol Look) and a LMHC for 9 years. Combined with my traditional clinical and EFT training experience, together transformation will be possible!  If you are ready to tap into releasing your blocks and finding your inner strength, please call me now at 914-330-5328 or visit […]

Address: 647 Sleepy Hollow Road Briarcliff Manor, NY 10510
Phone: 914 330 5328 See full profile Send E-Mail

Laura Long Certified Pro EFT Practitioner

Transformation Coach and Board Certified Pro EFT Practitioner Would you like a personal travel guide to a quality of life at your highest pinnacle?  Tell me where you want to go and together we map out the route. Even if you’re not clear on the destination you likely know how you want to feel.  We […]

Address: Sacramento, CA or any place by Skype
Phone: 916-858-8588 See full profile Send E-Mail

Marie Adams

Marie has been a professional therapist for over 24 years. She is an empathetic listener as well as caring, non-judgmental and supportive. All sessions are completely confidential and performed in a safe and trusting environment. Combining techniques from EFT, Matrix Reimprinting Hypnotherapy/Guided Imagery and Energy medicine will help to facilitate deep healing at the physical, emotional, […]

Address: 7950 S Lincoln St. #100 Littleton, CO 80122
Phone: 303-668-0299 See full profile Send E-Mail

David Fugel

I promise  to guide you on a journey of self-acceptance, self-compassion, self-help, and self-love. My intention, using EFT as our cornerstone, is to passionately empower you to immediately begin clearing your path to well-being, life satisfaction, and joy! My approach to coaching is that of a Sherpa (mountain guide).  As your guide, together we will  plan your […]

Address: Franklin Lakes, NJ
Phone: 201-218-2800 See full profile Send E-Mail

Jeanne C Folks D Min LPC

Learn more at  & In private practice serving adults, I offer clear, honest problem solving, incorporating Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), EMDR and holistic approaches when appropriate. I also lead a number of evening groups for women in my Avon office and present a variety of special interest classes and lectures for the public including […]

Address: CT Psychotherapeutic Resources: 12 Old Farms Road Avon, CT 06001
Phone: 860 678-8779 See full profile Send E-Mail

Dawn Tremblay

With warmth, compassion and a touch of humor, Dawn helps her clients release the emotional chains that are keeping them tied to an fulfilling life. As a Holistic Bodyworker, Dawn has over 7 years experience working with people on all levels, physical, emotional, spiritual and energetic. Dawn  works with clients in person at her wellness […]

Address: 1065 Warwick Ave Unit A Warwick, RI 02888
Phone: 4012484998 See full profile Send E-Mail

Jeannette Howard

Step into the life you were meant to live! With the skilled application of EFT you can set yourself free from the blocks that hold you back from accomplishing your dreams. Jeannette specializes in pain management, and performance and anxiety issues. She holds group EFT gatherings centered on body issues like weight and nutrition to […]

Address: 300 Brooklake Rd Florham Park, NJ 07932
Phone: 9737221517 See full profile Send E-Mail

Suzanne Rossini

I am a level 3 AAMET certified practitioner. I specialize in providing brain-based somatic relief techniques for trauma and other stress related issues in children, teens, and young adults. My practice is located at 107 Church Hill Rd. Sandy Hook, Ct. For more information you may visit me at or Call/Text 914-434-8998 (private cell) […]

Address: 107 Church Hill Rd. Sandy Hook, Ct
Phone: 914-434-8998 See full profile Send E-Mail

Kim Sweatt

I have been interested in alternative healing for 20 years, raising my children as naturally as possible. Planning to educate myself in different healing modalities, after my children were out of high school, I was prompted to not wait after receiving a cancer diagnosis. Diving into self-healing and certifications, I am now an Emotional Freedom Technique […]

Address: 566 Hollis Road Hollis, Maine 04042
Phone: 207-229-2707 See full profile Send E-Mail

Rebekka Putnam

Rebekka Putnam is an extremely effective hypnotherapist and EFT practitioner who resources her therapeutic training and her natural inclination to inspire and empower to guide her clients through difficult experiences. Rebekka is clear in her communication, sensitive and compassionate with her insights, and skillful in her strategies. Her clients have found their work with her […]

Address: 22 W. Mission St. Suite C Santa Barbara, CA 93101
Phone: 805-569-3160 See full profile Send E-Mail

J Enrique Roman

J. Enrique Roman LCSW Licensed Psychotherapist (NJ, & Florida Chapters) * Sessions: Phone, Skype, and in office * Spanish and English Spoken * Individuals, Couples, Family, & Groups I have a private practice in Gainesville, Florida. Helping individuals, families, and groups since 2001 Areas of Specialty: Anxiety, depression, trauma, PTSD, addictions, relationship issues, doubt, and […]

Address: Office: 4131 NW 28th Lane. Suite # 6 Gainesville. Florida. 32606 1-201-406-3681 Skype: j.e.roman
Phone: 201-406-3681 See full profile Send E-Mail

Michelyn Gjurasic

Do you want to move forward in your life? Have you tried EFT on your own, with limited or sporadic success? Are you being held back by limiting beliefs, intense fears, old habits, or lack of direction?   I’m here to help you with that. I call myself a Pathfinder. You have a purpose in […]

Address: P.O. Box 12297 Olympia, WA 98508-2297
Phone: 3605611591 See full profile Send E-Mail

Kelly Howe RN

Having cared for patients as a nurse for over 10 years, Kelly found EFT when western medicine was proving to be overwhelmingly incomplete for both her patients and her own self care.  There is an abundance of research now shining light on the undeniably, powerful connection between our emotional state and our physical body.  Exploring […]

Address: Columbia, MO
Phone: 573-673-1382 See full profile Send E-Mail

Dr Jim Campbell

With over 30 year as a practicing holistic Chiropractor, I offer EFT or Tapping  to my patients and clients to enhance their results with pain management as well as improving their over all well being.  We can address a number of personal and emotional triggers that may be holding you back or keeping you stuck in a pattern that […]

Address: 155 E. Bridge St. Brighton CO 80601
Phone: 303-775-0272 See full profile Send E-Mail

Pamela Thorp

Current findings in brain science provide us with compelling reasons to not give up on growth. Neural plasticity(the lifelong ability of the brain to generate new pathways) has revolutionized my practice. I combine my extensive clinical background with EFT in approaching blocks or patterns that are holding people back from their most realized selves–whether it […]

Address: 145 West 58th Street Suite 2J NYC, NY 10019
Phone: 212-307-5081 See full profile Send E-Mail

Lynne Sgambati

Many of us have been working on ourselves for years and yet experiences of the past are still adversely affecting us in the present. Many of us are stuck in distressing relationships or communication patterns that are not healthy or satisfying. Sometimes it just seems impossible to turn our minds off – while stress, anxiety, […]

Address: PO Box 9255, Berkeley, 94709
Phone: 510-520-3340 See full profile Send E-Mail

Susan Gutmaker Psy D

I believe healing involves the whole person – mind, body, and spirit. After working for many years using conventional “talk” therapy, I found that there were both experiences and core beliefs, from the past, that led to specific patterns and choices in the present. I therefore blend talk therapy with alternative approaches to better facilitate […]

Address: 3393 Iris Ave., Suite 106 Boulder, CO 80301-1956 720 Kipling St., Suite 200 Lakewood, CO 80215-5866
Phone: 720-987-6967 See full profile Send E-Mail

Wendy Merron

EFT Tapping isn’t just for traumas, although I help people get over fears every day. Ever find yourself thinking “Is this all there is?” You’ve been taking care of others and it’s now time for you.  Things are OK, but, something is missing. You aren’t entirely happy with the status quo, but things aren’t awful. You want to experience […]

Address: The Center of Success 614 W. Lancaster Ave. Wayne, PA 19087
Phone: 610-687-1047 See full profile Send E-Mail

Hanna Nikolausson

Wrapping up my certification process with EFT Universe and offering free sessions over Skype in the meantime. If you’re interested in working with me, send me an email and tell me a little more about yourself and the issue you would like to work with. Hanna Nikolausson EFT Practitioner Sweden

Phone: See full profile Send E-Mail

Bethany Snipes

I am an LCSW who provides mental health therapy to Active Duty at Fort Campbell. I am also founder of Mindful Transformations to help people regardless of distance. I specialize in EFT, CBT and ACT therapy. Bethany Snipes EFT Practitioner Tennessee

Address: 1224 Crystal Dr.
Phone: 912-596-9706 See full profile Send E-Mail

Stina Pope

I help women (and a few men) who have long-standing trauma issues. EFT tapping is the most important but not the only tool that I use to help resolve these issues quickly and safely. I am a holistic practitioner, using tapping, neurotransmitter support, nutrition, and emotional protection in a package tailored to each individual. My […]

Address: 934 W 14th St Port Angeles WA 98363
Phone: 650.219.8386 See full profile Send E-Mail

Victoria McMahon

I offer sacred soul awakening sessions to develop mind body awareness, increase  mind body wellness and releases the energies and attitudes of limitation to live your most fulfilling life. Victoria McMahon EFT Practitioner Columbus, OH

