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Sherry Lukey

After being told by a medical specialist, “Nothing more can be done for you,” I know what it feels like to keep asking yourself, “What’s wrong with me? Just let it go, get over it,” try everything and still feel broken. I didn’t believe it would ever be possible for me to feel happy, free […]

Address: BC, Canada
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Andrea Hunt

Empathetic and motivating ONLINE EFT practitioner ready to help you change your mindset and remove limiting blocks that keep you stuck – get out of your own damn way! American expat living in Germany but practicing EFT and Transformational Life Coaching sessions online helping international expats and travelers all over the world. Offering online EFT hourly […]

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Tom Wallace

Are you ready to upgrade your life? Hi! My name is Tom Wallace of, and I’m here to help you make remarkable and lasting changes in your life. Are you troubled by distressing memories? Do you experience crippling anxiety? Do you struggle with binge eating? Do you work harder than others to prove yourself? […]

Address: Maine, USA
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Karen Aquinas

Hi, I’m Karen Aquinas. You’re ready to live life to the fullest. I’m here to help. I work with ambitious people who are doing well but feel like life could be better. My clients feel blocked, frustrated, and unable to move forward. They know life can be better and are ready to step into a […]

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Kallista Chayil M.A.

Greetings I’m an EFT practitioner with about twenty years of experience and 30+ years of coaching experience. I have extensive experience covering a wide range of issues, with both children and adults. To participate in  Group Tapping workshops please reach out and I’ll provide you with the details, of my group sessions. Monday’s 8pm Eastern […]

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Rose Scheltema

Hello, My name is Rose, and I am passionate about helping people remove their internal blocks to their success and happiness. I can help you to make lasting changes in your life in a matter of weeks.  I have helped hundreds of clients successfully work through problems that seemed impossible to conquer by traditional means. […]

Address: "The Office" Suite 213, 2575 Eastern Blvd., York, PA 17402
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Jane Buchan

I offer individual sessions via Zoom, Skype, or Telephone as well as best-practices classes to groups interested in learning how to use EFT for specific issues such as team building, ageism, stalled creativity, ACEs challenges, and climate/environmental anxieties. I also teach small-group (6-8 participants), EFT Level One and Two training classes as an Accredited Master […]

Address: 56 Norway Road Greensboro Bend
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Pooja Saggar

Hello, my name is Pooja and I am a trauma informed Holistic Therapist at Shreem Wellbeing. I am an EFT International Accredited Certified Advanced EFT Practitioner and EFT is at the heart of my offering. I offer a holistic approach to helping my clients using my toolkit of energy-based therapies that are focused on inner […]

Address: Surrey, United Kingdom
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Nicole Herrle

I specialize in childhood trauma and past traumatic events. Oftentimes trauma is hidden behind chronic pain, anxiety, depression and so much more. My own healing journey led me to develop a huge passion for working with clients who have gone through childhood trauma and are ready to heal emotionally and physically. Let us together identify […]

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Christine McDevitt

Do you feel like you’ve hit a plateau in your healing journey? Are you dealing with unexplained physical or emotional pain or other persistent problems that aren’t getting better with traditional care? The road back to feeling like yourself can be difficult, overwhelming, and seem never-ending at times, especially when you feel like you’re doing […]

Address: Philadelphia, PA
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Steph Dodds

Founder of the Emotional Freedom Academy and DailyOM author, Steph is extremely passionate about helping people feel better in mind, body, and spirit. She loves working with clients 1-on-1 in her private EFT Tapping & Matrix Reimprinting practice. EFT Tapping has profoundly upgraded her life experience and that is why she loves sharing this self-soothing, […]

Address: Sacramento, Ca
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Diane DiFrancesco

As an EFT International Accredited EFT Practitioner, Energy Makeover EFT Coach and the Chief Joy Officer at Connect to Your Joy, I love to help people find their joy and create new stories in alignment with their true selves. Check out my 5-week online course Joyful Remix to overcome your inner critic and find your […]

Address: 19885 Detroit Ave., #269, Rocky River, OH 44116
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Marna Currie

