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Sophie Rose Somerfeldt

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Ithaca, NY, 14886

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As an educator, seeker, and trauma survivor, I fell in love with the power of EFT Tapping to bring relief, breakthroughs, and surprising shifts quickly. Now an experienced, certified Clinical EFT practitioner with a knack for tackling even big issues with unexpected humor, I meet each person where they’re at and offer highly intuitive and customized sessions.  

 Specializing in:

* Pain, pre/post surgery, and physical issues.

* Anxiety, including testing, flying, social, dental/medical or other specific fears.

* Working with men. (And all genders.) Working with teens. (And all ages.) 

*  Tapping that integrates dealing with racism, ableism, LGBTQ+ issues, etc.

* Trauma, PTSD, C-PTSD, and post-traumatic growth.

* Big life changes and transitions, either desired, or unexpected.

I incorporate Eden Energy Medicine and other healing/coaching needs when appropriate. I’m also an energy medicine speaker, educator, and workshop leader; writer, artist, and performing poet; nature-lover, ‘furmom’ and designer building a tiny home in a van.

> Clinical EFT Certification. > Trained Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner. > Personal experience recovering from C-PTSD. > 30 years as an educator and workshop leader. > Professional background in diversity inclusion.