Address: 136 Northwoods Blvd Suite A-2 Columbus, Ohio. 43235
Phone: 614.361.0613 See full profile Send E-Mail

Elizabeth Sexton

As an Integrated Therapies Practitioner, I am dedicated to helping people enjoy healthier, happier, more fulfilled lives.  I use EFT, Reiki, and other healing modalities with the intention of helping restore optimal health and well-being to body, mind, and spirit. Elizabeth Sexton EFT Practitioner Richmond, VA

Address: 1805 Monument Ave, Suite 607 Richmond, VA 23220
Phone: 8046774539 See full profile Send E-Mail

Heather Donaldson

Creator RootsEFT clearing core disturbances. “ As I’ve realized with my body work with clients, emotional issues usually underlie the symptoms of discomfort I observe“ For deeper work, unique RootsEFT program  is an accessible and relatively simple way to  transform  your relationships, career and personal wellness to bring more peace and joy into your life. […]

Address: B0x 2067 Squamish, BC V8B0B4
Phone: 604-815-3436 See full profile Send E-Mail

Kelly Howe

Inside Out Renewal for healing the mind and body from the inside out. EFT for a wide range of issues: Eliminate stress/anxiety Dissolve phobias and fears Trauma relief Grief Sleep problems Weight loss/eliminate cravings Sports performance Chronic pain Irritable bowel syndrome And much, much more! Having cared for patients as a nurse for 10 years, […]

Address: 411 Edgewood Avenue Columbia, Mo 65203
Phone: 5736731382 See full profile Send E-Mail

Ange Finn

If you’re tired of being anxious, exhausted and overwhelmed by old traumas, I can help you.  Together we’ll use tapping to release anxiety, stress, and self-judgment and discover ease, joy, self-acceptance and fun. I’m an AAMET Accredited Certified Advanced EFT Practitioner, and work with clients on anxiety, pain and stress.  My clients say my style […]

Address: 4231 Bellaire Blvd Suite T Houston, TX 77025
Phone: 832-722-5955 See full profile Send E-Mail

Deborah Lindholm

Following a career in finance and business, I became a Certified Life Coach and Group Certified Coach, fulfilling my passion to work with individuals who want to shift their issues around money and become happy, healthy and wealthy in the process. To hone my skills as a personal empowerment expert, I earned a Master’s degree […]

Phone: See full profile Send E-Mail

Wendy Merron

I help people just like you to access the confidence you need to move forward and pursue your dreams.  “I know what I want, but I can’t seem to get there.” “I’m stuck and I want to feel good about myself.” “No matter what I do, I can’t seem to move forward.” Tapping is by […]

Address: The Center of Success 614 W. Lancaster Ave Wayne, PA
Phone: 610-687-1047 See full profile Send E-Mail

Marion Lang

Currently partner of an alternative medicine clinic where we use several methods of energy medicine. Marion Lang EFT Practitioner Texas

Phone: See full profile Send E-Mail

Joyce Jay

My clients ~ each and every single blessed one of them! ~ are unique regarding their issues as well as their healing processes. To address these varied client needs, I use a combination of learned techniques & modified skills customized to meet each individual’s needs. I usually start clients with a no-cost consultation in which […]

Address: (rural) Berthoud
Phone: 3037720270 See full profile Send E-Mail

Kim Cook

My dynamic Tapping into Results method combines two well respected modalities EFT tapping and Eden Energy Medicine.  On there own, each modality provides significant results.  However, by combining them together, it enhances your body’s innate ability to heal and create change.  I specialize in Pain Control and Stress Management, but have also helped clients with […]

Address: Mission Viejo
Phone: 949-291-4061 See full profile Send E-Mail

Judy Whitcraft

Hi, I am Judy Whitcraft,  and I have successfully taught and tapped with over a thousand people in the last 8 years as an EFT practitioner and  3 years as a  Matrix Reimprinting   practitioner. I love working with the client’s younger self (called the ECHO in Matrix Reimprinting)  and giving support to the child […]

Address: Kansas City, Kansas 66109
Phone: 913-400-7022 See full profile Send E-Mail

Rena Wade

I utilize EFT as well as other energy healing techniques to help my clients with personal transformation and healing.  I show people who have been struggling with life and health challenges how to free themselves from obstacles holding them back from personal fulfillment and optimal health. Do you feel anxious, overwhelmed, or that something is […]

Phone: 877 821 6890 See full profile Send E-Mail

Rosemary Dowling

During her years as an educator and attorney Rosemary developed an extraordinary ability to ‘tune-in’ to the feelings and needs of others, to guide them through whatever challenges they might be facing and to help them find their ‘better selves’.  Today she continues her work by using EFT to help clients release limiting beliefs, self-sabotaging […]

Address: 617 Half Moon Bay Dr. Croton on Hudson, NY 10520
Phone: 914-271-4722 See full profile Send E-Mail

Carol Bemmels

Nothing gets you unstuck faster than EFT. I’m a do-it-yourself kind of person. Maybe you are too. The beauty of EFT is that it is simple to learn and once you experience it you can do it yourself as needed. And the more you tap, the shorter the “as needed” list gets. You find yourself […]

Address: 128 W Broad Street Hopewell, NJ, 08525
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Brenda Skintges-Rodes, MA,LCPC

From my point of view, more than any thing else, EFT and meditation facilitate choosing inner peace and contentment which opens the door to create the lives we want.   As a psychotherapist, I believe psychotherapy provides a way to increase our happiness through accepting and valuing ourselves.  Through learning to love ourselves and contributing […]

Address: 10440 Shaker Drive Suite 103 Columbia, MD 21046
Phone: 410-992-9716 See full profile Send E-Mail

Jade Barbee

Jade Barbee is an EFT Trainer and Advanced Practitioner with AAMET International. He trains EFT Levels 1, 2 and 3 independently and for the Newtown Trauma Relief and Resilience Project (in partnership with the Tapping Solution Foundation and In his professional practice, Jade specializes in helping people use EFT to successfully disarm complex personal […]

Phone: 802-376-6413 See full profile Send E-Mail

Bobbie Baker

Bobbie Baker is a dynamic, compassionate, highly empathetic and spiritual woman who has always made the most of all that life has handed her.  Bobbie finds the lesson and blessing in everything and everyone.  She lives in the here and now, where all the power resides.  She is the mother of 3 beautiful children who […]

Address: 6269 Vanwood Lane Luxemburg, WI 54217
Phone: 920-639-9312 See full profile Send E-Mail

Kris Ferraro

Kris Ferraro’s coaching practice emphasizes practical solutions to clearing uncomfortable emotions in a nurturing and safe environment. She believes that once you’ve cleared the trauma, limiting beliefs, and stories of the past, it makes room for a life that is in alignment with who you truly are and who you aspire to be.  EFT sessions […]

Address: West Orange, NJ
Phone: 973-669-1230 See full profile Send E-Mail

Jessie Diane Wyatt

I’m a Holistic Wellness Coach specializing in EFT. I use a collaborative approach with my clients to uncover the source of their issues and problems. My education in Holistic Health, my training and 2 year certification in EFT, combined with my own personal experience of dealing with pain all provide me with the background and […]

Address: Glenside
Phone: 215-576-1124 See full profile Send E-Mail

Jeanne Steen

Are you ready to make real, lasting changes; not just in how you think, but in how you feel and act? Let me teach you an innovative, yet simple, stress reduction technique. I can help you work through any of life’s complex issues (finance, family, relationships, health, career, weight loss) that are causing you emotional […]

Address: Belmont Avenue Chicago, IL 60657 And Downtown, 60607
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Deborah Barbiere

I completed a Doctoral Degree in Clinical Psychology as well as a Master’s Degree in Oriental Medicine, Acupuncture and Herbal Therapy.  As a fully licensed professional, I have integrated healing traditions of the East and West in order to maximize the body’s natural innate self-healing.   My practice includes Psychotherapy, Biofeedback, Stress Management, Life Coaching, EFT, Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Asian Massage […]

Address: 12 West 9th Street, Suite 1B New York, NY 10011
Phone: (212)620-7076 See full profile Send E-Mail

Kimberly Ewing

I work with clients to build self-compassion, and reduce self-blame and shame to build their energy and capacity for change.  We will then identify limiting beliefs and resulting behaviors that block movement towards success.  Clients will be engaged in interventions and will gain tools they can immediately use to help transform those limiting beliefs and […]

Address: Village of Cross Keys 2 Hamill Road, Suite 326 Baltimore, MD 21210
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Deborah Jane Wells

As a coach, author, speaker, singer, artist, consultant and radio host, I share hope, possibilities and empowerment with the world. What’s love got to do with minimizing stress and getting unstuck? Everything! My book, Choose Your Energy: Change Your Life! (Hay House/Balboa Press 2013) shares my story and the stories of 10 of my clients along […]

Address: Williamsburg, Virginia
Phone: +1.303.331.8178 See full profile Send E-Mail