Advanced EFT Practitioner, Matrix Reimprinting, Birth Reimprinting. Marna has felt the positive effects of EFT in her own life and witnessed it in the lives of her clients.  She would Love to empower you too.  Her heart goes into every session whether on zoom, in person or a workshop, because she knows this tool and […]

Address: Los Angeles
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Steven Baerg Christian EFT Coach for Fatigue

Are you a Christian struggling with chronic tiredness and fatigue?  Do you have a deep desire to do more to allow God to live his eternal plan through you, but you have a difficult time just making it through today?  Do you feel disappointed in yourself because you want to make a real difference but […]

Address: PO Box 664 Coalinga, Ca 93210
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Ryan MacFarlane

LEVEL II EFT TAPPING CERTIFICATION APPROVED BY EFT FOUNDER GARY CRAIG. Are you reliving painful thoughts or memories? Suffering the same patterns in work or relationships? Have you been filling an emotional void with food, alcohol or addictive behaviors? As a Genuine Certified EFT Tapping Practitioner I can guide and support you to the doors […]

Address: Chestermere Alberta Canada
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Sandy Zeldes- Self Love & Success Expert with 15 years experience

Aloha! I’m Sandy, a spiritual cowgirl, martial arts fanatic, food lover and chef, rebel Holistic Nutritionist (functional medicine expert), Expert Advanced EFT & Matrix Re-imprinting Practitioner with over 25 years experience in the health and wellness industry. I am an expert at finding mysterious causes for long term chronic health concerns, addictive habits, stubborn weight, […]

Address: San Diego
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Heidi Wells

Helping professional women release stress, self-doubt, emotional eating and unhealthy relationships …and find peace, empowerment and happiness. Imagine… If your fears, self-doubt and anxiety could just melt away? If you were no longer triggered by events from your past. Maybe from toxic relationships, unhappy childhoods, lack of career advancement? What if you have it all, […]

Address: 67 Hazel Close Twickenham Middlesex TW2 7NP London
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Vicki Dau

Feeing anxious? Stressed? Fearful? Let’s tap, calm down and think clearer. Vicki Dau specializes in working with wives navigating the way past sexual abuse shows up in marriages. Vicki and her husband work with couples who want to strengthen their marriage. They understand first hand the unique issues that arise when living with the effects […]

Address: Glen Ellyn
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Patricia Costa

My purpose is to facilitate your healing and help you release blocks to experience more peace and freedom. I am inspired to help you transform your life and be part of your personal growth. With a Master’s Degree in Psychology, and as a Certified EFT Practitioner, I have skillful understanding from both a therapeutic and […]

Address: Silicon Valley and Santa Cruz, California
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Coach Paula | Christian EFT Tapping Coach for Women

    As a Certified Psychiatric Nurse with over 15 years treating patients with traditional methods, I can honestly say Coach Paula’s method of coaching is significantly more effective.”     Online Assessments: Stress, Depression, Anxiety, PTSD. Evaluation + Sample Session (Book Now).     “That they may have and enjoy abundant life (to the full).” John […]

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Ann Petersen

I am a mindset mentor and EFT practitioner. I help how to use your mind to change your life. I used EFT to overcome my PTSD, codependency, anxiety attacks, eating disorder, and daily limiting beliefs (in money, health, career, love, not feeling good enough). I have helped clients all over the globe with the following […]

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Lisa Nichols

Imagine finally getting that big project done for your business – and it was easy. Or kicking that sense of overwhelm to the curb and feeling focused… confident… excited. Or even doing that thing that you struggle with – following up with leads, sticking to a schedule, posting to social media consistently, planning and time […]

Address: Concord, CA 94518
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Michele Poulton

I specialise in relationships;  preparing you for a healthy relationship involves understanding and healing yourself.  If you are looking for love, but you have a bad experiences in the past, or you attract the wrong person time and time again, contact me.  I can help you change this, so you are ready to receive love […]

Address: Guildford Surrey England UK GU1 3PY
Phone: 07977497209 See full profile Send E-Mail