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Suzanne Rossini

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107 Church Hill Rd. Sandy Hook, Ct
Phone: 914-434-8998

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I am a level 3 AAMET certified practitioner. I specialize in providing brain-based somatic relief techniques for trauma and other stress related issues in children, teens, and young adults. My practice is located at 107 Church Hill Rd. Sandy Hook, Ct. For more information you may visit me at or Call/Text 914-434-8998 (private cell) for a free 30 consultation.

Suzanne Rossini

  With a 30-year background in Music Education and Vocal Performance, Suzanne, is using EFT in the classroom with amazing results. Teachers and students are Tapping out their stress and anxiety and reaping the benefits of a more relaxed classroom environment. She is a member of Tapping Star, which encourages the use of Tapping in schools, institutions, parenting, mentoring and for those who work with children. Suzanne recently received a SETPA Grant to introduce EFT in a special needs classroom at Primrose Elementary School in Somers, New York. She facilitates tapping circles for children at the Resiliency Center of Newtown, a non profit organization that offers long-term healing to those impacted by Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy. Witnessing the power of EFT in the lives of children is so gratifying. This simple self-help tool helps release the “little” and “big” traumas of childhood and fosters resiliency that assists in the formation of a more self-actualized adult. In addition to her career in education, Suzanne has performed as a classical singer throughout Westchester County. She teaches private voice lessons at Rossini Voice Studio (, in Granite Springs, New York and practices EFT with her students to help them overcome audition anxiety, limiting beliefs and the many obstacles they face throughout the various stages of their development as a vocalist. “…..Thank you for teaching me how to tap! When I am upset I will tap because it helps me calm down.” Alyssa, age 7 “…..You taught me how to be calm and contained. My “ZZZZTS” do not come back any more!” Timmy, age 6 “……. I think for some kids it’s a safe outlet to say what they are thinking and feeling. It helps us, as the teachers to see how we would proceed with certain situations. I love that it is another way for students to talk about their feelings that is both safe and yet a little fun! Thanks for giving me the opportunity to learn about this technique.” Lea Oliva 1st Grade Teacher Primrose Elementary School,Somers Central School District, New York “Students know that EFT is one strategy they can use when they feel anxiety or fear to help them through these experiences .I feel strongly that EFT experiences help students become more positive when dealing with challenging situations and reduce the amount of overall stress they experience on a daily basis. “ Alison Genez 1st Grade teacher Primrose Elementary School,Somers Central School District, New York “…… Suzanne began her practice last summer and started our daily routine with tapping and singing activities. I quickly adopted these techniques and used them as additional strategies to encourage students to “calm” their bodies. There are many different strategies implemented within the school environment to calm the central nervous system and modify undesirable behaviors,EFT was a perfect addition to our strategies!” Kathleen Kane Special Educator Primrose School, Somers Central School District N.Y. “During the past seven years I have been positively changing my lifestyle and the way I perceive myself as a singer and a cellist, Although I have seen great improvements, every time I went on stage, my body remembered and recreated -to a certain extent- the anxiety I felt ten years ago. For a few minutes my voice would tremble and behave in unexpected ways. After a few sessions of EFT, we discovered the source of this anxiety and with some tapping, it went away completely! I've been feeling really confident on stage. For this, I will always be grateful". Alejandra Restrepo Pontificia Universidad Javeriana Bogata, Columbia