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Anthony Holland

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Tracy house 4 Belmont Road Ilfracombe Devon ex348dr
Phone: 447530261817

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My name is Anthony Holland i am an AAMET Qualified EFT Practitioner and personal development coach. Having first gone through a multitude of adversity through out my own life growing up, I now live in a state of harmony, coherence and have perfect health at this stage.  I would love to help anyone who needs my help achieve this wonderful state of well-being  also. I contribute my success and complete turn around of fortunes to a number of factors.From nutrition, to exercise, changing my environment I lived in, understanding the Law of Attraction or Cause and Effect and how it really works.Investing in myself and understanding others more.Studying hundreds of self development books and seminars.  More recently what controls our biology,(Epi-Genetic control)and i can some this up in this sentence. “Your Perception and Interpretation of your Environment that you believe you live in control’s your Biology,that subsequently effects your health, good or bad”. You see, I changed my perception of life , old limiting beliefs and unresolved childhood past traumas which really held me back,which were also harmful to my own health through the amazing use and technology of  EFT. Which now supports  not only myself as a qualified EFT practitioner daily through out my own life, but family and friends and hundreds of other peoples lives to. If you feel you would like to work together with me or get to know more about how we can help assist you to process your unwanted past traumatic events, fears, phobias, or negative emotions  that stop you from living the life you truly deserve, and want to live, then please feel free to contact me above, for your free consultation. One thing I can guarantee you is that your Desires and Goals, is our desires and goals to get you there. After all, I know how you feel, I have been there myself, and I want to help free you from the heavy chains and burdens that I once also carried around with myself.

Anthony Holland
EFT Practitioner
Devon, United Kingdom


(AAMET) Member. Association of the Advancement of Meridian Energy Techniques.EFT  qualified Practitioner. OCR Business studies diploma Independent nutrition adviser and consultant with Herbalife  international BAWLA Leaders certification in exercise and weight training and Nutrition St Johns First aid trained. Psychology of sales,achievement,and success diplomas. CITB Health and safety management qualifications and certifications I am currently studying my diploma to become a clinical psychotherapist. Other fields of study are Quantum physics, Cellular Biology, Epi-Genetic-Control,Neuroscience Behavior, and Ancient Chinese Science.