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Juanita Ecker

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New York
Phone: (518) 941-9249

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Juanita Ecker is from upstate New York, U.S.A.  She works with clients all over the world. She is a Body Code, Emotion Code and EFT practitioner.  Sessions are done by phone, with Whatsapp or with Skype.

Contact Juanita Ecker at (518) 941-9249.

Juanita Ecker’s specialties include: Strained family dynamics and relationship issues, Stress relief for issues at work, Pet loss grief and Dealing with a spouse or family member who has an addiction.

Strained family dynamics can be a constant challenge. See if any of this resonates with you: You are co-parenting with your an ex-spouse and you struggle to get along; maybe you and a parent had a disagreement and haven’t spoken in years, maybe there is constant tension between you and your siblings; maybe you are going thru a nasty divorce; maybe you have a teenager that is driving your crazy or maybe you are coping with the responsibilities of caring for an aging parent. When you work with Juanita, she can help you shift the energy around those strained relationships.

In her previous life, Juanita taught business etiquette for 16 years as a corporate trainer. Because of this experience, she understands the challenges people encounter in their careers or in the business world.

See if any of this resonates with you: fear of public speaking, the challenges with sales quotas and peak performance, overcoming procrastination, self-doubt and confidence issues, fear of flying, work-related stress, anxiety and panic attacks, fear of speaking up, disorganization and clutter, test anxiety, job interview stress, dealing with criticism, performance reviews, fear of rejection, conflict in the workplace, dealing with difficult co-workers or toxic bosses, demanding customers, lack of motivation, fear of failure, feeling stuck or resisting change, negative self-talk and fear of taking risks.

The Emotion Code and Body Code System are great for dealing with pain, physical symptoms and illnesses. Some of the issues Juanita has addressed with clients include: Back pain, knee pain, joint pain, nerve pain, migraines, vertigo, food sensitivities, food allergies, food and sugar cravings, stomach issues, irritable bowel, kidney failure, weight gain and other physical challenges.

Juanita’s Body Code, Emotion Code or EFT sessions can address these issues and more. Whether it is money, relationships, career, health or body issues, these energy techniques are powerful tools that can help you get more out of life.

 Her website is

Juanita’s Training: Juanita is passionate about helping others create a happier and healthier life.  Juanita is certified as an Emotion Code practitioner and trained in the Body Code System by Dr. Brad Nelson’s team at Discover Healing. Juanita is certified in Clinical EFT from the EFT Universe. She is trained in muscle testing by Dr. Teshna Beaulieu, D.C. Muscle testing is a diagnostic tool that allows her to quickly evaluate if you are congruent or incongruent with your beliefs. She have completed the Optimal EFT Training Course and the Steps Towards Becoming the Ultimate Therapist Program with Gary Craig, the founder of EFT. She has written various articles about EFT that are published on the EFT Universe website. You can view some of her articles here.

Juanita’s Gifts:  Some of the strengths Juanita bring to your session include: She knows how to address the problem, she is good at doing detective work, she knows how to go deeper, she is skilled at asking the right questions, she knows how to get effective results and is good at testing the work. When you work with a skilled practitioner like Juanita, the coach can take you to places you might not be able to go to on your own. The energy shifts sooner, the emotional release comes quicker and your life changes faster.

Juanita brings sensitivity and a gentle compassion to your situation. Her keen intuition is an asset in your energy sessions. Her goal is to help you uncover those blocked emotions, release them and give you a tool for personal improvement in your life.

Juanita has written various articles about EFT that are published on the EFT Universe website. Click here to read the articles.

Juanita Ecker can work with you by phone, Whatsapp or Skype. She offers a FREE 20 minute strategy session. During the strategy session, we will discuss your challenges, the issues you want to address and your goals for working with an EFT tapping coach.  You can ask questions, learn more about the tapping procedure and decide if what she has to offer is a good fit for you.  Juanita welcomes the opportunity to work with you. Check out her website and see if what she has to offer is a good fit for you.


See What Some of Juanita Ecker’s Clients are Saying:

“Before working with Juanita, I felt stuck; I couldn’t take steps to move forward with my business.  Juanita gave me clarity.  It was amazing how she was able to connect current issues in my life to incidents from my childhood. Incidents that I remembered but didn’t realize were still affecting my life.  We uncovered some core issues: stuttering as a child, having a fear of speaking up and a fear feeling like a fraud.  As we tapped on different issues I was able to release the emotional charge they triggered for me. We uncovered layers of things that were amazingly connected, and released some blocks that have been keeping me stuck for a very long time.  I was curious to see how the process would work and I’m glad I did.”

Christine from South Carolina


“When Juanita first asked me what was bothering me that we could work on for the EFT session, I couldn’t really give her an answer. I have studied positive psychology all my life and aim to live each day in the most positive and upbeat way.  Yet after some inquiry, we found an event from childhood. In the past 50 years, I have told this childhood memory many times; yet never addressed the unresolved negative emotions that were attached to it. After a few rounds of tapping, we released those blocked emotions.  I felt complete relief and totally relaxed. Juanita’s keen insight and intuition is a gift she brings to the session.

Chandler from New York


“I often have swollen ankles and was concerned that I would fall into the same health challenges as my dad. As we started to tap, we uncovered pain, grief and a feeling of loss from losing my mom 30 years ago.  Not wanting to deal with these heavy emotions, they got pushed down into my body.  After a few rounds of tapping, I started to feel lighter.  A wonderful sense of relaxation and peace came over me when we were done. A week later, I was sitting at the table looking at my ankles and realized there had been a shift. They are not swelling as much as they used to and I noticed the difference.  I don’t quite understand how this EFT works but it does.”

Lisa from Arizona


“For the last several weeks I have been working with Juanita Ecker using EFT to resolve some old anxiety issues. During this time, we addressed my irritable bowel. Each time we work, I find some resolution for me as afterwards I seem to be operating at a much more relaxed level. I find that Juanita is very intuitive and although we work over the phone, she is able to “tap into” (pardon the pun) my emotions, at times even better than I can. I had tried EFT by myself; yet working with Juanita was totally different. The sessions with her gave me MUCH greater results than I  could ever get on my own. I absolutely highly recommend her!!”

Kathy from New York


“I cannot thank Juanita enough for helping me through an extremely difficult divorce. With her help, I was able to work through some issues that were holding me back from healing and moving forward. My daughters noticed right away that I had made a change and it changed my relationship with them. You won’t regret working with Juanita; she is gifted at what she does.”

Leann from North Carolina


Juanita Ecker
EFT Practitioner
Albany, New York