Shannon McDonald

Let’s face it: Diets Don’t Work!  EFT for weight loss is a much better approach- there is NO Deprivation Involved! As a Certified Success Coach, I use EFT to help my clients reach their weight loss goals. I will teach you how to: Conquer Your Cravings/ Eliminate Emotional Eating/ Enjoy Exercise Again/ Improve Body Image […]

Address: Denver, Colorado USA 80220
Phone: 303 681-7232 See full profile Send E-Mail

Bill Dovel RN Pro EFT Master

Empowering you to relieve and eliminate your: Limiting beliefs                                                       Emotional pain                                       […]

Address: 2484 N Stokesberry Place, Suite 150 Meridian, ID 83646
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Jondi Whitis

Welcome to my warm, friendly, compassionate and results-oriented practice!  If you’re ready to feel better fast, this is the place to be. My work is showing people how to harness the power of their sub-conscious mind and emotions, as well as their reasoning, to make deep, effective changes for a better, more satisfying life. I […]

Address: 341 10th Street Ste. 17-C Brooklyn, NY 11215
Phone: 347.967.6444 See full profile Send E-Mail

Betsy Muller

Certified Coach, Soul Detective, Professional Speaker, Spiritual leader, EFT Practitioner with an MBA too! Practical, confidential and intuitive, Betsy takes great pride in empowering you to be your own coach as you learn to clear your blocks to success and peace. I offer sessions by phone and in office. A variety of group programs, retreats, […]

Address: 20771 Westminster Drive Strongsville, OH 44149
Phone: 440-238-4731 See full profile Send E-Mail

Julie Banks

In my personal and professional experience, I know how limiting addictions, anxiety, depression, and trauma can be in one’s life. It can feel as though you are caught in a cycle that you cannot get out of. Maybe you’ve tried several approaches to healing your trauma, addictions, and anxiety with minimal results. EFT is an […]

Address: 3 Avery St Pawcatuck
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Catherine Ewing

Catherine Ewing is a Transformational Life Coach specializing in supporting people in midlife to consciously create their most authentic, passionate and purposeful life.  With a background in psychotherapy, ordained ministry, energy healing, Dream and Passion Coaching and metaphysics, Catherine draws on her broad training and experience to help clients get clear on what they want […]

Address: Ellington CT
Phone: 860-543-5133 See full profile Send E-Mail

Kelly Ann Matuskiewicz

I am an Intuitive Healing Guide.  My work focuses on the connection between the Mind, Body and Spirit.  I use EFT to guide women through healing, releasing and transforming the buried beliefs and past pains that are preventing them from living the full, joyous life they desire to experience. I specialize in healing one’s self, […]

Phone: 203-747-8444 See full profile Send E-Mail

Marian Edvardsen

Marian Edvardsen is an Empowerment and Transformational Life Coach who offers a unique set of tools to help women get clarity on what matters most to them and get unstuck from the limiting beliefs and behaviors that are holding them back, so they can live a passionate and fulfilling life of gratitude, happiness and personal […]

Address: Norwalk, CT
Phone: 203.858.2681 See full profile Send E-Mail

Jacob Kind

I am a licensed psychologist in Bergen County NJ with over thirty years of practice in a setting characterized by empathic understanding and confidentiality where you can be safe to explore your problems. In the past ten years I have added to this foundation, several trauma and stress management therapies or techniques. These are EFT […]

Address: 75 Grand Ave. Englewood, NJ
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Anita Bains, M.S.,APRN

Anita Bains M.S., APRN  is a dynamic, creative and client centered licensed psychotherapist. Her unique approach incorporates EFT  as well as other integrative, holistic therapies designed to meet your individual needs. She is an EFT expert and trainer and has been using EFT since 1997 on herself as well as clients. She works with all ages and situations and specilaizes […]

Address: Cockeysville, Takoma Park, and Pasadena, MD.
Phone: 410-255-9745 See full profile Send E-Mail

Vicki Allen

Is emotional baggage weighing you down? Overcome your pain from past traumas, large and small,  including  child abuse, sexual assault and abandonment/divorce. These and other traumatic events are usually at the root of self-esteem issues,  anxiety, or frequent anger. Utilizing my 32 years of experience professionally helping people with their emotional issues, and my extensive […]

Address: Downtown Silver Spring, One block from the Metro, and Hillandale Silver Spring, One block from the Beltway
Phone: 301 622-2237 See full profile Send E-Mail

Valerie Lis

Since 2001, I have been an EFT Practitioner helping clients to obtain lasting relief from fear, sadness, stress, love-pain, weight issues, chronic pain, and food/chemical sensitivities. Almost all of my clients have achieved miraculous shifts in their emotional and physical health. Most have resolved their primary issues in 1-3 sessions. As a certified practitioner and […]

Address: 6311 Wayzata Blvd Suite #212 St Louis Park, MN 55416
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Rosemarie Lanchester

I have an active private practice whose main focus is EFT.  I see clients in my home, and work very successfully with folks out-of-state, via Skype and phone.  I am a 65 year old woman who spent the better part of her career in the business world.  I became interested in energy psychology for my own self-healing and, luckily, attended a […]

Address: 47 Ellis Avenue, Whitman, MA 02382
Phone: 781-447-7782 See full profile Send E-Mail

Robin Friedman

Robin Friedman is a Life Coach, EFT Practitioner and Certified Hypnotherapist. Robin is fascinated by energy and the subconscious, by the hidden flow of energy in and through our bodies and how it affects our lives. She believes that what is on the inside influences what we manifest on the outside.  This belief has led […]

Address: Weston Connecticut
Phone: 203-247-1318 See full profile Send E-Mail

Lora Boyd

Would you drink a magic potion that could give you your ideal life? What would that life look like? Would you be free of fears? Would you improve your relationships? Create your ideal body? Improve your health?  Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) can almost seem like magic because it is so simple and easy. My name […]

Phone: 360 791-9977 See full profile Send E-Mail

Nancy Davis

If you’re tired of waking up in the morning with a knot in your stomach from unresolved emotional issues, then EFT is for you.  I’ll teach you how to use it for yourself and will also be here to help you tap through deeper problems.  This is the year for your expansion.  Make the most […]

Address: Atlanta, Georgia
Phone: 7706050154 See full profile Send E-Mail

Natalie Habig

Natalie Habig is a CEO of a boutique life coaching firm that provides innovative thinking solutions for the global community.  Natalie has been using EFT for the last 5 years in her firm’s diverse range of services that includes individual consultancy, managed transformational packages and executive training.  Natalie Habig is a True Believer and a […]

Address: Skype, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut
Phone: See full profile Send E-Mail

Kitty Farago

With over 25 years experience as  Home Health and Psychiatric Nurse I have shifted my focus to working with people to help identify and  clear the underlying beliefs, feelings, and stresses that can either create or impact illness, weight management, and other health issues.  I use EFT/Tapping and Theta Healing techniques as well as my  […]

Address: Greater Phoenix area, AZ
Phone: See full profile Send E-Mail

Pam Nyden

Pam Nyden specializes in helping women who are struggling with stress relief, anxiety, fears and phobias.  Many have tried other things in the past without success.  After working with Pam they feel peaceful, calm and empowered to manage life’s challenges. Her clients are so grateful after conquering their fears to finally be in control of […]

Address: Fairfield County, CT.
Phone: 203-258-4100 See full profile Send E-Mail

Karen Lilley

The source of all illness and distress is an imbalance in energy! Thoughts are energy and they create emotions. I like to think of emotions as “energy in motion.” I’ve been using EFT to help people clear energy blocks for about 10 years and it has transformed my therapeutic practice. Clients report amazing results such […]

Address: 96 W. Main Street Northboro, MA 01532
Phone: 508-393-0015 See full profile Send E-Mail

Alison Morris

At Full Potential Parenting I offer stress relief to struggling parents, particularly parents of challenging children who are struggling with stress, reactive emotions, and secondary trauma. Whether your child has been diagnosed with ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Attachment Disorder, a Learning Disability, a Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, Early Developmental Trauma, or anything else, dealing with […]

Address: Minneapolis, MN
Phone: See full profile Send E-Mail

Deborah Fischer

Hi, I am Deborah Fischer RN/LMT. I am a Success Coach. I believe within each of us is greatness & unlimited POWER! I help other’s tap into their personal power with Healing Meditation. I believe healing is an Inside Job. That the Mind, Body & Spirit Connection must be brought into synergy with your purpose […]

Address: 505 Exchange Parkway Allen, Texas 75002
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Kat Dunn

45 minute sessions Kat Dunn EFT Practitioner Portland, Oregon  

Address: Portland, OR
Phone: 503-475-3441 See full profile Send E-Mail

Jamie Murray

I’m a certified Micro-current Point Stimulation Acutherapist specializing in drug-free pain relief. Also known as needle-free acupuncture. I use Tapping, either with MPS or alone, to treat pain and the emotions that accompany pain, injury and illness. Jamie Murray EFT Practitioner Kentucky  

Address: Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Area
Phone: 734-686-7246 See full profile Send E-Mail

