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Robert smiling photo - edited

Robert Jenkinson

Robert was born in England, and has been in New Zealand for 32 years. He has been remarried now for 16 years and has three step sons. Robert has been working as a counselor, supervisor and trainer for 22 years and originally worked in schools as a teacher in addition for nine years. he has […]

Address: 83 Houchens Rd Glenview Hamilton NEW ZEALAND
Phone: 07 843 9976 See full profile Send E-Mail
Cathryn Taylor

Cathryn Taylor

Cathryn’s one-to-one model of healing, offered in phone, skype and in-person sessions, uses the inner child focus to identify the source of the sabotaging fears; the wisdom of the Akashic Records (the record of your soul) to obtain the context of the fears and the EFT Tapping Techniques  to neutralize these fears. This combination, which she […]

Address: 110270 Village Avenue, Chaska, Minnesota 55318
Phone: 6127107720 See full profile Send E-Mail
Tom Porpiglia

Tom Porpiglia

My mission is to “Help You Reclaim Your Life with EFT”.  I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with almost 20 year experience using EFT on a wide range of issues.  I specialize in helping people recover from trauma/PTSD, depression, anxiety, Tension myositis syndrome (TMS or Mind Body Syndrome) and many other issues including a recent case of […]

Address: 202 Dickinson Rd Webster
Phone: 585-704-0376 See full profile Send E-Mail
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Anne Ciota

I am a warm, compassionate energy psychology practitioner/healer with over 30 years of experience.  My heartfelt intention is for you to fully embody your truth, so you may experience greater freedom and happiness. I help people with many issues, including anxiety, depression, stress, phobias, weight issues, trauma,  procrastination, and poor self-esteem.  I help you clear your […]

Address: 53 Merriam Avenue Leominster, MA I also meet with clients in Cambridge, MA
Phone: 9788742757 See full profile Send E-Mail
Jenny Corporate Image

Jenny Johnston

Jenny has worked with veterans with PTSD, and thousands of people with childhood trauma, with phobias, abuse, weight and money issues, however, she loves to work with people on deeper soul-level issues using Quantum EFT. Jenny is the first one of 3 EFT Universe Trainers in Australia. Programs, such as ‘Transform your Life’ are available […]

Address: 4 Apollo Crt, Frankston. Victoria. Australia
Phone: +61405147265 See full profile Send E-Mail
Ruffie & me vertical

Judith Frost

You’ve obviously heard and read about, maybe even taken some classes in EFT Tapping, so you have an idea of how powerful it can be. So the questions are, “What I want EFT to do for me?” and “Who is the best person for me to work with to reach my goals?” Choosing an EFT […]

Address: Narrows Drive Tacoma, Washington
Phone: 253-752-7579 See full profile Send E-Mail
Carol Bemmels

Carol Bemmels

Nothing gets you unstuck faster than EFT. I’m a do-it-yourself kind of person. Maybe you are too. The beauty of EFT is that it is simple to learn and once you experience it you can do it yourself as needed. And the more you tap, the shorter the “as needed” list gets. You find yourself […]

Address: 128 W Broad Street Hopewell, NJ, 08525
Phone: 609-564-0555 See full profile Send E-Mail
Jim pic 7 21 09

Dr Jim Campbell

With over 30 year as a practicing holistic Chiropractor, I offer EFT or Tapping  to my patients and clients to enhance their results with pain management as well as improving their over all well being.  We can address a number of personal and emotional triggers that may be holding you back or keeping you stuck in a pattern that […]

Address: 155 E. Bridge St. Brighton CO 80601
Phone: 303-775-0272 See full profile Send E-Mail

Lola Bahri

Offering sessions in English, French and German. Lola Bahri helps clients bring about the changes in their lives they are yearning to make. She believes in playing the game of life to win and feel fulfilled. She helps her clients reach their potential by working through their blocks – limiting beliefs and fears, money and […]

Address: Oakland, CA
Phone: 510-717-5604 See full profile Send E-Mail
Beth's photo 110

Beth Bloedel

I feel honored and blessed to be a part of this loving and compassionate mission, so focused on healing the world of its emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical pain.  Being a caregiver to my husband, who has been challenged with Parkinson’s since 1995 at the age of 45, I know firsthand how EFT can be […]

Address: Boone, NC area
Phone: 336.973.5308 See full profile Send E-Mail
Amarone Photo

Jo Horrocks

Skills My name is Jo Horrocks and I qualified as an EFT practitioner in September 2009. I have trained to Level 2 Status & have also completed training for Advanced EFT Techniques for weight loss and leading tapping groups as well as surrogate tapping and magic tapping with bears. I am willing to try EFT on almost any issue, […]

