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Mary Ayers

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27828 Fireweed Dr. Evergreen
Phone: 303-674-3001

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If you find that fear and anxiety keeps you from taking the actions that will move you forward and live the life you desire then we need to talk!  In my over 30 years of working with thousands of people I know that the ‘feel the fear and do it anyhow’ method just doesn’t work for everyone!  Getting into action doesn’t have to be hard or painful – because now we have tapping to help us soften the anxious feelings and open us to new possibilities.  In my work with clients we shift the old beliefs that keep us frozen…and more importantly, we install new beliefs that result in deep seated changes in how we feel, what we believe, and how we behave.  And here’s the biggie …all without bullying, shaming or ‘pushing through’.

Join me on my Youtube channel ‘The Chickensh**s Guide To Success’, where I show you how to tap for the little….and not so little…struggles in life that keep you stuck and overwhelmed, and get you moving forward and taking action.  Listen <<Here>>

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Let’s chat and see how I can be helpful!  I offer a free consultation where we can determine what would serve you. You can email me at and we’ll find a day and time that will work for you.

Mary Ayers PhD.
EFT Practitioners
Located in Colorado, US



Prior to becoming a coach, my professional background includes over three decades as a licensed psychotherapist.  Initially trained in TFT, the precursor to EFT, in 1997 and then went on to study with Gary Craig.  I also had the good fortune to coach with the Anthony Robbins Organization for five years. In conjunction with The Tapping Solution, I created the 'The Tapping Solution For Anxiety Relief', and I'm the creator and host of the internet radio show, “The Chickensh**s Guide To Success.”