Ann Smith

I have studied and loved EFT for 8 years. I love to apply EFT to every problem and have advanced training in trauma. I specialize in helping people use EFT while on their weight release journeys.  I still can be surprised at the results EFT can produce in less time and with less pain than […]

Phone: 812.336.4059 See full profile Send E-Mail

Judy Wolvington

Hi, I’m Judy Wolvington, MA, LPC, Empowerment Coach and Mentor. I specialize in using EFT and Matrix Reimprinting to help you  remove the inner blocks to living a fulfilling and purposeful life – and the fears, the self-sabotage – that keep you small and invisible, so that it will become comfortable to stand in your power […]

Address: 445 Union Blvd, Suite 221 Denver, Colorado 80228
Phone: 303-989-5933 See full profile Send E-Mail

Jon Olsen

Hello, My name is Jon Michael Olsen and I am an advanced certified EFT practitioner. Do you struggle with stress, anger, anxiety, grief or guilt? Would you want to eliminate pain, lose weight, or deal with addictions or phobias? Perhaps you have a child who has issues such as bed wetting or lacks self esteem. […]

Phone: 616 340-1282 See full profile Send E-Mail

Leslie Vellios

I am a stress management expert who has combined 25 years of experience in clinical psychotherapy with expertise in EFT to help clients make dramatic transformations. I have helped children and adults of all ages release stressors which are blocking them from living the lives they most desire. My areas of expertise include guiding clients to […]

Address: 19 W 34th Street NY, NY As well as.. Pleasantville, NY
Phone: 9175748525 See full profile Send E-Mail

Shaina Blumah

I am a Certified Law of Atrraction Life Coach and EFT practitioner.    I have seen great success in my personal experience and with my clients using EFT on a variety of physical and emotional issues.  I find that combining EFT with Law of Attraction is very powerful.I am available for phone and in person sessions.  […]

Address: Long Island, New York
Phone: 631-748-1370 See full profile Send E-Mail

George Thorman

EFT revolutionized my life. Now it’s my mission to help you do the same! Using a variety of techniques, I’ll help you to clear the roadblocks on your path to becoming your highest self. The only thing standing between you and the life of your dreams are the stories that you have created about why […]

Phone: 8167978186 See full profile Send E-Mail

Alison Held

Alison Held works closely with her clients to address the root cause of physical complaints including health issues or diagnoses, weight gain, low body image and self-esteem, pain in the body and more. She is an Clinical Nutritionist, Certified Health Coach, AAMET Level II practitioner, EFT-ADV, Advanced Psych-K Facilitator and a founding practitioner with The […]

Address: 4 Nash Lane Westport, CT 06880
Phone: 203-557-4192 See full profile Send E-Mail

Lory Rosenberg

I mentor and coach high minded lawyers, leaders and entrepreneurs  who are ready to breakthrough  the  performance, productivity and profit obstacles in their path, so they can   embrace a winning mindset,  unleash their potential,  and create  rich and rewarding  lives! My coaching  work  focuses on bringing positive energy and authenticity to your professional branding, […]

Address: 14015 Berryville Rd Darnestown, MD 20874
Phone: 3019909257 See full profile Send E-Mail

Julie Booksh

Julie Booksh (Psychotherapist, Workshop Leader, and Speaker) has thousands of hours of experience working with individuals, couples, and families from varying backgrounds and cultures. She works with clients addressing issues including relationship issues, anxiety, depression, and self esteem. Julie works with the emotional aspects of physical issues as well to promote health and healing of […]

Address: Bloomfield Hills, MI
Phone: 504-606-1707 See full profile Send E-Mail

Tina Marian

I have been a Registered Nurse for over 35 years, having a strong background in both mental health and addictions. I currently direct a busy Psychiatric Triage department in the hospital. I became an EFT practitioner after I witnessed the power of meridian tapping. People were actually healing once they were able to release old […]

Address: 21 Wiles Farm Road Northborough
Phone: 508-523-7132 See full profile Send E-Mail

Linda Dayton

Linda Dayton has been using EFT in her practice since 2005 and is a AAMET Certified EFT Practitioner Level II.  Linda is available for individual sessions at her office in Watertown, Connecticut as well as by telephone or Skype and is available to facilitate Community Group Tapping Circles. Linda incorporates other healing modalities into her […]

Address: 27 Siemon Co. Drive, Suite 112W Watertown, CT 06795
Phone: 860-459-8746 See full profile Send E-Mail

Debra McClellan

We all just want to be happy, right? It sounds so simple, yet for many of us, “happy” is an illusive concept. Since many of us made our life and career decisions before we were old enough to vote, we may not be in touch with what we truly desire. Stress is making us sick […]

Address: Asheville/Weaverville, North Carolina
Phone: 828-808-1198 See full profile Send E-Mail

Alina Frank

Alina Frank is a certified EFT coach, an EFT master trainer, and master life coach since 2005. She has assisted over 5000 clients and trained several thousand students in the NW, Canada, Mexico, FL, DC, and NYC. Along with her husband Dr. Craig Weiner, Alina Frank has help students receive the highest quality EFT education […]

Address: Seattle and Langley, WA
Phone: 7039095469 See full profile Send E-Mail

Cari Rauch

I’m an unconventional life coach.   I believe life is meant to be a fabulous adventure.  One that is filled with daily moments of love, joy, fun and laughter, confidence and connection to who we are, incredible and meaningful relationships, successful and thriving doing what we love, financial abundance, and a vibrant and healthy body. My […]

Address: Fargo, ND
Phone: 701-491-8396 See full profile Send E-Mail

Jan Watkins

EXPERT Practitioner and Trainer. EFT will positively impact every situation you’re dealing with. I have had success in hundreds of sessions with a wide variety of issues including: general EFT issues, relationship issues, family, children, parenting, low self-esteem, lack of confidence, anxieties, fears, phobias, traumas, grief, physical issues, public speaking, career direction, sports and other […]

Address: 1313 Vincent Place McLean, VA 22101
Phone: 571-305-2320 See full profile Send E-Mail

Bonnie Skane

Bonnie Durkin is a Success and Personal Empowerment Coach who helps her clients create authentic financial success and step fully into their personal power. Her passion is helping “Heart Centered Entrepreneur’s” who are interested in making a difference in the world, release and re-wire their non-supportive programming so they can fully share their gifts and talents with the world […]

Address: New Milford, CT 06798
Phone: 203-233-8061 See full profile Send E-Mail

Tessa Cason

Tessa Cason has been a Transformation Coach since 1996 and an EFT Practitioner since 2000. Tessa has written 43 eBooks for Practitioners (Mis-belief Statements for EFT Practitioners) and 43 Workbooks for Everyone that have 250+ tapping statements in each book. The 43 books cover 50 different topics. In 2000, Tessa’s clients told her they wanted […]

Address: 5694 Mission Ctr. Rd. #213 San Diego, CA 92108
Phone: 619-752-6582 See full profile Send E-Mail

Andi Sutherland

Andi Sutherland is a soft, compassionate EFT practitioner and teacher in Santa Fe, New Mexico, who has worked with hundreds of clients in person, by phone and Skype; helping them heal the hard stories of their lives and their deep-seated pain.  She especially loves helping clients who have lost a loved one through death or […]

Phone: 505.466.3207 See full profile Send E-Mail

Kim Ebert-Colella

I have a deep passion for assisting others in tuning into the voice of their authentic self and releasing the clamoring voices of shame, anger, unworthiness, anxiety, etc. that have been directing their path for far too long.   I love teaching EFT to my clients so that they have a hands on tool they can […]

Address: 720 6th Ave. #102 Tacoma, WA 98405
Phone: 253-468-8630 See full profile Send E-Mail

CJ Puotinen

If you could wave a magic wand, how would you change your life? Would you feel more confident, self-assured, articulate, and efficient? Less angry, impatient, stressed, and anxious? Would you lose weight? Change your image? Stop smoking? Feel stronger and more energetic? Would you improve your finances? Get along better with friends and family? Alleviate […]

Address: PO Box 5714 Helena, MT 59604
Phone: 914-523-3063 See full profile Send E-Mail

Lola Bahri

Offering sessions in English, French and German. Lola Bahri helps clients bring about the changes in their lives they are yearning to make. She believes in playing the game of life to win and feel fulfilled. She helps her clients reach their potential by working through their blocks – limiting beliefs and fears, money and […]

Address: Oakland, CA
Phone: 510-717-5604 See full profile Send E-Mail

Ken Breen

As a practitioner of EFT, FasterEFT, and a Certified Hypnotist I am motivated to help you find your smile again. Problems are actually a skill. You have to do something correctly in your mind to produce them. In your mind you are the producer, the director, all of the actors, and you write the scripts. […]

Address: Long Branch, N.J.
Phone: 732-713-7770 See full profile Send E-Mail

Ruth Everett

Hello, I am Ruth Everett of Ruth Everett’s Healing Touches LLC and I believe in making a difference in a positive way in my client’s lives.  I do this by teaching clients how to relax and release negative thoughts that is causing stress, illness, anxiety, addictions, fears and much more.  By tapping into the subconscious […]

