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Gabriole Jangze

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My primary clientele is the person you see as leading a perfectly normal life.  These are the people who slip under the radar of life’s support infrastructures because they’re the ones who look like they are leading fairly uneventful lives with just the usual mundane stresses of daily living.  Yet, these people are quietly suffering with stress, chronic pain, pressures and anxieties, that are slowly but surely eating away at their ability to find peace and balance.

EFT has been so powerful in helping my clients transform their own lives.  The changes they’ve made have allowed them to view their world with more balance, joy, peace and love.  EFT has also given them the ability to better cope with the inevitable stresses of life.

I live and work in Toronto, Canada and I meet with my growing list of clients in person, via SKYPE and over the phone.

Gabriole Jangze
EFT Practitioner

AAMET Certified EFT Practitioner.