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Tom Wallace

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Maine, USA
Phone: 207-423-1348

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Are you ready to upgrade your life? Hi! My name is Tom Wallace of, and I’m here to help you make remarkable and lasting changes in your life.

  • Are you troubled by distressing memories?
  • Do you experience crippling anxiety?
  • Do you struggle with binge eating?
  • Do you work harder than others to prove yourself?
  • Do you often react more strongly than you intend?

You’ve come to the right place!

The changes possible with the innovative tools of EFT can seem uncanny. Anxiety just vanishes. Fear of success, fear of failure, suddenly lose their power. Where did they all go?

With Hacking Reality, which is a novel set of advanced tools using EFT, changes can seem even more surprising and wonderful. Memories that once caused distress have transformed into new (re-imprinted) memories that give great pleasure. And our Younger Selves no longer feel so lost and alone, but instead are suddenly filled with joy and gratitude! How can this be?

~Welcome to the transformative world of Emotional Freedom Techniques~

See why my clients have been able to:

  • Let go of anger
  • Get to root the cause of distress
  • Feel safe enough to give healing attention to negative thoughts and emotions
  • Let go of a sugar addiction
  • Come away from traumatic memories feeling exuberant

You can read about these and many other positive outcomes on my Testimonials page, where you will also see how often words like “intuitive,” “safe,” “healing,” “amazing,” and “transformative” show up!

Tom Wallace
EFT Practitioner
Maine, USA

I have been certified as an EFT practitioner by Rob Nelson, of Tapping The Matrix Academy, and completed Hacking Reality training with him. I have studied EFT with both Rob Nelson and Deanna Lyons. From my office in Maine, USA, I have worked with clients all over the continent and far beyond. The success I witness as clients Tap on their greatest challenges, and Hack Reality for their Younger Selves is a powerful motivator; I can’t imagine a day will come that I don’t want to help people with these powerful tools!

“I am an advanced EFT Practitioner and [Tom] is definitely my go to!”

“…the feelings of anger are gone. I would not have believed that could happen if I hadn’t experienced it myself.”

“…one of the best I’ve seen.”

“I most highly recommend Tapping with Tom!”

“I’m an experienced EFT Practitioner and love working with Tom.”

“I was elated to experience such profound healing and insight yet again. Tom is a master healer who has such incredible intuition and compassion.”

“Cheers to Top Notch Tapping with Tom!”