Address: Ruth Everett's Healing Touches LLC Bluffton, OH 45817
Phone: 419-230-3014 See full profile Send E-Mail

Bev Nerenberg

I am privileged to be a Certified EFT Practitioner, trainer, teacher and coach.  My passion is to help people live healthier, happier, and more productive lives.  I help and teach individuals and groups how to substantially reduce and/or eliminate all kinds of stress-related negative emotional, psychological and physical issues.  These include emotional issues like anger, […]

Address: 21001 Scottsbury Drive Germantown, MD 20876
Phone: 301-602-3949 See full profile Send E-Mail

Susannah Kenton

Susannah Kenton is passionate about helping clients blossom into their fullest potential creatively, financially, in their relationships and in the areas of wellness and weight loss. She works in a unique way, empowering clients to connect with and trust their own source of intuition and guidance from within. From this foundation she uses tapping to […]

Phone: 310 933 6077 See full profile Send E-Mail

Jeanne Ranger

My main mission in life is assisting people to transform their lives – whether they want to stop smoking, lose weight, eliminate trauma and negative emotions. I am here for them, and I honor who they are, as they are.  This is where we start working. My main tool is the EFT tapping, and I […]

Address: 4333 Robinhood Rd. Winston Salem, NC 27106
Phone: 3367053790 See full profile Send E-Mail

Beth Bloedel

I feel honored and blessed to be a part of this loving and compassionate mission, so focused on healing the world of its emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical pain.  Being a caregiver to my husband, who has been challenged with Parkinson’s since 1995 at the age of 45, I know firsthand how EFT can be […]

Address: Boone, NC area
Phone: 336.973.5308 See full profile Send E-Mail

Joy Ruth

Trained in EMDR, acupuncture detoxification, and clinical hypnosis, and mindfulness, I work with a broad range of life issues. I work with adults and adolescents as individuals and couples. My experience is in working with trauma, relationship issues, and life changes, including management of chronic illness. In my work supporting clients who are striving to […]

Address: 206 East Live Oak Street
Phone: 512-474-6386 See full profile Send E-Mail

Marie Suzette Fowler, MSW

You are invited to experience a safe and loving space where your stress, pain and blocks, can be healed and transformed and your dreams nourished into fruition.  With clinical training and over 18 years of experience , I have helped people overcome their stress and anxiety, release blocks to achieving their goals, increase their earning capacity,  heal […]

Address: 6005 S. 36th St. Phoenix, AZ, 85042
Phone: 602-214-8373 See full profile Send E-Mail

Vietta Robinson

Vietta aka Viyahta is a Master Herbalist, author and entrepreneur.  She started her tapping training with Gary Craig watching his Emotional Freedom Techniques DVD’s.  Since 2009 she’s been helping clients release their emotional stress and become whole again.  Her latest book, My Body is Talking to Me, introduces readers to Tapping and helps them understand […]

Address: Orlando, Florida
Phone: 4077015494 See full profile Send E-Mail

Rev. Kimberly Francano

Do you ever wonder why some people seem to earn money easily and others struggle? The easy earners seem to turn everything they do into gold while the strugglers just can’t seem to catch a break. It’s frustrating and it feels like life is hard. Well, I have a step by step program that guides you deep […]

Address: Southern New Jersey, USA Serving the world on SKYPE
Phone: 856-217-1127 See full profile Send E-Mail

Marilyn Carmona

Dr. Marilyn Carmona is known as an expert in the art of well-being (health and wellness). She has dedicated her life to ongoing personal development work and studies to assist herself and others to be their best and healthiest selves. Her passion and mission is to help, as well as educate, others with effective, simple, […]

Address: 1407 South B Street San Mateo, CA 94402
Phone: 650-342-3453 See full profile Send E-Mail

Veronica Ceron

My years of experience in using both NLP and Coaching with Therapeutic results,  has led me learn new techniques to  improve results, learned about EFT through the Tapping Solution World Summit 2013 and have used tapping personally and professionally.  I am  here to help those in need , giving them the tools, guidance  and support in order […]

Address: 103 Briarberry Bluff Drive
Phone: 9123548904 See full profile Send E-Mail

Sandy Zeldes- Food, Weight, & Success Expert

Sandy Zeldes is one of the world’s leading pioneers in helping women end the focus on food and weight so they can ROCK their lives and dreams. The focus on food and weight holds women back. This is often unconscious and about staying in a comfort zone. The great thing is that those subconscious reasons […]

Address: San Rafael
Phone: See full profile Send E-Mail

Mia Doucet

For decades, Mia Doucet has had one foot in the world of corporate training and the other in the field of energy psychology. She does both For the sheer love of it. Mia is 100% focused on your happiness and your results. Whoever you are. Wherever you live. Whatever you do for a living. Specialty […]

Address: 22 Picton Street, Suite 1501 London, Ontario, Canada 506 Clubside Circle Venice, Florida 34293-4359
Phone: 5196798734 See full profile Send E-Mail

Delia Nessim

Delia Nessim is a Marriage and Family Therapist that gets amazing results when combining EFT and light hypnotherapy in the counseling session.  Delia works with individuals to relieve the trauma of childhood  abuse, as well as self esteem issues.  Delia is also very effective with relationship issues between parents and young adults. Using EFT quickly […]

Address: The Resiliency Center 602 S. Bethlehem Pike Ambler, PA 19002
Phone: 610-416-7535 See full profile Send E-Mail

Jan Luther

Jan Luther is one of nine U.S. EFT Founding Master practitioners and a spiritual life skills coach. If you’re looking to transform your life, your relationships, your prosperity or just need coaching for some of life’s tremendous challenges, then you’ll want to experience what clients from around the world have enjoyed in their personal coaching sessions […]

Address: PO Box 624 Matthews, NC 28106
Phone: (704) 563-0874 See full profile Send E-Mail

Rebecca Denslow

My passion is to help couples and adult individuals to not only relieve stress and pain, but to live a life with joy. I teach people constructive ways to express their emotions and problem-solve, resulting in their feeling more compassionate and connected to themselves and others. I have had an interest in mind/body connection and […]

Address: 1001 Anna Knapp Ext. Mt. Pleasant South Carolina 29464
Phone: 843-884-8511 See full profile Send E-Mail

Melissa Bennett

Melissa Bennett is an EFT Practitioner that has been changing lives for over a decade.  She uses EFT along with Mind Body Fitness, Life Coaching and Nutrition Coaching to offer her clients a complete package that will ensure they permanently lose weight along with the negative thoughts and bad eating habits that led them to […]

Phone: See full profile Send E-Mail

Anne Merkel, PhD

Dr. Anne Merkel is a Certified Whole Person Coach and Energy Psychologist, plus doctoral student of classical Naturopathy and Energy Medicine.  Anne utilizes a variety of energy therapy modalities to support clients and other health & wellness practitioners world-wide with specialties in clearing trauma, auto-immune disorders, self-sabotage, among other issues.  She certifies Energy Therapy Practitioners […]

Address: Mineral Bluff, GA
Phone: 706-374-6460 See full profile Send E-Mail

Marna Currie

Specialising in EFT for SKIN CONDITIONS. Marna has felt the positive effects of EFT in her own life and witnessed it in the lives of her clients.  She would Love to empower you too.  Her heart goes into every session whether on skype, in person or a workshop, because she knows this tool and how […]

Address: Via Marisol Los Angeles
Phone: 626-560-3994 See full profile Send E-Mail

DeAnna Torres

DeAnna Torres is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, an EFT practitioner, and a Regression Specialist through the Newton Institute of Spiritual Regression.   Who would you be without the pain of the past or the limiting beliefs about yourself that are blocking you from achieving your goals?  If you’re ready to be released from traumatic experiences, […]

Address: The Holistic Light House Wellness Center 401B Vernon Street Roseville (Sacramento) CA 95678
Phone: 9167101313 See full profile Send E-Mail

Julie Schiffman

Julie Schiffman is an expert EFT practitioner at Dr. Mercola’s Center for Natural Health. She also has a private practice, both in the Chicagoland area. Julie has literally worked with thousands of clients using EFT since 1990. She works with Children, adolescents and adults by helping them breakthrough old patterns which are keeping them stuck. Julie uses […]

Address: Chicagoland Area
Phone: 847.219.4754 See full profile Send E-Mail

Gail Mae Ferguson

I am an EFT Trainer and Adv Level 3 EFT Practitioner (AAMET), Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner, Picture Tapping Practitioner, Grief Recovery Specialist® and Transformation Prayer Ministry Practitioner living and working in New York City.  After a career in the performing arts as a ballerina with The Australian Ballet Co., on Broadway in “A Chorus Line” and […]

Address: 630 9th Ave. suite 411 New York, NY 10036
Phone: 917-865-7803 See full profile Send E-Mail

Donna Dawley

Feeling overwhelmed?  Anxious?  Tired?  Guilty about everything you haven’t gotten done?  Torn between career and family time?  Are you starting to believe that life isn’t much more than work, housework, too little sleep?  Do you remember a time when life was fun?  Would you like to have fun again?   I have been there too […]

