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Alice Grange

Helping Survivors of the Mother Wound and Childhood Abuse to Thrive by releasing limiting beliefs and the pain of old memories that have trapped them in codependent, difficult relationships. Women who were wounded by their mothers criticisms, indifference  or illnesses, CAN transform their childhood traumas into adult strengths. Alice empowers Survivors of Sexual, Physical and Emotional Abuse and Trauma to release Shame, Blame and […]

Address: Worldwide via Skype. In person: Courtenay, Comox Valley, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.
Phone: 250-702-7570 See full profile Send E-Mail

Kimberly Ewing

I work with clients to build self-compassion, and reduce self-blame and shame to build their energy and capacity for change.  We will then identify limiting beliefs and resulting behaviors that block movement towards success.  Clients will be engaged in interventions and will gain tools they can immediately use to help transform those limiting beliefs and […]

Address: Village of Cross Keys 2 Hamill Road, Suite 326 Baltimore, MD 21210
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Esther Friedman2

Esther Friedman

Esther Friedman – is an EFT Practitioner  at EFT Universe. Her areas of expertise include guiding clients through grief/transition in relationships and career, identifying and releasing emotional blocks so they can live their lives fully.  Esther holds a safe and  supportive space where her client’s deepest pain can be transformed. She brings empathy, mindful presence and laughter […]

Address: Offices in Manhattan & Brooklyn
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Bobbi Liebmann

For   more than 25 years I have worked as a nurse in a variety of healthcare settings,  from critical care to geriatrics and hospice.  The longer I worked the more I came to realize the profound effect that stress has upon the body.  It gave me a tremendous  appreciation for the relationship between mind and body. […]

Address: 539 W. Wise Rd. Schaumburg, IL 60193
Phone: 847-309-6731 See full profile Send E-Mail

Kat Dunn

45 minute sessions Kat Dunn EFT Practitioner Portland, Oregon  

Address: Portland, OR
Phone: 503-475-3441 See full profile Send E-Mail
Marlise Witschi

Marlise Witschi, M.Psych

Do you feel stuck in your relationship, career or finances? Do you repeat the same patterns over and over again? Are you holding yourself back, but can’t step out? Do you feel anxious and are numbing yourself with food/alcohol/sex…? Did you try other therapies, diets, programs, and nothing really helped you? The reason why you […]

Address: Box 3359 Garibaldi Highlands, BC V0N 1T0 Canada
Phone: 604-938-3620 See full profile Send E-Mail

Uffe Rasmussen

Uffe Rasmussen was educated as a salesperson in a photoshop and worked in the retail sector for 4 yours. Next step was photo import in France and that opened his eyes to business across languages and cultures. After 2 bachelor degrees in Copenhagen Business School Uffe was focused on export business all across Europe for 4 […]

Address: Soeparken 32 DK-6650 Broerup Denmark Skype: acer340 LinkedIn:
Phone: 004558103482 See full profile Send E-Mail
Vera Flame

Vera Flame

Enjoy Mental Clarity and Emotional Balance. Vera Flame, EFT Practitioner  helps smart, active, capable women get rid of baggage that’s holding them back.   Her clients are self aware, open minded and proactive, but are frustrated that their current strategy (or lack thereof) isn’t working for them.  Clients often find relief from the physical symptoms caused by underlying […]

Address: 4455 Murphy Canyon Rd San Diego, CA 92123 2 blocks from Clairemont Mesa Blvd exit off I15 I also offer Skype sessions, which are convenient and effective!
Phone: 6198006741 See full profile Send E-Mail
300 x 325

Rob Nelson

My name is Rob Nelson, and I’m here to help you transform your life. • Are you sabotaging your own success? • Burdened by stress or traumatic memories? • Reeling from a painful divorce? • Tired of the weight loss roller coaster? • Struggling with crippling anxiety? • Dealing with health issues your doctor can’t […]

Address: 850 Third Street Santa Rosa, CA 95404
Phone: 707-280-8134 See full profile Send E-Mail

Michele Vallone, LCSW

Several years ago I was introduced to EFT and the world of Tapping…and it forever changed my life.   After many years of working with traditional therapies, reading self-help books and participating in empowerment programs…I discovered something truly wonderful in the technique of EFT and the practice of TAPPING. I found myself experiencing progress and finally getting to […]

Address: One Bellevue Plaza, Suite 7 Upper Montclair, New Jersey 07043
Phone: 201-572-9519 See full profile Send E-Mail

