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Sandy Goodwin

As a Registered Nurse for over 30 years, I’ve seen how stress can impact a person’s health and happiness.  I started using EFT to ease my own stress and physical pain and was so amazed at how well it worked that I wanted to share it with others as a missing piece in the current […]

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Marian Buck-Murray

Hi!  I’m Marian Buck-Murray and I specialize in helping sensitive, heart-centered, creative people, who struggle with sensitivity, boost courage, confidence, and self-love.  By embracing sensitivity, and learning how to manage it, my clients are able to turn their sensitivity into their own personal, life-enriching superpower.  I am Certified in EFT Tapping and Matrix Reimprinting.  Contact […]

Address: Maplewood
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Glenda Mills

Hello I am Glenda Mills, EFT Practitioner in training.  I work in the Las Vegas, Nevada area. Glenda Mills EFT Practitioner Las Vegas, Nevada

Address: Las Vegas Nevada
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Kimberly Ewing

I work with clients to build self-compassion, and reduce self-blame and shame which rebuilds energy and capacity for change.  We will then identify limiting beliefs and resulting behaviors that block movement towards success.  Clients will be engaged in interventions and will gain tools they can use to help transform those limiting beliefs and habits.  I […]

Address: 711 W. 40th Street, Suite 324 Baltimore, MD 21211
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Juanita Ecker

Will EFT Tapping Work for You? Juanita Ecker is from South Carolina, U.S.A.  Juanita is an international EFT tapping coach; she works with clients all over the world.  Sessions are done by phone, zoom or with Skype. Juanita Ecker’s specialties include: pet loss grief, caring for an aging parent, dealing with a family member who […]

Address: South Carolina
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Lina Landess

Greetings! What’s your greatest challenge? Are you trying to lose weight? To get over the sexual, emotional or physical abuse you’ve experienced? I am humbled and honored by this practice of EFT and Matrix Reimprinting because they allow me to help people just like you release the negative effects of trauma(s), whether caused by an […]

Address: 227A North Spring Street, Greensboro
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Amy Ash

Hello! I am deeply passionate about the idea that people can heal themselves and create a life they love.  I am also equally passionate about getting actual results with my clients which is why I LOVE the tools that I work with. Specifically, I help clients with anxiety, stress, pain, weight loss, phobias, fears, career […]

Address: Longmont, Colorado
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Liz Zélandais

Restore your self. Regain your strength. Revive your spirit. Specializing in weight management, dating, and intimate relationships. Helping clients remove emotional blocks with skillful use of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Matrix Reimprinting, energetic healing, shamanic traditions, intuitive insights, and often-overlooked life skills, I  help my clients heal physically, emotionally, spiritually, and socially. Together we turn crisis (or even a case of […]

Address: 3006 Waubesa Ave Madison, Wisconsin 53711
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Diane DiFrancesco

Primarily serving women, I work well with those that wish to see life from a new perspective, find focus, clarity and inspiration. I am passionate about empowering a person to recognize their gifts and talents and to release the limiting beliefs that hold them back. I have found EFT to be one of the most […]

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Tijana Coso

Hi There! Are you ready for a difference? Are you stressed, stuck or both? Do you believe that you might be holding yourself back from creating what you crave and you don’t know why? My goal is to help you get from where you are to where you want to be faster and with more ease […]

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Heather Sherrill

As an Ordained Minister of Walking Prayer, I have personally witnessed and experienced the amazing transformational results of EFT, which is why I made the commitment to become an AAMET Accredited Certified EFT Practitioner. I began my holistic health and wellness practices over 15 years ago as an avenue for my own personal growth and […]

Address: P.O. Box 142 Elyria, OH 44036
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Teri-Elaine Stallings

It is my mission to foster a spirit of hope and encouragement for the hurting and broken-hearted. I help the hopeless find hope, healing, and wholeness on the other side of grief recovery. Teri-Elaine Stallings EFT Practitioner Colorado

Address: 5229 Boardwalk Dr.
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Natalie Tranchilla

Hello! I’m happy you’re inquiring about my services. We all wish to live inspired, passionate and joy-filled lives. But so few of us know how to create this. Through your inquiry, you are one step closer to experiencing the healing, growth, and empowerment to live the best version of you. As a licensed, holistic therapist, […]

Address: Inner Source Counseling, LLC 13911 Ridgedale Drive, Suite 450 Minnetonka, MN 55305
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Donald Zandier

Psychologist Donald J. Zandier, Jr., M.A., has utilized his 30 years of experience as a psychotherapist and his 20 years of practicing Energy Psychology to create Enlight™.  The process involves a unique means by which to access our emotional history and gently dissolve the active information at the heart of our emotional obstacles.  Moreover, Enlight™ […]

Address: 2940 South Park Road, Bethel Park, PA 15102
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Natalie Sincevich

You are moving forward!  You’re taking the steps towards the life you really want.  As a certified Tapping Professional, my role is to walk beside you helping you clear obstacles, leap hurdles and, most importantly, keep moving forward!  I work with clients both in person and via video.   We work on everything from food allergies […]

Address: Suwanee
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Vicki Dau

Vicki Dau helps with the struggles that are unique to sexual abuse survivors: showing up as money issues, low self-esteem, questioning family dynamics and faith. In your work together, via phone, Zoom or in person, you will honor your wounding, own your power and FINALLY enjoy your life. Vicki offers a free Clarity, Strategy, Action […]

Address: Glen Ellyn
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Jackie Viramontez

Warmly known for her heart-centered approach and peaceful presence, Jackie Viramontez empowers clients to break through blocks and align with a deeper level of freedom. Jackie is a Certified Expert EFT Practitioner, Energy Psychology Practitioner, Reiki Master, and Yogi. She enjoys tackling a variety of issues, but specializes in anxiousness, overwhelm, grief, childhood trauma and relationships. As […]

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Katie Baumtrog

Want to have radiant health and truly love your life?  You can! I am proof  that anything is possible when you learn and apply the right tools.  You hold the keys to your destiny and it’s time to get back in the driver seat. As an EFT and holistic health practitioner, I would be honored […]

Address: 3131 Alabama Ave South Saint Louis Park, MN 55416
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Lauren Miller

80% of disease is stress related according to Harvard Medical. I know first hand as I went through two of life’s top stressors at the same time: advanced cancer and divorce in 2006. During that time I was connected to Gary Craig, one of the contributing founders of the EFT methodology, I went through the […]

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Trina Lee

I have spent more than a decade on an intense quest to live a healthier life.  Having gone through infertility struggles and then being blindsided with breast cancer in my early 30’s, I now understand how much our emotions play a roll in our bodies health and wellness.  I have experienced the power that EFT […]

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