Address: PO Box 607 Anna, TX 75409
Phone: 214-450-8289 See full profile Send E-Mail

Tracey Schenhoff

Tracey Schenhoff is the Founder of Savannahs Serenity  I am a Mind, Body , Spirit practitioner with certifications in several modalities including Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching, Reiki and Energy Work.  I have used Tapping Techniques for over 20 years.  My practice is in both Colorado and Arizona.   My current  life journey has attracted individuals going through Anxiety, PTSD and […]

Address: P.O Box 6447 Peoria Az, 85385
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Sangita Patel

For the Session I ask questions , Scale from 1-10, Set up Statement, Reminder Phrase, Show the tapping points, take deep breathes, checkin with scale 1-2 level,bring it down to at least 2, have them make a list of what bothers them and them tap on each issue one by one,take one topic for at […]

Address: 9 Newport Drive, Princeton Junction, NJ 08550
Phone: 609 203 0500 See full profile Send E-Mail

Therese Baumgart

Therese Baumgart is a Certified EFT Practitioner who specializes in working with her clients to release obstacles to their success, wellness, peace of mind and heart.  Specific applications of EFT include weight, food and body image; relationships; pain; finances; procrastination; self-sabotage; clutter; and stuck negative emotions such as anger, guilt, worry, and stress.  Therese sees […]

Address: 410 State St., North Haven, CT
Phone: 203-710-7438 See full profile Send E-Mail

Nivedita Mehta

Nivedita Mehta- Hay House Author of CalmerSutra; Clearing Work/Relationship Conflicts Nivedita Mehta is the author of CalmerSutra published by Hay House, who enables high achieving women clear their work/relationship conflicts. Whether they are working professionals or mums with young children, Nivedita helps them gain clarity and feel calm. All sessions in English Nivedita Mehta US […]

Address: Santiago, Chile
Phone: 61-403675258 See full profile Send E-Mail

Joann Dunsing

As a Hypnotist Joann Dunsing at Joann Dunsing Hypnosis in Milford CT teaches all of her new clients  Tapping/Emotional Freedom Techniques in their first session with her. Why?   Because  the evidence shows it enables her clients to begin to get their break through before actually doing the eyes closed hypnosis part of the session. […]

Address: 57 Plains Road, Milford CT 06461
Phone: 203-907-7710 See full profile Send E-Mail

Carmen McIntyre

Welcome to TAP to TIP, a holistic weight loss & wellness program. Are you ready to “tip the scales”, lose those unwanted pounds and discover how easy it can be to take charge of your health & wellbeing? Then you are in the right place! When I began my journey into the holistic healing realm, […]

Address: 11217 171st St E Puyallup, WA 98374
Phone: 253-678-8606 See full profile Send E-Mail

Gwenn Bonnell

If you are searching for relief from pain, Gwenn Bonnell can help. Gwenn is an EFT Practitioner who understands what you are going through because she experienced burning leg pain for over 12 years until tapping it away with EFT. Since then, she has taught thousands of people just like you how to tap into […]

Address: 1550 SW 139 Ave, Davie, FL 33325
Phone: 9543701552 See full profile Send E-Mail

Linda Wells

Transitions don’t have to be scary! New job, retirement, relationships can bring up feelings–or even physical pain–that may have been stored since childhood. Tapping is the route to healing–leaving you feeling better emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Are you ready to create change? Even if you’re not, even if you feel really, really stuck, we can […]

Address: 257 Oak Street San Francisco
Phone: 415.527.9057 See full profile Send E-Mail

Margaret Lynch

I show people who are ready to step up and make a bigger impact doing what they love how to move through the inner  blocks keeping them stuck and stand more fully in their power, gifts and on-fire enthusiasm…and get paid for it!  I coach people all over the globe through my products, programs and […]

Address: Attleboro, MA 02703
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Cathryn Taylor

Cathryn’s one-to-one model of healing, offered in phone, skype and in-person sessions, uses the inner child focus to identify the source of the sabotaging fears; the wisdom of the Akashic Records (the record of your soul) to obtain the context of the fears and the EFT Tapping Techniques  to neutralize these fears. This combination, which she […]

Address: 110270 Village Avenue, Chaska, Minnesota 55318
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Karen Aquinas

Karen Aquinas’s aim is to inspire and empower people to live joyful lives, free from emotional and physical pain.  She initially learned about EFT through the Tapping Solution World Summit 2010 and has used tapping personally and professionally for happy, healthy living since. Before studying energy psychology, Karen worked as a teacher and administrator in […]

Address: McMinnville, Oregon
Phone: 971.241.2376 See full profile Send E-Mail

Laura Weissman

If every fight and/or conflict you have feels like the same script over and over again, it probably is!  Using psychotherapy, brain science and energy psychology, we can change the script, creating more connection, love and passion in all your relationships. Laura Weissman Laguna Hills, California EFT Practitioner

Address: Laguna Hills
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Kathleen Rick

I’ve successfully administered and taught EFT/Tapping to thousands since 1997.  Greatly improve the overall quality of your life, transform your relationships, clear stress, anxiety, confusion, negative belief systems, emotions, fears, phobias, health challenges of all kinds, and eliminate effects of traumatic life events, so you can be your true authentic self– healthier and happier!  Gain […]

Address: 3940 Hancock Street, Suite 201 San Diego, CA 92110
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Annie Siegel Alexander

Deep inside my heart I knew how important it was to learn to love and accept my choices, what and who influenced me and be able to make peace with myself.  I guide you to uncover the “magician” in you who can create “palace of possibilities” for yourself and be in control finally!  My goal […]

Address: 138 West 25th Street New York, NY 11566 6th Floor Suite 7
Phone: 917.847.0426 See full profile Send E-Mail

Alice Grange

Is/was your Mother – Alcoholic, Drug Dependent, or Depressed while you were growing up? Are you experiencing difficulties attracting and sustaining healthy relationships, with others & yourself?  I support: Women who hear your mother’s voice coming out of your own mouth, & DON’T want to pass onto your children, or partner, what was passed onto […]

Address: Worldwide via Skype, Zoom... In person: Courtenay, Comox Valley, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.
Phone: 250-702-7570 See full profile Send E-Mail

Vera Flame

Enjoy Mental Clarity and Emotional Balance. Vera Flame, EFT Practitioner  helps smart, active, capable women get rid of baggage that’s holding them back.   Her clients are self aware, open minded and proactive, but are frustrated that their current strategy (or lack thereof) isn’t working for them.  Clients often find relief from the physical symptoms caused by underlying […]

Address: 4455 Murphy Canyon Rd San Diego, CA 92123 2 blocks from Clairemont Mesa Blvd exit off I15 I also offer Skype sessions, which are convenient and effective!
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Marissa Bianca

Would you like to confidently meet and overcome relationship challenges? Does your family bring you moments of joy but more often trigger negative emotions? Successful conflict resolution depends on your ability to regulate stress and your emotions.  I specialize in using tapping, a scientifically proven stress reduction technique, to turn relationship conflicts into opportunities.  We […]

Address: 95 Leroy Ave. Darien
Phone: 203-202-4174 See full profile Send E-Mail


I have had a private practice in Fort Worth for the past 39 years.  My practice focuses on individuals, groups and couples.  My training is in clinical social work, transactional analysis, PAIRS for couples and abuse training with Pia Melody to name only some of my training.  Recently, in the past 5 years, I have […]

Address: 7525 JOHN T. WHITE RD. FORT WORTH TX, 76120
Phone: 817 538 0388 See full profile Send E-Mail

Steven Morrison

After resisting it for a good five years or more, I took to tapping like a fish to water during the first or second World Tapping Summit, online, for free, like thousands of others.  That was likely because of my experience as a psychotherapist.  Its efficacy was immediately apparent and so was its malleability.  I […]

Address: PO Box 3282 Idyllwild, CA 92549
Phone: 310.379.9997 See full profile Send E-Mail

Becca Pronchick

Do you suffer from chronic pain and anxiety? Struggle with finding time for self-care and rest? Feel stuck and unclear about important decisions? So what’s your big, fat hairy problem – STRESS!  I’ve got good news for you.  Pro EFT is a simple, painless technique to help you relax your body and mind and find calm in the eye […]

Address: Napa, CA 94559
Phone: 707-253-8733 See full profile Send E-Mail

Suzette Roth

Suzette has been practicing as an Integrative/Holistic Life Coach for over 25 years. Her philosophy is by integrating body, mind and spirit you simply create balance, which is our natural state of being. Suzette creates your session specific to you. Healing and integrating the childhood experiences, along with life’s current issues, Suzette designs each session […]

Address: Palm Harbor, Florida
Phone: 716-316-3565 See full profile Send E-Mail

Denise Flood

Facilitating healing physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Tapping for total well being. Incorporating other healing modalities as intuited, including Gem Therapy, Reiki, Magnified Healing, Mapping and Essence Therapy Denise Flood EFT Practitioner Naples and Miami Florida  