Joëlle Amouroux-Huttner

Joëlle Amouroux-Huttner is an AAMET accredited EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) practitioner and hold a life coach certificate by the Robbins-Madanes Institute for strategic intervention. After a successful international career as a Company Director in corporate ‘Big Pharma’, Joëlle decided to focus on her personal life and her young family. However, she never stopped looking into […]

Address: London, UK
Phone: +447598131808 See full profile Send E-Mail

Meg Deak

Do you stress out over stress?  Suffer with worry & anxiety? Have overwhelming fear, guilt, grief or anger? Is something keeping you from reaching your goals? Does the past get in the way of your present happiness? I have been using EFT for over fifteen years, personally and professionally. Learning EFT changed my life, and I believe it can help you change yours. As a licensed […]

Address: Allentown, PA
Phone: 6105044830 See full profile Send E-Mail
Lorna Minewiser

Lorna Minewiser

I have used Tapping with thousands of clients,  individually, in groups and in classes since I was introduced to it by Jack Canfield in 1991.  90% of my coaching clients are by phone or SKYPE.  I teach classes  and mentor EFT Practitioners in North Carolina. I have been on the ACEP Research Committee since 2005 […]

Address: 344 Bridge Place West Sacramento, CA 95691
Phone: 916-204-5974 See full profile Send E-Mail

Vivian Paulsen

Vivian has always had a small flame, like a “pilot light” burning within her…all throughout the years she spent in corporate America there was a knowing that there had to be something bigger and better than this….she started out on her journey to her life’s purpose like most of us, one step at a time…working […]

Address: Anywhere in the world. Lakeland, Florida
Phone: 3109130042 See full profile Send E-Mail

Ron Zorn

I have a passion for EFT and the countless ways EFT can be used to heal and enrich life, especially for so many people who are wounded and have come to believe that they are beyond hope. I specialize in dealing with physical pain, chronic pain, trauma, abuse (sexual, physical, emotional), phobias, PTSD, spiritual issues […]

Address: Healing EFfecTs Indy 1040 E. 86th St. Suite G Winterton Office Suites Indianapolis, IN 46240
Phone: 317 902-2796 See full profile Send E-Mail

Tessa Cason

Tessa Cason has been a Transformation Coach since 1996 and an EFT Practitioner since 2000. Tessa has written 43 eBooks for Practitioners (Mis-belief Statements for EFT Practitioners) and 43 Workbooks for Everyone that have 250+ tapping statements in each book. The 43 books cover 50 different topics. In 2000, Tessa’s clients told her they wanted […]

Address: 5694 Mission Ctr. Rd. #213 San Diego, CA 92108
Phone: 619-752-6582 See full profile Send E-Mail
2016-01-29 14.09.20

Dr. Suzan Thompson

Have you been feeling uncertain or lost about your life and want to figure out what you want to do or be? Or maybe you’re feeling “the blues” or are worried. Maybe you’ve experienced something distressing or traumatic and you can’t make sense of it. I can help! We’ll identify the beliefs and feelings that […]

Address: 117 W. 21st Street (By Appointment Only) Norfolk, VA 23517
Phone: 7573069100 See full profile Send E-Mail

Sharon O'Connor, Ed.D.,

I primarily work with clients whose goal is to lose weight or eliminate blocks to athletic, professional, and career performance.  In addition, I have advance training in healing trauma, and work with individuals who may be struggling with the effects of PTSD or physical injury trauma. During the client session, we work together to understand […]

Address: 77 Bridle Trail Rd., Needham, MA 02492
Phone: 781-856-1627 See full profile Send E-Mail

Laura Weissman

If every fight and/or conflict you have feels like the same script over and over again, it probably is!  Using psychotherapy, brain science and energy psychology, we can change the script, creating more connection, love and passion in all your relationships. Laura Weissman Laguna Hills, California EFT Practitioner

Address: Laguna Hills
Phone: 949-478-5638 See full profile Send E-Mail
Jan V5 May 2013

Janice Smylie, PhD

Are you STRESSED?  Overwhelmed?  Feeling unsupported or abandoned?  Are you too busy to find time for your own well-being or happiness? How about feeling better today?  Experience the lift of acknowledgement, and release.  Feel measurable changes inside yourself, in your first appointment. I love helping you use EFT to feel lighter and happier!  I have ten […]

Address: 4716 Greenview Drive NE, Calgary, AB. T2E 5R6
Phone: 403 969 4054 See full profile Send E-Mail