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Cari Rauch

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Fargo, ND
Phone: 701-491-8396

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I’m an unconventional life coach.   I believe life is meant to be a fabulous adventure.  One that is filled with daily moments of love, joy, fun and laughter, confidence and connection to who we are, incredible and meaningful relationships, successful and thriving doing what we love, financial abundance, and a vibrant and healthy body.

My coaching style doesn’t include goal-setting, action plans, pushing to get more done or working harder. What I offer is an intriguing and life changing alternative which revolves around making today the best day not someday in the future.

I empower my clients to daily design and live a life they love through helping them cultivate a lifestyle where they fall in love with life daily, indulge in pleasure and play, and follow their dreams and desires all the while delighting and enjoying each step of the way.

If you are ready for an amazing new way of living then check out my site ( where you will learn how to start loving your life as it is right now along with how to design it so that you fall in love with life daily.

Cari Rauch

EFT Practitioner

Fargo, North Dakota

Certified Life Coach & Certified Money Coach