Address: 16500 SW 103 Place Miami Also, Naples, Florida
Phone: 3058079101 See full profile Send E-Mail

Lisa Heitmann

Lisa Heitmann EFT Practitioner Struggling with addictions?  Dealing with nightmares or flashbacks from a traumatic experience? Frustrated by your difficulty with letting go of thoughts and beliefs that keep you back? Using EFT and other methods, I help you to get rid of these intrusive thoughts and feelings so you can get on with your life. […]

Address: 18E Ledgebrook Drive Mansfield Center, ct 09250
Phone: 8607421970 See full profile Send E-Mail

Jean E. Hobgood

I am excited about the changes I see in myself and my clients through clearing blocks with tapping. A certified hypnotist since 2001, I have been using tapping each session; the combination of the two techniques is very powerful indeed! I like using both, yet feel comfortable using tapping alone when requested. With 40+ years of […]

Address: 3563 Splinterwood Rd Peachtree Corners, GA
Phone: 770-662-8169 See full profile Send E-Mail

Rachael Knight

I am a highly trained psychotherapist specializing in relationship and dating issues, eating and body image, and anxiety. I have been using EFT tapping with my clients as a relatively new addition to my practice and I am seeing amazing results so far! Rachael Knight EFT Practitioner

Address: 26 Court Street Brooklyn, NY 11201
Phone: See full profile Send E-Mail

Alan Combies

Alan Combies EFT Practitioner Los Angeles, California Free 30 minute consultation. Alan Combies has an office in Los Angeles, CA where he sees clients, runs monthly Meetup groups, and holds Transformational Seminars. An avid FasterEFT’er since early 2009, Alan has transformed his life by overcoming public speaking fears, social anxiety, addictions, relationship issues, and more. […]

Address: By Appointment Only: 5556 S. Centinela Ave. Suite 3 Los Angeles, CA 90266
Phone: (888) 609-1181 See full profile Send E-Mail

Carol Patti

I have had a nutrition practice for over 20 years and in the past 5 years have incorporated EFT as part of my practice.  I am also a Certified Life Coach, First Line Therapy Lifestyle Coach and Bach Flower Remedy Practitioner.   Through my guidance and incorporating EFT, many of my clients have been able to identify […]

Address: 196 6th Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11217
Phone: 718-399-1111 See full profile Send E-Mail

Bobbi Liebmann

For   more than 25 years I have worked as a nurse in a variety of healthcare settings,  from critical care to geriatrics and hospice.  The longer I worked the more I came to realize the profound effect that stress has upon the body.  It gave me a tremendous  appreciation for the relationship between mind and body. […]

Address: 539 W. Wise Rd. Schaumburg, IL 60193
Phone: 847-309-6731 See full profile Send E-Mail

Ruthi Cohen-Joyner

HI! I’m Ruthi Cohen-Joyner, MPH, RD. I’m a nutritionist and EFT Practitioner. I’ve combined my twenty plus years as a nutrition counselor with EFT coaching to help women get relief from emotional eating and food obsessions. Until I found EFT, I didn’t find freedom for myself or my clients from the struggles with food/weight/body issues. All that changed with this […]

Address: 202 Old Hickory Rd Locust, NC 28097 (Serving clients in person in Albemarle, Concord and Charlotte and world wide with phone and Skype)
Phone: 704-301-4714 See full profile Send E-Mail

Barbara St. Dennis

EFT is the path of the compassionate warrior.  We learn and practice compassion for ourselves and as we heal and learn, that compassion and healing spreads out to others.  As we move from pain to peace, from tension to calm and from self-judgement to self-acceptance, we really make a difference in our world.  EFT is such […]

Address: PO Box 976 Hayden Idaho 83835
Phone: 208-784-3101 See full profile Send E-Mail

Jamie Reddington

Jamie Reddington helps individuals and groups overcome fears, find clarity, increase productivity, and learn how to reach their fullest potentials. She helps people feel better and find happiness. EFT Practitioner

Address: 79 Stevens St Freeport, NY 11520
Phone: 516 697-9289 See full profile Send E-Mail

Elizabeth Calabro

Elizabeth Solana Calabro is a Hypnotist and EFT Practitioner who believes that the only limit to an individual’s success are the limiting beliefs that are held in the mind. Unfortunately many of the messages and beliefs we hold in the mind are false or misperceived.  Misunderstandings, misread statements or comments that were not meant for the […]

Address: PO Box 1442 Sonoma, CA 95476
Phone: 7072919864 See full profile Send E-Mail

Steven Munn

Do you ever feel ill with nerves? Totally avoiding things like public speaking or social engagements? Sweaty palms, weak in the knees and sleepless nights can be remedied with Steve Munn’s EFT Coaching with fears and anxiety with public speaking.  This what a recent client had to say, “I can’t believe how different it is […]

Address: 259 East Street Stafford Springs, CT 06076
Phone: 860-684-3994 See full profile Send E-Mail

Dayle Malen

Dayle Malen is an EFT Practitioner,  educator, speaker, author and therapist whose intention is to assist those who wish to Re-Design their lives.  As a licensed clinical social worker for over 15 years, Dayle’s eclectic approach in selecting the best therapy for her clients includes incorporating Transformational Energy Therapy Techniques, such as EFT and Emotrance, […]

Address: 9035 Bluebonnet Blvd Baton Rouge, LA 70810
Phone: 225-590-5051 See full profile Send E-Mail

Melinda Martin, LCSW, EFT-Cert !

Have been studying and using EFT, Meridian Tapping for the last 7 years and added Matrix Reimprinting last year. Have conducted over 15 Introduction to EFT workshops, six EFT healing groups and have had hundreds of individual and couples sessions over the last seven years. Melinda Martin, LCSW Maui, Hawaii EFT Practitioner

Address: 715 South Kihei Road Condo 112 Kihei, Hi 96753
Phone: 914-967-0770 See full profile Send E-Mail

Kiya Immergluck

My name is Dr. Kiya Immergluck.  I am one of the first group of Pro EFT Master Practitioners.  I combine my love and expertise in Energy Psychology with over 30 years experience as a psychotherapist.  My specialties include fears, phobias, self-esteem, depression, anxiety, marriage, family and GLBT issues.  My youngest client was 4 years old and my […]

Address: 4753 N Broadway Suite 608 Chicago, Illinois
Phone: 773-880-5492 See full profile Send E-Mail

Roxanne Brasfield

Once learning and using EFT  for myself and others since 2002, and using the Law of Attraction teachings in combination, my life is all new.  My desire is to help other reach their successes. Let my intuitiveness help guide our way to reach your desires. I specialize from my own experience of growing beyond the […]

Address: 13314 SE 19 St. Apt. K 2 Vancouver, WA 98683
Phone: 360-828-8295 See full profile Send E-Mail

Tracie Irvine

Change your World! You CAN overcome the obstacles in your life that are keeping you from experiencing  joy and peace in your everyday life.  I have overcome tremendous grief, pain, rejection, fears, emotional trauma, physical trauma and depression using Faster EFT and a blend of other methods.  Let me help you today! My main website […]

Address: PO Box 3508 Bella Vista, AR 72715
Phone: See full profile Send E-Mail

Connie Bennett

The Sugar Liberator Connie Bennett is a charismatic motivational speaker, bestselling author, life coach, health coach, and self-mocking former sugar addict. An experienced journalist, Connie is author of the new book, Beyond Sugar Shock: The 6-Week Plan to Break Free of Your Sugar Addiction & Get Slimmer, Sexier & Sweeter, an international bestseller that has […]

Address: San Francisco
Phone: 855-314-5683 See full profile Send E-Mail

Ellen Ferguson

Learn how you can release stress and  identify blocks so you can live your life fully and in joy! Weight Release, Grief/Transition, Health, Spiritual Growth, Feminine Direction, Children Welcomed Veterans: Talk to me about low fees for Skype and telephone sessions. Ellen Ferguson EFT Practitioner

Address: Citrus Heights
Phone: 916-261-8075 See full profile Send E-Mail

Pamela Lacy, LCSW

Please see my profile at Psychology Today. I utilize a multi-dimensional approach to unfolding the innate abilities/intuition that each of us possesses. EFT is an integral part of understanding your self, and breaking free from limiting patterns and habits that dictate the current circumstances of your life. Please call me for a no-obligation phone consult […]

Address: 24 Elm Street, Suite #003 Morristown, NJ 07960
Phone: 973-768-2523 See full profile Send E-Mail

Dr. Jan Viafora

Dr. Jan Viafora has been a holistic doctor since 1984 and helps people live up to their health potential by re-connecting them to their power inside. Her goal is to take people’s healing to a whole new level! She shares a practice called Mountain Dove Healing Center, with her husband, Dr. Marc Viafora, in beautiful […]

Address: Mountain Dove Healing Center 5 Navajo Road Sedona, Arizona 86351
Phone: 928-284-9550 See full profile Send E-Mail

Lisa Sorensen

Lisa Sorensen EFT Practitioner I have been a Licensed Massage Therapist for over 10 years and became certified in EFT to assist clients in pain management, injury recovery,  chronic health conditions, weight management support and smoking cessation support.  Chronic pain and stress are a focal point for relief for most of my clients.

