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Marna Currie

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Via Marisol Los Angeles
Phone: 626-560-3994

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In Person

Specialising in EFT for SKIN CONDITIONS.
Marna has felt the positive effects of EFT in her own life and witnessed it in the lives of her clients.  She would Love to empower you too.  Her heart goes into every session whether on skype, in person or a workshop, because she knows this tool and how profound it can be.  Using Tapping alone and also in conjunction with other therapies since 2008 and certified in 2010 it never fails to amaze Marna.  Especially so, for those who truly have a desire to take more responsibility for their Self.  Using the principle that everything happens in your energy/emotions first, she can get to the source of beliefs that may be hindering your wellness.  You can work on anything you need to, but in the past she has had fantastic experience on skin conditions (psoriasis especially), weight issues, cravings, fear/doubt and pain among many others.  If  life sometimes takes us in the direction we perhaps didn’t intend Marna helps facilitate your shifts back to authentic alignment.  Returning you to the highest potential that you can be in this life, because we all deserve that.  Dont waste anymore time feeling disempowered.  Six weekly sessions is recommended to allow the ‘onion to peel’ and get to the root cause once and for all.  Facebook Page – Marna Currie Integration / Website –

Marna Currie BScHons
Los Angeles, Califorina/Ayrshire, Scotland
EFT Practitioner

Gary Craig EFT DVD practical work. Meridian Therapy Level 2 Practitioner, AAMET Certified by Alison Munro 2010 Yogalates Teacher 2012 Reflexologist (Ingham Method) 2005 Natural Fertility