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Sachiko Kiyooka

Bilingue: anglais | français If you have a strong desire saying : “this is what I want to bring into my life,” you can trust this inner knowing.  I specialize in:  fear, anxiety, grief and sadness, big life changes, confusion & lack of clarity (and any associated health issues). My clients are motivated, creative people.  Often highly […]

Address: Montreal, Quebec
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Janice Smylie PhD

Are you STRESSED?  Overwhelmed by the past?  Feeling unsupported or abandoned?  If you’re too busy to find time for your own well-being or happiness, Tapping can help you release and rebalance.  Come feel better today. It might surprise you how effective emotional release can be in lowering the inner pressure or pain you deal with […]

Address: Calgary, Ab. and Red Deer, Ab. Central Alberta
Phone: 403 710 4443 See full profile Send E-Mail

Rena Wade

I utilize EFT as well as other energy healing techniques to help my clients with personal transformation and healing.  I show people who have been struggling with life and health challenges how to free themselves from obstacles holding them back from personal fulfillment and optimal health. Do you feel anxious, overwhelmed, or that something is […]

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Patzia Gonzalez-Baz

Patzia Gonzalez

We all have a physical body and an energy body that we can’t see. Energy should flow in through and out the body; but sometimes the flow of energy gets blocked and when this happens, problems arise in the energy body manifesting through emotions and accompanying physical sensations. EFT can help restore the flow of […]

Address: Kingston Rd. Newmarket, On L3Y 5W7 Canada
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Margaret Munoz

Margaret Munoz

I take people on a journey home to themselves and help them achieve their greatest potential.  I work with successful people who have hit a roadblock – they may feel anxious, stressed, or overwhelmed and have lost their confidence or direction in moving forward  They feel frustrated that in spite of all their skills, talents, experience and knowledge, they […]

Address: 2/7 Checkley St Abbotsford NSW, 2046 (Sydney) Australia
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Claudia Schecter

Claudia Schecter

Claudia Schecter, certified EFT Universe Trainer and practitioner, has been in private practice as a Naturopath specialized in Energy Psychology for almost 20 years.She also is a certified Matrix Reimprinting practitioner and trainer. She studied at the Institute NHC in Montreal PQ, where she later served on the Board of Directors and taught EFT. Claudia has been teaching […]

Address: Montreal QC
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Melinda Utal

Now offering a $20 first-session discount for people who are signing up for The 2017 Tapping World Summit!   Hello! Are you ready to feel better? I’m Melinda Utal and I’ve been helping people transform their lives in my private practice since 2003. I’m a Certified Hypnotherapist, Certified Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner (advanced EFT), and I’ve been […]

Address: Los Angeles, California
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Jade Barbee

Jade Barbee is an EFT Trainer and Advanced Practitioner with AAMET International. He trains EFT Levels 1, 2 and 3 independently and for the Newtown Trauma Relief and Resilience Project (in partnership with the Tapping Solution Foundation and In his professional practice, Jade specializes in helping people use EFT to successfully disarm complex personal […]

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rsz_linda_carr (1)

Linda Carr

I found a solution that allowed me to heal on a deep level. The healing covered all traumas over the course of my life, not just the August, 2009 event. Many times I felt I was experiencing a miracle. I am deeply grateful to Gary Craig, the Founder of Emotional Freedom Technique and Optimal-EFT. I […]

Address: 644 Paseo de Peralta Santa Fe, NM and 240 Roy Rd. Taos, NM
Phone: 575 770 1187 See full profile Send E-Mail
Bonnie Skane

Bonnie Skane

Bonnie Durkin is a Success and Personal Empowerment Coach who helps her clients create authentic financial success and step fully into their personal power. Her passion is helping “Heart Centered Entrepreneur’s” who are interested in making a difference in the world, release and re-wire their non-supportive programming so they can fully share their gifts and talents with the world […]

Address: New Milford, CT 06798
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Lili Betancourt

Lili Betancourt is a Board Certified consulting hypnotist and EFT practitioner with a private practice at the Garrett Wellness Center, Chicago’s oldest and most prestigious hypnosis center.  Lili was certified through the National Guild of Hypnotists in 2005 and trained with EFT Master Gwyneth Moss.  Lili receives regular referrals through several Chicago area M.D.’s for […]

Address: 3020 N Kimball Ave. Chicago IL 60618
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Jacob Kind

Jacob Kind

I am a licensed psychologist in Bergen County NJ with over thirty years of practice in a setting characterized by empathic understanding and confidentiality where you can be safe to explore your problems. In the past ten years I have added to this foundation, several trauma and stress management therapies or techniques. These are EFT […]

Address: 75 Grand Ave. Englewood, NJ
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Stephanie Wood

Are you ready to get unstuck, step into your power and live the life you’ve been wanting to live all along? Do you feel SO ready to get moving in your life that you could almost burst, but aren’t sure how to get past whatever feels like it’s holding you back? You’ve come to the […]

Address: Burnaby, BC Canada
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Jenn Goddard

I am a certified Expert  EFT practitioner and Trainer. I am also certified in emotion code, hypnosis, life coaching, and matrix reimprinting. This is my full-time job and my only job.  I am extremely reasonable and my price, considering my level of experience and the time I’ve done it. I do that because I believe […]

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Vivian Paulsen

Vivian has always had a small flame, like a “pilot light” burning within her…all throughout the years she spent in corporate America there was a knowing that there had to be something bigger and better than this….she started out on her journey to her life’s purpose like most of us, one step at a time…working […]

Address: Anywhere in the world or Redondo Beach, CA
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Montse Ceide

Montse Ceide

Montse Ceide is one of the first leading EFT Practitioners in Spain. Passionate about EFT and even more passionate about helping others to find their own truth, and their own power within, she loves teaching EFT so people can learn how to use it properly in their own. And she is Actively spreading the word […]

Address: C/San Simon, 24. 2ºIzq El Sauzal 38360. S/C de Tenerife Spain
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Vietta Robinson

Vietta aka Viyahta is a Master Herbalist, author and entrepreneur.  She started her tapping training with Gary Craig watching his Emotional Freedom Techniques DVD’s.  Since 2009 she’s been helping clients release their emotional stress and become whole again.  Her latest book, My Body is Talking to Me, introduces readers to Tapping and helps them understand […]

Address: Orlando, Florida
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Dolores Lacey

Dolores Ramsbottom

Dolores’ own life journey has brought her to a place of personal peace.   Each one of us has a light inside. Some burn brightly and others need encouragement. Dolores has studied EFT which has been instrumental in finding her own light and allowing it to shine.   Her deep interest in personal and spiritual […]

Address: 129 Tupper Avenue Yorkton, SK, Canada S3N 1L3
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Laura Weissman

If every fight and/or conflict you have feels like the same script over and over again, it probably is!  Using psychotherapy, brain science and energy psychology, we can change the script, creating more connection, love and passion in all your relationships. Laura Weissman Laguna Hills, California EFT Practitioner

Address: Laguna Hills
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melinda 5x7 stoic web 2

Melinda Martin, LCSW, EFT-Cert !

Have been studying and using EFT, Meridian Tapping for the last 7 years and added Matrix Reimprinting last year. Have conducted over 15 Introduction to EFT workshops, six EFT healing groups and have had hundreds of individual and couples sessions over the last seven years. Melinda Martin, LCSW Maui, Hawaii EFT Practitioner

Address: 715 South Kihei Road Condo 112 Kihei, Hi 96753
Phone: 914-967-0770 See full profile Send E-Mail