Address: Wellness at the Center 8401 NE Halsey St. #101 Portland OR 97220 503-255-7000
Phone: 503-360-4732 See full profile Send E-Mail

Barbara Vitz

I use EFT in my practice routinely. As a Clinical Hypnotherapist I find that using EFT in conjunction with hypnosis work beautifully together. I also use EFT in birthing.  As a Hypno-Birth Doula I offer it during pregnancy to relieve body pain, nausea and fatigue. At birthing time, EFT works well to alleviate fears and […]

Address: Lifetime Wellness Center 1100 Pleasant Valley Dr. Pleasant Hill, Ca 94523
Phone: 925-915-2323 See full profile Send E-Mail

Helen Fernald

Hello, I am Helen Fernald. EFT has truly changed my life, allowing me to let go of past trauma and fears, I am an EFT Practitioner so very grateful to have the opportunity to share this amazing technique with others. My services are available in English and Spanish. I offer a free 15-minute phone consultation […]

Address: Wolfeboro
Phone: 603-630-1666 See full profile Send E-Mail

Susan Beebe

Susan is an Executive Business Coach, EFT Practitioner, Multi-Six Figure Entrepreneur with over 30 years of successful Sales and Marketing experience. In 2001, Susan founded Lighthouse Marketing, Inc., a full-service advertising agency which continues to operate successfully today. In September 2013, Susan launched a virtual sales and marketing, training and coaching company, Tap Into Your […]

Address: 5821 Acton Street, E. Syracuse, NY 13057
Phone: 315-656-9922 See full profile Send E-Mail

Sharon Smith

As an EFT Practitioner I have been in practice since 2007 and have thousands of hours of experience using EFT in combination with guided visualization to help my clients return to their natural state of wellness.  Although anyone can apply these techniques, I have found that there is simply no substitute for having an experienced […]

Address: 1101 East Kansas Plaza, P.O. Box E, Garden City, Kansas 67846
Phone: 620-376-8323 See full profile Send E-Mail

Maryann D'Angeli

As an an EFT Practitioner , I know Tapping works! It has been among the range of solutions I’ve offered my clients for several years. Since starting my practice, my goal has always been to provide counseling that will enable my clients to function effectively on their own as quickly as possible. Because my purpose is […]

Address: Plaza South, Suite L 2253 South Avenue Scotch Plains, NJ 07076
Phone: 9082324484 See full profile Send E-Mail
judy lynne

Judy Lynne

“I’m so happy you’ve found your way to the Tapping Solutions Practitioner site!  I’m Judy Lynne and it would be my honor to show you how to recapture joy, explode in charismatic enthusiasm and be Totally in Love with Life Again!  If you feel stuck, or as if all is lost and hopeless like I once did, I […]

Address: Works Internationally Online Personal One-on-One Sessions & Programs Office: 2801 Moorpark Ave. Ste.2, San Jose, Ca. 95128 Mailing Address: P.O.Box 748, Boulder Creek, CA. 95006
Phone: 8313450769 See full profile Send E-Mail

Erin Muldoon Stetson

Erin Muldoon Stetson’s goal is to change the world for the better and EFT Tapping is her greatest tool. She founded “Tap On It” in 2007 in order to spread the power of well-being that EFT Tapping (Emotional Freedom Techniques) has to offer.  Erin is an EFT Practitioner who uses Tapping and her intuition to […]

Address: 9201 S. Bell Avenue Chicago, IL 60643
Phone: (773) 484-8925 See full profile Send E-Mail

Sheri Wallace

If you are looking for a heart-centered guide to help you tap into your own health and happiness, look no further.  For the past 30 years as a wellness-focused educator, counselor. life coach, I have been helping people heal past wounds, clear limiting beliefs and blocks, and tap into their own power.  The addition of […]

Address: 4255 U.S. 1 S Suite 18 B22 St. Augustine, FL 32086
Phone: 904-271-5456 See full profile Send E-Mail

Joella Bower

If you are struggling weight, money/abundance issues or anxiety/depression and just can’t seem to find the right help, I’m excited that you’ve found this powerful tool.  I’ve been working as a counselor for about 10 years but always felt like I wanted to be doing more.  When I found EFT, I knew that it was […]

Address: 139 Vining Run Camden, DE 19934
Phone: 302-399-7712 See full profile Send E-Mail

John Soriano

Not getting the results in your life that you want? It may be because of a low self-image. The self-image can literally put the brakes on your goals. Low self-esteem can manifest in varied ways, from guilt and anger to being unhappy and not at peace, to even learning challenges. I have been helping people […]

Address: Orlando, FL
Phone: 407-801-2125 See full profile Send E-Mail

Ingrid DeHart

  Ingrid DeHart is a Certified Nutrition Coach,  Certified EFT Practitioner  and Professional Natural Foods Chef.  She is the founder of Eat Well Enjoy Life Wellness.  Like her Facebook page for daily tips and recipes. Ingrid is passionate about helping women stop struggling with what they eat so they easily maintain their natural weight and feel comfortable in […]

Address: P.O. Box 137 Westhampton Beach
Phone: 914-388-9321 See full profile Send E-Mail

Beth Tuttle

Hi my name is Beth Tuttle! I am a certified EFT Level II practitioner and energy coach. I help people develop a toolbox of mindfulness techniques that will allow them to stay calm and relaxed even when stress shows up in their lives.  The tool that has made the most profound impact on my life […]

Address: 7530 Sundew DR SE Caledonia, MI 49316
Phone: 616-633-8975 See full profile Send E-Mail

Ruth Baker

I love EFT.  I have been using EFT or Tapping personally and in my practice since 2004.  EFT/MTT is the most effective tool I have found for cutting stress and reducing pain for my clients.  The reduction of stress and pain allows the body’s own natural healing abilities to restore balance and healthy functioning.  Reducing […]

Address: 21 Water Street, 2nd Floor The Way To Balance Amesbury, MA 01913
Phone: 978-314-8118 See full profile Send E-Mail

Tammy Marshall

Tammy Marshall is a EFT Practitioner that specializes in Emotional Eating and Relapse Prevention Trying to control or fix stress eating, emotional overeating,  depression, and anxiety without changing the faulty belief system that support it is an exercise in futility. Every behavior good or bad is supported by your beliefs.  Many people have spent years examining their past to explain the why but […]

Address: 141 N. Martinwood Dr. Suite 8 Knoxville, TN 37923
Phone: (865) 789-4939 See full profile Send E-Mail

Mary Phelan

Mary Phelan – I have been a Spiritual Coach/Counselor and Teacher for over 13 years and have been an EFT practitioner and trainer for over 7 years.  During this time I have conducted thousands of successful tapping sessions, group sessions and classes.  Because of my intuitive history as a spiritual coach, my background in computers […]

Address: 2210 Coppersmith Square Reston, VA 20191
Phone: 703-860-2333 See full profile Send E-Mail

Kathy Kehoe

Kathy Kehoe – As a Board Certified Coach, EFT Practitioner, Licensed Professional Counselor and Energy Psychology Consultant at EFT Works, I offer clients coaching that incorporates the use of Meridian Tapping and Matrix Reimprinting. These approaches have the potential to provide rapid and effective relief from chronic pain, emotional problems, fears and phobias, limiting beliefs […]

Address: 5225 Old Orchard Road Suite 32 Skokie, Illinois 60077
Phone: 847-638-1550 See full profile Send E-Mail

Nancy Southern

It’s your nature to create. Yet if you struggle to experience the life you have always imagined, and most “How To…” approaches don’t work for you, creative use of meridian tapping is one of 7 transformational keys to overcoming the blocks to successfully having what you want in your life. But, first I want you […]

Address: 2015 24 St. #61 Bellingham, WA 98225
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Lynne Shaner

Lynne Shaner – I love working with people to help them create their best lives. EFT is a remarkable, consistent, wonderful tool—I look forward to connecting with you and seeing how we can work together in creating the life you want. I am a Level 3 EFT  practitioner,   and mind-body specialist who has been in practice […]

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Pamela Bruner

Pamela Bruner is one of the world’s leading EFT Practitioners.  Her focus is around helping practitioners to learn how to market their coaching businesses.  She herself is a Certified Life Coach, and tapping was introduced as part of her original training. But when she first got going, she hated marketing and sales, so although she […]

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Lindsay Kenny

I first found EFT when I I found an EFT practitioner in the Yellow Pages by “accident” and it saved my life. I was suicidal and massively depressed (obviously,) yet my life was actually working otherwise. In a matter of minutes tapping was able to turn me around, a pivotal moment in my life, no […]

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Dawson Church

Dawson Church, PhD, is an EFT Practitioner who has edited or authored many books, and collaborated with leading authorities including Larry Dossey, Bernie Siegel, Christiane Northrup, and others. He founded Soul Medicine Institute to research and teach emerging psychological and medical techniques that can yield fast and radical cures. His award-winning book, The Genie in […]

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