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Margaret Munoz

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2/7 Checkley St Abbotsford NSW, 2046 (Sydney) Australia
Phone: 612 9713 1956

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I take people on a journey home to themselves and help them achieve their greatest potential.  I work with successful people who have hit a roadblock – they may feel anxious, stressed, or overwhelmed and have lost their confidence or direction in moving forward  They feel frustrated that in spite of all their skills, talents, experience and knowledge, they can no longer find their way forward.  They want to experience a major shift so they can return to fulfilling their desires and be in the flow of their creative energy.

I facilitate that major shift, a transformation at the deepest level, which starts to bring about a radically different experience of life, whatever the area of focus – business, relationship, finance, performance, creativity or health.

I share the learnings reaped from my own journey with all its ups and downs, vulnerabilities and strengths and together we dissolve away the blocks and start to create what you do desire in your life.

Margaret Munoz
EFT Practitioner
Abbotsford NSW, Australia

I see my highest qualification as being my own quest over the past 30 years to find healing and freedom for myself and follow my yearning to fulfill my greatest potential. This is how I've learned all that I use to help other people on their journey.  I've studied and practiced many modalities, starting out as a naturopath. Since coming across tapping 12 years ago I've studied EFT and PET with Steve Wells and David Lake, FasterEFT with Robert Smith and Matrix Reimprinting with Karl Dawson, written two books on EFT which are available in bookstores throughout Australia as well as online, done thousands of hours of personal consulting, run numerous workshops using EFT on everything from sales call reluctance to creating prosperity, taught EFT to hundreds of people, spoken at groups, conferences and organisations and been interviewed. Yes, there's been lots of pieces of paper along the way but ultimately all I can bring to you is myself.