Address: 245 Gisburn Road, Barrowford Nelson Lancashire BB9 6JH
Phone: 07889519817 See full profile Send E-Mail
CJ Puotinen

CJ Puotinen

If you could wave a magic wand, how would you change your life? Would you feel more confident, self-assured, articulate, and efficient? Less angry, impatient, stressed, and anxious? Would you lose weight? Change your image? Stop smoking? Feel stronger and more energetic? Would you improve your finances? Get along better with friends and family? Alleviate […]

Address: PO Box 5714 Helena, MT 59604
Phone: 914-523-3063 See full profile Send E-Mail
rsz_1rsz_1rsz_alice_grange (1)

Alice Grange

Is/was your Mother – Alcoholic, Drug Dependent, or Depressed while you were growing up? Are you experiencing difficulties attracting and sustaining healthy relationships, with others & yourself?  I support: Women who hear your mother’s voice coming out of your own mouth, & DON’T want to pass onto your children, or partner, what was passed onto […]

Address: Worldwide via Skype, Zoom... In person: Courtenay, Comox Valley, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.
Phone: 250-702-7570 See full profile Send E-Mail

Helen Gormley

Hello My name is Helen Gormley and I am an AAMET qualified EFT practitioner, qualified Coach and Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist. My background is in psychology and education, I have been studying psychology for over thirty years. I have been involved in personal development field for over fifteen years and through my EFT training realised how […]

Address: Centre for Counselling Training & Therapy 67-69 Widmore Road Bromley Kent BR1 3AA
Phone: 07912652240 See full profile Send E-Mail

Anne Siret

Anne is a bilingual English/French psychodynamic analyst (Jungien) and psychotherapist/counsellor, certified EFT and Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner with APEC (Europe based) and EFT Universe (USA based) who is specialized in Integral and Global Thinking for Self Development using Positive and Energy Psychology. She is an affiliate of the Australian Psychology Society, a member of the CAPA, […]

Address: Rathowen Parade Killarney Heights Sydney NSW 2087 Australia
Phone: 0410396914 See full profile Send E-Mail

Eva Lukacs

Being a ‘Life Potential Coach’ allows me to incorporate Powerful Energy Activating Techniques. I have found that EFT both professionally and personally allowed ‘stuck’ energy/emotions from all times, dimensions , past, present and future to be reduced/eliminated quickly and easily.  I truly marvel how deep emotions of anger/hatred/emotional pain vanishes.  Creating a new space to […]

Address: 97 Rolling Acres Drive Welland Ontario L3C 6K5
Phone: 289-821-2863 See full profile Send E-Mail
Donna 02 2x3

Donna Dawley

Feeling overwhelmed?  Anxious?  Tired?  Guilty about everything you haven’t gotten done?  Torn between career and family time?  Are you starting to believe that life isn’t much more than work, housework, too little sleep?  Do you remember a time when life was fun?  Would you like to have fun again?   I have been there too […]

Address: PO Box 607 Anna, TX 75409
Phone: 214-450-8289 See full profile Send E-Mail

Deborah Barbiere

I completed a Doctoral Degree in Clinical Psychology as well as a Master’s Degree in Oriental Medicine, Acupuncture and Herbal Therapy.  As a fully licensed professional, I have integrated healing traditions of the East and West in order to maximize the body’s natural innate self-healing.   My practice includes Psychotherapy, Biofeedback, Stress Management, Life Coaching, EFT, Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Asian Massage […]

Address: 12 West 9th Street, Suite 1B New York, NY 10011
Phone: (212)620-7076 See full profile Send E-Mail
Susanne Hunter

Susanne Hunter

I am excited about the changes that EFT can bring so easily into our life. Often within minutes we can shift from physical pain, emotional issues  and limiting beliefs into experiences of freedom and excitement about our life  –  empowered to live what is close to our heart and passion. I have been working in […]

Address: 547 Michigan Street, Victoria, BC Beaver Point Road, Saltspring Island, BC Canada
Phone: 250 653 9783 See full profile Send E-Mail
Alison Held

Alison Held

Alison Held works closely with her clients to address the root cause of physical complaints including health issues or diagnoses, weight gain, low body image and self-esteem, pain in the body and more. She is an Clinical Nutritionist, Certified Health Coach, AAMET Level II practitioner, EFT-ADV, Advanced Psych-K Facilitator and a founding practitioner with The […]

Address: 4 Nash Lane Westport, CT 06880
Phone: 203-557-4192 See full profile Send E-Mail