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Janice Smylie PhD

Are you STRESSED?  Overwhelmed by the past?  Feeling unsupported or abandoned?  If you’re too busy to find time for your own well-being or happiness, Tapping can help you release and rebalance.  Come feel better today. It might surprise you how effective emotional release can be in lowering the inner pressure or pain you deal with […]

Address: Calgary, Ab. and Red Deer, Ab. Central Alberta
Phone: 403 710 4443 See full profile Send E-Mail
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Pam Nyden

Pam Nyden specializes in helping women who are struggling with stress relief, anxiety, fears and phobias.  Many have tried other things in the past without success.  After working with Pam they feel peaceful, calm and empowered to manage life’s challenges. Her clients are so grateful after conquering their fears to finally be in control of […]

Address: Fairfield County, CT.
Phone: 203-258-4100 See full profile Send E-Mail

Grace Albaugh

I help individuals who are struggling to implement tips, techniques and life affirming knowledge into their lives. I know how frustrating it can be to have acquired wonderful information to help make your life or business so much better but are having a terrible time putting it into action. It’s like something is literally holding […]

Address: Shoreview, MN
Phone: 651-348-2481 See full profile Send E-Mail

Linda Dayton

Linda Dayton has been using EFT in her practice since 2005 and is a AAMET Certified EFT Practitioner Level II.  Linda is available for individual sessions at her office in Watertown, Connecticut as well as by telephone or Skype and is available to facilitate Community Group Tapping Circles. Linda incorporates other healing modalities into her […]

Address: 27 Siemon Co. Drive, Suite 112W Watertown, CT 06795
Phone: 860-459-8746 See full profile Send E-Mail
Tina Marian

Tina Marian

I have been a Registered Nurse for over 35 years, having a strong background in both mental health and addictions. I currently direct a busy Psychiatric Triage department in the hospital. I became an EFT practitioner after I witnessed the power of meridian tapping. People were actually healing once they were able to release old […]

Address: 21 Wiles Farm Road Northborough
Phone: 508-523-7132 See full profile Send E-Mail

Justin Speller

I work with clients to reduce stressful, anxious, sad, angry, guilty or shameful feelings. I teach my clients how to do EFT and activate acupoints with fingertip tapping.  I don’t actually tap on my clients with my own fingertips.  Instead, I show my clients how tap on themselves. The goal is to help you feel […]

Address: Belmont, Massachusetts
Phone: 617-435-7798 See full profile Send E-Mail
1353100492Dawson White Bkgd

Dawson Church

Dawson Church, PhD, is an EFT Practitioner who has edited or authored many books, and collaborated with leading authorities including Larry Dossey, Bernie Siegel, Christiane Northrup, and others. He founded Soul Medicine Institute to research and teach emerging psychological and medical techniques that can yield fast and radical cures. His award-winning book, The Genie in […]

Address: Santa Rosa, CA
Phone: 707-525-9292 See full profile Send E-Mail

Susan Gutmaker Psy D

I believe healing involves the whole person – mind, body, and spirit. After working for many years using conventional “talk” therapy, I found that there were both experiences and core beliefs, from the past, that led to specific patterns and choices in the present. I therefore blend talk therapy with alternative approaches to better facilitate […]

Address: 3393 Iris Ave., Suite 106 Boulder, CO 80301-1956 720 Kipling St., Suite 200 Lakewood, CO 80215-5866
Phone: 720-987-6967 See full profile Send E-Mail
Montse Ceide

Montse Ceide

Montse Ceide is one of the first leading EFT Practitioners in Spain. Passionate about EFT and even more passionate about helping others to find their own truth, and their own power within, she loves teaching EFT so people can learn how to use it properly in their own. And she is Actively spreading the word […]

Address: C/San Simon, 24. 2ºIzq El Sauzal 38360. S/C de Tenerife Spain
Phone: 0034670675784 See full profile Send E-Mail
Ilene FB

Ilene Christensen

I work really hard to balance life by remembering each day to put first things first. And what comes first for me is my relationship with my Savior, Jesus Christ. I am a Mormon (a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) and am grateful for my testimony of the Savior’s atonement, […]

Address: 593 S 250 E Hyde Park, UT 84318
Phone: 800-931-6059 See full profile Send E-Mail
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Judith Frost

