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Andrea Withers

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As a General EFT Practitioner, I enjoy searching for the root causes of many emotional and physical problems. I love watching the light come back into people’s eyes as they are finally able to let go of burdens that have troubled them for years…or even decades.
Guiding others to better mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health is one of my greatest joys. If you feel you can’t move past something that has been holding you back from living the life you were meant to live, I would love to help you! Some of the struggles I have helped others with include: childhood and adult trauma, sexual abuse and other abuses, PTSD, grief, physical pain, physical injuries, sports injuries, breakups, fears, lack of motivation, procrastination, hopelessness, car accident trauma, relationship issues, women’s issues,  pornography addiction, pot addiction, depression, anger, rage, frustration, work performance issues, mental blocks, anxiety, inappropriate guilt and shame, and many more.
I strive for clinical excellence by continuing my education and training to give you the best possible service I can. I am of a Christian faith and have worked successfully with people of many backgrounds and faiths in an atmosphere of acceptance. I welcome anyone who is ready to free themselves from the heavy burdens they carry. Please visit my website to schedule a Zoom appointment
I am a worldwide, online Clinical EFT Practitioner. I first trained in EFT in 2007 and have since certified as a Clinical EFT Practitioner. I also earned a Bachelor degree in Family Science with a minor in Business Management in 2000.