You’ve obviously heard and read about, maybe even taken some classes in EFT Tapping, so you have an idea of how powerful it can be. So the questions are, “What I want EFT to do for me?” and “Who is the best person for me to work with to reach my goals?” Choosing an EFT […]

Address: Narrows Drive Tacoma, Washington
Phone: 253-752-7579 See full profile Send E-Mail

Leslie Vellios

I am a stress management expert who has combined 25 years of experience in clinical psychotherapy with expertise in EFT to help clients make dramatic transformations. I have helped children and adults of all ages release stressors which are blocking them from living the lives they most desire. My areas of expertise include guiding clients to […]

Address: 19 W 34th Street NY, NY As well as.. Pleasantville, NY
Phone: 9175748525 See full profile Send E-Mail
Julie Booksh

Julie Booksh

Julie Booksh (Psychotherapist, Workshop Leader, and Speaker) has thousands of hours of experience working with individuals, couples, and families from varying backgrounds and cultures. She works with clients addressing issues including relationship issues, anxiety, depression, and self esteem. Julie works with the emotional aspects of physical issues as well to promote health and healing of […]

Address: Bloomfield Hills, MI
Phone: 504-606-1707 See full profile Send E-Mail

Julie Schiffman

Julie Schiffman is an expert EFT practitioner at Dr. Mercola’s Center for Natural Health. She also has a private practice, both in the Chicagoland area. Julie has literally worked with thousands of clients using EFT since 1990. She works with Children, adolescents and adults by helping them breakthrough old patterns which are keeping them stuck. Julie uses […]

Address: Chicagoland Area
Phone: 847.219.4754 See full profile Send E-Mail
CJ Puotinen

CJ Puotinen

If you could wave a magic wand, how would you change your life? Would you feel more confident, self-assured, articulate, and efficient? Less angry, impatient, stressed, and anxious? Would you lose weight? Change your image? Stop smoking? Feel stronger and more energetic? Would you improve your finances? Get along better with friends and family? Alleviate […]

Address: PO Box 5714 Helena, MT 59604
Phone: 914-523-3063 See full profile Send E-Mail
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Anthony Holland

My name is Anthony Holland i am an AAMET Qualified EFT Practitioner and personal development coach. Having first gone through a multitude of adversity through out my own life growing up, I now live in a state of harmony, coherence and have perfect health at this stage.  I would love to help anyone who needs […]

Address: Tracy house 4 Belmont Road Ilfracombe Devon ex348dr
Phone: 447530261817 See full profile Send E-Mail

Lynne Shaner

Lynne Shaner – I love working with people to help them create their best lives. EFT is a remarkable, consistent, wonderful tool—I look forward to connecting with you and seeing how we can work together in creating the life you want. I am a Level 3 EFT  practitioner,   and mind-body specialist who has been in practice […]

Address: 2500 Q St NW #445 Washington, DC 20007
Phone: 202-746-2245 See full profile Send E-Mail

Damaris Drewry

In private practice 25+ years, Dr. Damaris Drewry feels 90% of her clients have had issues rooted in traumatizing events.  Even if you have long-standing issues that seem impossible, she can help you quickly with innovative solutions. She uses her education, experience, intuition, and EFT (Tapping) and NLP to overcome the lingering effects of events you may or may […]

Address: Athens, GA
Phone: 828.595.9658 See full profile Send E-Mail
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Anita Manuel

Changes in the world and in our own lives can be very challenging. As a spiritually grounded EFT practitioner I offer both compassionate teaching in how to use EFT on a DIY basis and caring partnership for digging deeper.  Uncover and release the fear,  anger, regret, frustration or suffering which holds you back from being […]

Address: 320 Madison St SE Abingdon, Va 24210
Phone: 276-206-8801 See full profile Send E-Mail
rsz_lynne_staley (1)

Lynne Staley

Lynne Staley has added EFT/Tapping to the list of offerings through her Life After Loss Coaching Practice.  Contact Lynne if you would like to apply EFT/Tapping to any disharmony, discomfort or distress in your life. She works to help her clients create the next chapter of their life after a profound loss or life transition. […]

Address: RUAH Center 1110 N. Washington St. Naperville, IL 60563
Phone: 630.567.8171 See full profile Send E-Mail